The Autumn Song

The Autumn Song

A Poem by DannyLynne Riley

I saw your face today.

You were standing there

in the corner against my dream.

Just like you always did.

You looked the same...


....but for your eyes

older now

and haunted.

Haunted by a lifetime of experiences

they never got to see

except here

in the cradle of my dreams

I lived this life for both of us

and it was strange at times it seemed

just how much a part of it you were

without ever knowing it.

Your body moved on

and went through the motions of a life.

But your soul?


it belonged to me.

I held it prisoner within my madness

and you have lived there

in the shadow of my realms

for all of these years

and I know you never knew it.

I was just a girl at a party

barely 17

and you were everything

dashing and dark

and mysterious to me.

I loved you with a passion only insanity could sustain.

You were a time within a time for me

and you made me who I am.

But then today I saw your face again

and I knew it had to be.

You were the Autumn song of my heart

that I never even for a day forgot

but now time has come calling

and its taken me all these years to see

I must say goodbye to the you in me

and let you go...

I know...

its time to set you free





**Many have questioned me about those whom I forge my poems and essays around and if they are based upon real characters and experiences from my life. My answer is always yes..yes of course and although there are a few instances where I have grouped a number of people together to make one character, mostly I shape them after a single real person or event. I have purposely left out the names...choosing to call my characters only “She” and “He”...because “She” is every woman and “He” is every man and in doing so I have left room for my readers to make the things I write about relatable and personable and it is in this process that I am able to invoke life into my stories...making their words living breathing entity's that flow from my pen. For though the story remains the same it is ever changing under the kaleidoscope of personal experiences found and claimed by the reader. And so... in my piece “The Autumn Song” I can assure you that it is written about an honest to goodness single person and without naming this individual directly I will tell you that it isn't about the husbands or ex husbands or any of the like..and I will also confess that this person is one of the ghostly suitors from my “Solitude” essay ...he is one from my youth whom I had only a few encounters with...none-the-less he affected me in such a way as I carried my unrequited love for him and the memories of those few experiences far into my adult life shaping my choices and the person I am today. This piece is a true testament of how we all affect the people we connect with however briefly and how those encounters have far reaching conclusions....some paths cross only once but in those single crossings a lifetime of experiences and feelings are gleaned.

This was such an experience for me.



© 2013 DannyLynne Riley

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Added on October 18, 2013
Last Updated on October 18, 2013


DannyLynne Riley
DannyLynne Riley

Eugene, OR

I was born in Springfield Oregon...but grew up in the Southern regions of the country. At age 15 I entered into a world of prostitution and heroin addiction that nearly claimed my life. Through it .. more..