One Winter's Evening.

One Winter's Evening.

A Story by Danny Metcalfe

One winter’s evening I was walking the streets of my quaint village. The snow was falling. The beauty of the snow rang gentle the sparkle of my eyes. The speckle of snow on the tip of my nose tingled like some enchanted memory. It is so strange to summon such recollections that hark back to the purity of life. The freckle of snow leaves an icy chill that glows like a thousand sun sky.  

The low noises of the neighborhood rested upon the arms of the wind.  

I rambled on. It was Christmas season and in the windows of the houses Christmas trees lighted the way. There were carolers singing Christmas songs. The bark of a dog joined forces with the carolers. I found my way to the river bank where the quiet wisp of the water brimmed with sorrow.  

In the tall grass near the river’s edge, I came to uncover the body of a man, frozen to death. His jaw hung limp and his eyes were wide as the sky. I recognized his face but I was unsure of his name. He was wearing a light grey suit that was covered in dirty snow. Icicles dangled from his earlobes and the top of one his of ears looked as if a rat had been nibbling on it.  

Abruptly, the apparition of the man appeared! I was a little startled and stunned. He then addressed me in a panic.  

‘Alas! I am in need of help. I have committed many sins and I fear the devil will take me. God help me.’  

I felt his pain, so I wanted to help him.  

I did not ask how he died, knowing how offensive it is to ask the recently deceased. He asked me to venture to his house and retrieve a small fortune that he had hidden under the floorboards of his bedroom and share it amongst as many villagers as I could. He told me his wife would be out this time in the evening and that there was a key for the front door under a plant pot in the front garden. I did what he asked of me and returned to him.  

‘Well, did you do as I asked?’  

‘Yes, to the last detail’ I replied.  

He then became confused as to why he had not yet ascended.  

He then requested I go to the local church and confess his sins. He recited his sins and I did what he requested. I confessed his sins to the local preacher. The preacher was shocked and appalled but told me he was forgiven.  

I returned to the man once again.  

‘Well, did you confess my sins?’  

‘Yes, every last detail’ I replied.  

Once again, he became confused as to why he had not yet ascended.  

He then implored that I go and explain to his wife the situation. I explained to his wife the state of affairs, who at first did not trust me. So, I took her down the river bank and showed her the body. She screamed, went into hysterics and died of shock. Fortunately, she ascended without any problems.  

‘I don’t believe it! My God! I am cursed to exist between this world and the next.’  

Dark spirits were beginning to surround the man. I told him the quickest way to heaven is to live the life of a dog. So, he imagined himself as a dog, projected his spirit into its body and began life as a canine.  

He ran around the village, barking, hoping a kind soul would take him in. There was no such luck. I decided to give him a chance and take him home. We walked home with our footprints in the snow, leaving a trail of the distant past.  

© 2020 Danny Metcalfe

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What a wonderful imagination you have Danny.

Posted 2 Months Ago

Danny Metcalfe

2 Months Ago

Thank you so much, Stella.

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Danny Metcalfe
Danny Metcalfe

United Kingdom

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