Online DIS Honesty

Online DIS Honesty

A Poem by Dani California

This happens frequently. Just... be careful.




Conversations sublime

Hours at a time;

Emotions unfold

As lies are told;

Hearts are taken

By thieves who break them;

Believing in strangers

Ignoring the dangers;

Wide open books

Studied by crooks,

Who tell you you’re great

To your soul they relate;

I love you is stated

Though way overrated;

Ready to travel

Minds unravel;

Need to recover

Once you discover,

It was all a cruel game

That drove you insane;

Silently you wept

So hard to accept;

You were merely a toy

In the mind of a boy.



© 2008 Dani California

Author's Note

Dani California
Reminding everyone of the dangers lurking online. I've fallen prey to lies online in the past myself ... so just be wise, and be careful. I also want to make it clear that I am not stating here that only men are online predators... there are plenty of women who are as well. I just wrote it from a female perspective. But there are no limits to who the young boy could be, either. So my friends, heed that inner voice... the right one! lol


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Telling this tale was right on time. Raising public awareness...reminding us all that a problem exists.
Great write! Good job, Dani. It's funny, all these reviews...yet I don't see one from a man, although, I have to wonder how many men have read it, but DID NOT respond! Hmmm...

What a great way to make a statement! Very beautifully and poetically written. Nicely done!

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Very nice rhythm to this. All paths are wrought with danger and the internet is no exception to that rule. Good luck walking that minefield!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Well Done Dani,

Well Done.

Yvette Shaw

Posted 14 Years Ago

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"I love you is stated -Though way overrated;" Indeed!
Much truth in this piece.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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This is so true. I too have been lied to and led on by someone I met online. Yes it hurts, but we live and we least that's the way it's supposed to go. Great poem to illustrate something that REALLY needs to be said. People are so eager to believe that the virtual world is real life. real life, you have bad days, you look like crap, you get diarrhea, you have a runny nose. It's so much easier to "fall in love" with someone who only talks to you when it's convenient and they feel like it. No need to deal with ugly uncomfortable reality. No wonder internet cheating is booming! Ouch baby, very ouch.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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You've told the story well. I've been here and read this before. Can't think why I didn't leave a comment. Great write.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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I can't speak with experience about the internet. But this poem of your is right on the spot I would say.
But let me ask you a question -- How sure are you it was a boy? Tony

A good write.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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I moved a thousand miles to be with the one I fell in love with online. We were off and on again for about five years after that, though mainly together. We were married at that point. We were divorced a couple of months before our sixth anniversary. The better part of eleven years spent together. She fell in love online again with a young man 17 years her junior. I did not find out that she was still married when our interactions had started. She had said she had been divorced for sometime. Had I known, I would likely not have moved - it was love, so my judgment would have been cloudy though. Still, it is hard not to think that cheaters are not keepers... yes, online is a bizarre and twisted place, it is not for the casual - for they may not know what they are getting into...

Posted 14 Years Ago

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i don't think there's a soul who's online for any lenght of time who hasn't fallen for someone. broken hearts are everywhere. there are also some real positive stories. you just need to be careful.

as far as your poem, i like the way it's written. the short lines and quick rhymes read almost as if it's hard to catch your breath. a sort of desperation or need to get these words out. i iked it a lot.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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So very true!

Posted 14 Years Ago

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i can totally relate to this poem. i once met a girl ( or so she claimed) and i had a deep relationship with her. then it started to get wired. she started asking me personal questions. i finaly lost contact with her. im glad i did cuz life is much better now. thank you for writing this.


Posted 14 Years Ago

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Dani California
Dani California


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