Brand New - Chapter 1

Brand New - Chapter 1

A Chapter by Ella

Brand New
Chapter 1

I was standing there, when I heard them calling my name. I  thought to myself "NO WAY..I KNOW ITS NOT ME!!!" but then I heard it again "Christina Gianechinni" every other girls in the room started to look at each other wondering who CHRISTINA was, then I walked towards the room. All eyes on me. I got into the room, and Chris received me with the cuttest smile and opened his mouth like he was about to say something, but the lady standing next to him cut him off  "CONGRATULATIONS!" she said with this dry expression, like she didn't wanted me there - "YOU WAS BLESSED MAMA !!" - Chris said. I knew I was lucky, that was my first cast and I was in ! 

I barely could believe I was actually goin to be on Chris Brown's new video. 

I was talking to this woman, didn't even knew who she was, but she was telling me where, when and everything else about the shooting. I looked at Chris, I really couldn't take my eyes off him, but then, the woman yelled at me -"Excuse me Miss! Are you listening?!" I nood my head, thinking to myself  -What a B***h!- then she gave me a piece af paper with the studio's adress for the shooting. After that I went home. When I got there, I called Darnell , my "so called man". "Hey baby, guess what.. I made it!!" I told him, excited. "Great.. But you made it?!" he said like it was nothing "I made it , Im going to be in Chris Brown's new video! Dont you remember?.. Damn I told you soo may times I was going to the Casting"  I told him again. "Oh my bad boo, congrats, but now I gotta go... See ya"  and he hung up before I could even say bye.

 He was always like that and that s**t pissed me off, but well, that was him. Don't even know why, the only thing I knew it was that I loved him soo bad. But I barely knew that was all about to change.

Next day, I woke up with the phone- "Hello?"- I said while looking at the time. "TINAAAA!!!..CONGRATS GIRL!"- I already knew who it was, Tamiqua.. I mean who else would call my house 8.00am at a Saturday yelling?!.. "Hey T, Thanks". "I can't believe you made it, my best friends is going to be in a video with CB!"- she said, and  I thought to myself - Best Friend?!.. She must be mistaking me for someone else, she was just one of those girls that really liked to hanging with our crew without being invited. I didnt even got in to the video, and I got me some fakes already! Besides, getting in to a video with Chris wasn't that BIG, cuz I admit Im not his number one fan, though I must admit.. He's too cute.

 After almost half hour hearing Tamiqua, I noticed Darnell wasn't there, and picked the cell ready to call him, as he walked in.

 "Where you been ?!" I asked, about to jump on him, "Hush" he said while walking towards me, "Get off tha way" and then pushed me away. "What the f**k is wrong with you?!"

 I followed him to the bathroom... "Im tired of having you all the time all up on my face" I stopped, while watching him taking off his clothes. What the hell was wrong with him? He's tired of me?! "Well if you're tired of me then you should do something about it!" I yelled at him while turning my back ready to go back to bed. "I guess you're right" he said, really calm, once again like it was nothing "Im done with you" and he closed the bathroom door.

 I closed my eyes, and sucked my teeth like it was OK but in fact it wasn't, that was the man I really loved, and that was how he treated me. That wasn't even the first time, but I always go back and apolagize, like I was the one who did something wrong, but not this time. 

I took a deep breath then I got back to sleep.

When I woke up again, Darnell wasn't there, but I already expected that. I grabed my cell phone and called Danielle, to tell her what happened. She was my best friend, always knew what to say and really could listen to me, thing that few could do. We talked about everything then we decided to go spend the rest of the day in to the mall. That was really what I needed..SPEND MONEY!! Yes. Darnell's money, I mean the mothafucka was about to leave me, so what else was I to do?!

© 2010 Ella

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The font of this is so cool,
I Like this and the characters.
Dramatic and wonderful.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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