A Story by A. M. Charles

The sent of burning wood washes over me, the air is cold and thick and envelops me like a shroud. The quiet here is deep and searching. 
I stand at a crossroads. Behind me stands my past. Before me, my future beckons through inky darkness. My feet are bare and I can see that the road before me is treacherous with broken glass that reflect my fears like a thousand mirrors warping my reflection. The path stretches into the darkness. It could lead to a cliff for all I know. I am blind and afraid. 
Her voice wings through the darkness, Her breath fans my cheek. "Do you have what it takes?" She asks. My heart thunders in my ears like frenzied drums, cold sweat dances down my temples. I hesitate. "You've come far child, you've learned to fight, you've learned true sacrifice but what about surrender? Can you surrender yourself completely to death in the hopes to find true life? Can you take the risk? Can you risk love and loss to become your true self? Can you breathe the waters of my mysteries and not drown?"
I want to turn around, to run. I wish I had the one I loved beside me to hold my hand, to help me through this moment, but I am alone. I have to make this decision by myself, for myself. Then I feel her hand on my shoulder, steading me with it's strength and I remember that I am never alone. I know what I want and fear will not stop me.
I swallow past the lump in my throat and take a deep breath. I mutter a prayer under my breath and steel myself for pain. And as I take the first step forward, Hekate smiles.

© 2012 A. M. Charles

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Added on April 26, 2012
Last Updated on April 26, 2012
Tags: spiritual, new age, pagan, hekate, hecate, goddess, path


A. M. Charles
A. M. Charles

Vancouver, Canada

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