The First Moment

The First Moment

A Story by Darien Don

A little side adventure that doesn't occur in my story Fear In The Heart. Leda dealing with her first love in between missions.


This was really ungraceful.  Horribly embarrassing considering the amount of people in the area.  Leda looked down at the sight below her in fear.  Ean Rulell had gotten down on his knees and asked-- sorry, no, he begged for her to marry him.  

The Enlinar woman wasn't too mean to this man who shut away all his pride to do…this.  She had some feeling for him, but whether it was good or bad didn't matter because she need to to remove both of them from the premises NOW.  In few movements Leda had Ean and herself in the closest taxi.  He was slightly confused as to how they got in there, but knew that he could be more free with his words.

"Leda I-" She held her hand up to stop him and turned away from the man.  She was too far past the boiling point here.  The woman may have not like that he did it so publicly, but a second reason she turned away from Ean was to hide the lit blush which tinted her cheeks.

"Do you understand the position you put me in there?"

"What?" Ean didn't know what she meant, but was happy she decided to speak to him finally.

"I am not going to marry you and in that situation do you understand that I would have looked like a witch!  To have a man set away his pride to beg a woman to marry him is nice and all and, of course, it would put the crowd on the man's side.  If I had said now point blank I would have been shot down by everyone!" Leda went to mad from furious in seconds.  He sat there in complete awe.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean-"

"Well of course you meant it!  If you didn't mean it then don't propose at all!  I have so had it with you.  Following me around like a lost puppy!  Can't you see that I don't want to be around you?!" Ean's face was emotionless and hard to read.  He sat looking forward and made no effort to fight Leda.

It was true that the Enlinar female was up to her wits end with him.  Though, if she looked far enough into her heart she would find that his presence was almost soothing…almost.  Leda, also, was surprised by what happened next.

Ean reached forward and tapped the driver's shoulder telling him to pull over.  Once that happened, he got out and left her.  Alone.  Just like she wanted.  No, thought she wanted.  What had happened?  This feeling of absence. 

"Ean?"  Leda called out to no one who would answer.  The taxi began to drive once more.

"You know, my dear Leda, if you push everyone away, then no one will be there next to you to answer your call.  Well, I will always be there of course." A familiar voice sounded through the taxi.  Leda looked up and around furiously.  Shen.  It was Shen.  She needed to talk to Him.

"Shen?  Where have You been?  I've needed to talk to You for a long time." Still looking around and up Leda began to speak to Him.  She didn't care what the cab driver thought.  

Funny thing was, after she said that, the driver turned around and looked Leda straight in the eye and smiled, "I'm right here child.  Also, you know that if you need to speak with Me all you need to do is call out to me." Leda looked rig at the driver.

"Shen?"  He nodded and turned around to keep driving.  A smile graced His face.

"Dear, I can be anyone.  Always watching, but never speaking." The Enlinar woman sat and stared forward.  Then, she nodded.  Shen continued to drive and Leda just sat back in silence waiting for the taxi to stop.

It was another twenty minutes until they got to a look out point on the road.  Shen got out first and opened the door for Leda.  She was still silent and the two walked out to the fence, "You said you had a lot to say to me."  Shen smiled and looked at Leda.  The sun had just begun to set.  

"I am just really confused.  When Ean says that he loves me and wants to marry me and such I don't know what to say.  I admit that I get a little flustered-"

"A little?"

"What is that supposed to mean?  It's not like I am in love with him or anything." Shen smiled lightly and continued to look at the woman.  The look he was giving her was slowly burning her will.  Soon her pride would tumble down like a poorly structured building.

"Leda, it may seem that I only give you help when you are in need on a mission, but I am also here to make you happy.  You lying to yourself is only making you unhappy." Shen said with a light smile.


"Yes?" Shen urged her to say it before looking in the corner of his eye. A man stood watching intently.  The man who just proposed to Leda about an hour ago.

"I love him." Leda said then sighed.

"See that wasn't too hard!  You told the truth this time too!" Shen smiled happily and gave her a big hug.

"But, it's not like I am going to say it to him…"

"Well I don't think you need to anymore.  I'll wait in the taxi, dear." Th old fatherly voice returned.  The one she knew so well, "Also, I will not be here when you get into the car!  I am giving the man back his body.  Remember that I am just a whisper away.  I love you, Leda."

"I love you, too, Shen." As he went into the car Ean Rulell came from the bushes.  Leda turned and looked utterly surprised at the face she saw.  It was him.  He heard everything.  What she said.  When Shen…SHEN, "Hey, Ean, I didn't know what I was saying and you shouldn't have heard that.  I'm sorry you had to hear such a lie.  I wouldn't be surprised if you hate me."

Ean didn't stop walking towards her.  His eyes were so fixated on hers.  It was scary.  Leda's heart was pounding.  It has never pounded like this around guys she's liked before.  It made her want to run away.  Get away from him so she could focus.  But, Ean had to do another thing to make her lose her mind…kiss her.  Why did he have to kiss her?  It was soft and yet you could tell he held back for her sake.  It was beautiful, but made her angry too.

"I'm sorry.  I didn't know what to do when I heard you say you love me." Ean pulled away  a little and didn't touch her.  He was afraid to.  He was afraid she would run.

"Well, I guess we would all be in the situation if it happened to other people." Leda turned away and put her hand on her mouth, "I love you." She said into her hand, but Ean barely heard it.

"Did you just say you love me?  To me?" Ean smiled brightly.  Leda just huffed and turned to the taxi and marched off.  She was in the taxi and rolled down the window to yell, "Are you coming or what?!"

Ean began to walk towards the taxi and before he reached the, now, once door he whispered, "I love you too, Leda Enlinar."

© 2011 Darien Don

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Darien Don
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There is quite a bit of editing for minor errors needed, but I find it to be very good writing overall. You've got the gift of the story-teller, Darien.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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