A Walk

A Walk

A Story by Daniel James Cardis

He's walking down a road... ...who is he?

He's walking down a road, he's a young face man walking very casually through crowds of people, he smiles at the pretty faces within the crowds around him. His long legs, inherited from his father means he can stride swiftly through the tangled masses with a calm expression on his face, an expression as serene as the weather in the skies above him.
It's a perfect day for exploration and tourism in a new city just waiting for him to find those urban gems every city has, although he's not here in this strange new city for the tourism... and he's not really here for the exploration either, this man has come for something different.
Something different to the monotony of his usual day, his standard routine, the walk into work he's done a thousand time, saying hello to the usual strangers and shop owners he always seems to encounter no matter how much he varies the route he takes.
His home town is ugly, or too quite there's usually something going on or a juicy piece of gossip to peak an interest or two, however it is a town he knows off-by-heart, it is a town he could walk around with his eyes closed...
The man walking next to him, although shorter in stature, has a very similar face...aside from the calm happy expression. This shorter is just different in height and expression, he's a man trying to keep up. The others around him can tell he's a little out of place as he fidgets, readjusting his clothes needlessly in cyclical gesture that brings his hand back round to the same readjustment he made a moment ago. He walks and he fears the marching stomp of the citizens behind him, he can feel them speeding up, he increases his pace a little more trying to avoid the grand fear of being mowed down by the marching of civilians just behind him in his wake.
He looks up, and sees high glass buildings in the distance, standing defiantly, almost urging the short man to turn back.

© 2015 Daniel James Cardis

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Added on April 1, 2015
Last Updated on April 1, 2015
Tags: general, everyday, monotony, exploration


Daniel James Cardis
Daniel James Cardis

Bristol, United Kingdom

Observing, analysing and imagining the world around me, has always been a long standing past time as well as a hobby of mine. Having studied psychology, communication and behaviour, my mind is skille.. more..