I Write...Therefore I Am

I Write...Therefore I Am

A Story by DannyLynne Riley

The city calls to me in a language that I am forever trying to decipher and record. This is where I am most inspired to write. On any given morning I could be found in some nameless anonymous coffee shop, sippin' on a capp' and hammering away at my laptop. This modern representation of a writers pen I carry with me at all times. Life is dancing all around me and to be able to record this experience in words requires one to always be ready...always be prepared. Just as the photographer, with camera in hand, is always yearning for that perfect spontanious shot...so it is with the writer.

I spend much time watching people as they hustle and bustle through the day and every now and then I will capture a moment on paper. I think that people in all their imperfections are most beautiful and to be allowed this gift to peer into this fleeting window of their lives is an incredible opportunity in creativity and perception.

  As to why I write? Because I can't imagine not writing. For as long as i can remember I have been in an ongoing love affair with words. As a child I would spend hours filling notebook after notebook with short stories and poems, sometimes just admiring how certain words looked on paper. I would group them together and marvel at their beauty...at the thoughts and emotions they could conjure. I knew by the time I was 8 years old that words are powerful...and the written word even more so. I write because my heart...my brain...my spirit craves it. It is a necessary element as important to me as air or water. Even my body craves it. My fingers move often. Even in the absence of a keyboard I will catch myself subconsciously typing away. I've even ben told that I do this in my sleep (Lol)

  The other day I saw this poster while visiting my local public Library, that said, "I read...therefore I am." It prompted me to put my own spin on it. "I write...therefore I am." I was very moved by this single statement that could so effctively sum up my writing experience. This gift passed down to me from my Gram-momz I would choose to cultivate and hone into my own style. Still so raw and a little rough around the edges but rich in the unique style that is mine. And long after I've taken my last breath upon this Earth and my body turns to dust, my words will live on...those childhood scribbles on paper would give way to technology now etched on a computer chip. And in this way offer up a sort of immortality that would transcend the bridges and barriers of time.

  Perhaps one day, 100 or even 1000 years from now I would be resurected in the imagination of someone reading my ancient text...that my existence would be verified in the words that I've written. In this great possibility I wil dare to hope...and with this bold passion I will dare to write.



© 2010 DannyLynne Riley

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You was pretty good with grammar as for your punctuation and spelling you have some things to fix up such as "ben" which is been. As for your writing as a public reader it was marvelous as you a writing from the heart and soul were born in this story explaining how writing itself was your life and fit some humor into this with you even writing in your self. This could be a very inspirational story for young writer and very interesting as you seem to be born to write no matter what you do with it. Anyways well done and keep up the excellent writings and ideas.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Wow. That was great..Not sure what else to say. But I want to read more of your work.

Posted 11 Years Ago

I feel this is so true and you have written this purely from passion.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Interesting piece. I like that you alter Descartes premise from I think therefore I am to I read therefore I am to finally I write therefore I am. Good job.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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DannyLynne Riley
DannyLynne Riley

Eugene, OR

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