The Truth

The Truth

A Poem by Danielle

I wrote this for my adopted grandfather who had dementia. He struggled with getting along with people cause either he didnt understand or they didnt understand him.

I'm still here but my mind isn't. I'm scared and I feel alone as I carry on in my own world. My world is not the same as yours anymore. I wouldn't expect you to understand something I don't understand myself. Whats real to me may not be real to you. When your asleep Im sometimes awake. I try to tell you I love you but cant always put my thoughts into words. I try to make my needs known but sometimes I have to act out.
Please don't ask me to remember because theres a chance I won't. Sometimes Im afraid because I dont remember stuff and Ill pretend like I do so I don't upset anybody. Please dont be mad or scold me if I don't remember it's not my fault it wasnt a choice for me to be like this. Sometimes when you tell me to do a task in my mind I already did it and I won't do it again. Remember that Im very sick. I have a different mind set then you.
Sometimes I walk around trying to find you or something I have lost or had along time ago. I sometimes will relive events from the years I wasnt sick good and bad. Please redirect me dont tell me the truth or try to reason with me as I may not understand and get upset. If I'm combative it dont mean I hate you it means I dont understand that your trying to help me often times Im afraid your going to hurt me and certin things can make me relive a bad event in the past.
I dont deserve to be yelled at. Please dont be mad at me, be patiant with me. Please dont be upset if I dont remember you Always remember I still love you even if I may not be able to say it. I still want to be loved, included and accepted even though I'm not who I used to be. I may not be able to tell you but Im truely afraid I feel alone and like nobody cares about me anymore because sometimes I dont remember that you came to see me today. Don't be mad if I forget just hold my hand and walk me through and Ill get through the day.  This is the truth so please accept me for who Iam now and remember who I used to be than.

© 2019 Danielle

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A very intense layered heart wrenching piece, I truly felt you're insight on things through you're eyes, my gran has dementia and I can very much relate to this. Keep up you're writing it is very good.

Posted 6 Months Ago

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6 Months Ago

Thank you so much that means so much. I love to write just wish i would have gotten the correction .. read more

6 Months Ago

There is still time to learn, schools do night classes, I know as I am a English teacher.

5 Months Ago

Im thinking about taking some classes because I enjoy writing alot.Thank you for your support that m.. read more

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1 Review
Added on July 10, 2019
Last Updated on July 10, 2019



I’m a beginner writer you can comment on my stuff just please don’t be rude I’m looking for friendly feedback.I had an account before but I couldn’t access it But I really hope.. more..