Daydreaming in the Forest

Daydreaming in the Forest

A Poem by Danger

A tribute? Brought about by equal parts The Forest (Ghostface Killah) and Daydreamin' (Lupe Fiasco). Wow, really, who would've guessed those two songs?


I dozed off watchin' Codename: Kids Next Door/
Had a dream featurin' One, Two, Three, and Four/
Numbuh Five was high, so she never arrived/
I was a little gone myself, though, so I didn't mind/
That's when Ryu showed up, throwin' Hadoukens/
Saw me dressed up in red, asked me, "Are you Ken?"/
I said no, but you know he still wanted to fight/
So up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right/
I looked up in the sky, Peter Parker swung by/
And he landed on a ledge, next to Voltron's leg/
He was standing over Grayskull, He-Man's grave/
Doug thought that it was Funny, man, that kid don't change/
I saw Suzie Carmichael cryin' out to her mother/
And both of 'em sounded just exactly like Cree Summer/
I decided to steal Roger Rabbit's cab/
And go record a verse up in Dexter's Lab/

I got a call, 'told me 007 was shot/
Little Mac knocked out Tyson while Mario watched/
Road Runner raced Sonic, like, up and down the street/
But both lost to The Flash, that Coyote got his feast/
Now Where's the cocaine? We need Cocaine!/
'Cause that Wrascally Wrabbit got a real nasty habit/
Daffy Duck got stabbed tryin' to take him to rehab/
And Swiper got popped 'cause Dora told the cops/
Huey Freeman got arrested for his terrorist acts/
Josie got called a HOOOOOOE, by the Thundercats/
I heard that Doctor Doom got a base on the moon/
And Luigi just died, overdosin' on 'shrooms/
Scrooge McDuck made a fortune robbin' the bank/
But 'bout now, I gotta stop so I can give up my thanks/
To all those cartoons and comic books that drove me crazy/
And all of those video games that raised me/



© 2008 Danger

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OMG, this is hilarious, I love it. The rap easy to pick up and great, an easy, flowing rhyme. This is great, round of applause.

Posted 7 Months Ago

Haha brilliantly done. You have a real talent. I'm amused and somewhat awed. :p

Posted 11 Years Ago

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