Rock Opera

Rock Opera

A Poem by Danger

I want to write a rock opera
I wanna write the last of a dying breed
I wanna write of what we need
Yes, I’m talking about Pisces
I wanna write about the birth of a nation
No, wait, sorry, not that nation
I’m talking th birth of an age when
The rains meet the plains
And the people stop changin’
‘cause we’re already clean
F**k safe and f**k patience,
B***h, I’m talkin’ about creation!

I wanna write about my children
With their smilin’ yellow faces, ‘cause we show ‘em such affection
The best things that could’ve ever come from my erection
So witty and so  clever, silly symbols of perfect
So I pray that, as they grow, they never hate their own complexions
Like their father did.

I wanna write about depression and deception
Aggression and rejection
The stresses and obsessions
The lessons and the blessin’s that harden us into diamonds
I want to write a comic book.

I wanna write of people whom will never be
Mythic role models we just can’t compete with
I’m tryin’ to be like Pete it’s
Amazing Fantasies, b***h,
I’m talkin’ ‘bout dreams!
I wanna write to remind folks to believe in things they can’t see
And things that can’t be
And to remind folks that the words “naïve,”
“idealistic,” and “immature,” are not bad words
but “f**k,” “s**t,” “a*s,” “b***h,” “c**t,” “Ed,” and “Carter” are
I wanna snak a Perfect Dark reference into this piece
I wanna write of glory
And how better safe than sorry
Danger lends to Better Stories.
I want to write for GQ.

I wanna write “sartorial” and have you know what it means
I wanna write about a shirt that doesn’t flow to my knees
I wanna write about a suit with expertly tapered shoulders, two buttons, a suppressed waist, notch lapels, and a perfect half inch of cuff to show at the end of my sleeves
I need a pair of pants with a 29 waist, suspender buttons, and a 30 length—but now I’m just talking about clothes.

I wanna write about a love supreme.
‘Write about dissecting murders
and watch a bird fly for miles on a gramophone
I wanna write while my thought train hauls coal
And it doesn’t have to rhyme
Mutha’f***a’ I’m talking about jazz!

I wanna write allusions that no one else gets.
I’m talking words that are TARDIS, that is, bigger on the inside
And sitting at home, bored, unable to  play station ‘cause since I’ve been gone I forgot about DRE.
I’m talking verses that are 274, I mean, the best there is
And winning chance games in MGM to remind me of MJ’s first words to Peter Parker
I’m talkin’ you couldn’t see me with telescopic bifocals
Punk, I’m talkin’ about chokeholds!

I wanna write about Nirvana.
Here we are, now, entertain us
‘Til they claim us
To the heavens
Where there aren’t seventy virgins,
Just seven good s***s, ‘cause they give better head
Coming up next, it’s the Meaning of Life, so don’t touch that Tee-Aye-Oh
And let’s get Tao
Student, I’m talking about fact!

I wanna write about bohemia and rock and roll.
I wanna write another verse about eating souls.
I wanna write a piece that no one else gets, but everyone thinks is deep, just to see what I can get away with.
I gotta right to define sardon and irony
I wanna write an end to this verse
Blaxican-American, I’m talking about terse.


© 2008 Danger

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Well done my friend, very well done. I loved the part about forgetting Dre, let's go thats one of my favorites. And about seeing what you can get away with, that remidns me of my stuff so much. No one ever understands it completely, but they pretend to. Well done, very well done.

Posted 1 Year Ago


Posted 1 Year Ago

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Posted 1 Year Ago

Yeeeeeessssssssssssssssss! Very nicety

Posted 12 Years Ago

Second verse... Perfection? You have it as perfect? Is that deliberate or mistake? Jars with the rest of the rhyme.
'I wanna write a piece that no one else gets, but everyone thinks is deep, just to see what I can get away with.'.. You've done it. And I love it. Because I don't get the words but I get the sentiment. This is fantastic. It says 'f**k you, I wanna do what I wanna do and I don't care if you like it. If you do, great. If you don't, I just don't care.' I really like this... it epitomises every poet's dreams of stepping away from the norm, breaking away from the accepted topics of poetry etc. Some of your rhymes are brilliant, and the whole poem (to use the term loosely) hangs together brilliantly. Love it. Looking forward to more of your work.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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