Days of The Common Rebels

Days of The Common Rebels

A Story by Darien Don

When the twins were young they made two really good friends, Redrick and Javid. The four worked together to build up a once petty gang into a rebel organization. This is just a normal day with four.


Menuha could not believe she had a twin such as him.  Caelan Enlinar was a work of art.  Not only that, but he was at it again.  Making every girl swoon at him was just aggravating.  

How could so many younger AND older women fall for such dirty, playboy tricks?  But these girls were fifteen year olds!  The Enlinar twins were eighteen.

"Alright, I have had enough of this you disgusting pervert!" Menuha screamed before grabbing her twin brother's ear and dragging him into the nearest alleyway.  Once, they were at the entrance Menuha looked behind them and saw some of the Hospital's patrolmen of Borlain.

"I love you all!  Talk to you in the future!" The younger twin yelled to the lovestruck girls.  They giggled…of course.

When the siblings were alone, Menuha punched Caelan while calling him a "bloody idiot who doesn't think."

"Don't you ever learn?  We are supposed to be looking out for our contact!" The twins were of a family once well known all over the country Iina.  They were loved by all because of their kindness and the care they provided for the country.  But, these twins were the troublemakers of the family.  The Enlinars were, also, known for being a gifted people.  Caelan had the ability to create and illusion in someone's head for as long as he wished and as horrific as he wished.  Menuha was born with the gift to read others thoughts.  Worst part about the twins was they were the new leaders of a rising gang.  The Common Rebels.

"Come on, Redrick and Javid are waiting for us." Menuha said.  Caelan stood  up and mocked her from the back, "You better not or you will break more than your nose." Menuha go scary when she was mad. Caelan enjoyed getting her angry while their childhood friends, Redrick and Javid, avoided that as much as they could.

"There you guys are!  We were worried that the Silver Lining patrolmen found you.  You know how they love to make sure Borlain is always on their side."  Redrick spoke from the dark with his almost child-like voice.  Javid appeared from the dark as well.

"Well, did you meet with him?" Javid asked plainly.

"No, because this knucklehead wouldn't stop flirting with every female he came across.  You know how he is and it ended up alerting those damned dogs.  We had to get out fast.  But, you know that we could have made them do our bidding if we wanted to because we are higher ups in the Hospital's eyes." The other two nodded and smirked.  They looked at Caelan with accusing eyes.

"What?  I get weak when I am around women." The four knew their business was finished and decided a movie was in order.  Caelan and Redrick began talking and walked ahead.  The older twin and Javid walked next to each other silently.  It became stranger when Javid stopped completely.

"Hey Jav, what's going on?" Menuha asked out of concern.

"Can I talk to you alone?"

"Um, yes, I guess so." The two turned an took the longer way to the theater.  Javid remained silent though and stopped again too.

Menuha had gotten really worried.  Javid leaned against a Common Rebels claimed wall.

"Menuha, we have known each other and been friends for years now.  I feel like I can tell you anything."

"Then tell me what's going on.  you are really worrying me." Menuha kneeled in front of her friend with bright smile.  Javid went down too to be at eye level with her.

"Men, you and Caelan are my best friends.  Caelan, that silly boy is like a brother to me.  But you…" Javid's sentence ran off into totally silence.

"What makes me different?"

"You were the one I fell in love with." Before Javid could finish, Redrick and Caelan found them.

"There you are you stupid b*****d!" Caelan grabbed Javid by the collar, "I would be careful with what you do because it will be the last thing you see or do." Menuha stood and placed her hand on her brother's.

"Stop it, Caelan Enlinar." He let Javid down and stared at his sister.

"You aren't seriously in love with this guy!" Caelan began his rant, but would not finish it.

"I never said that!  I just don't want you to do anything unnecessary." Menuha stated and turned to Javid, "Javid, you are my best friend and that is why I can't accept that you said that.  I am terribly sorry.  I just can't love you."  Menuha was sincere and waited to hear his answer.

"Well, I was never in love with you.  Redrick and Caelan just wanted to prank you really good.  They wanted to see how you would react to this." Javis admitted and left toward the theater.  Menuha's killing aura grew to amazing amounts each second.  

"Caelan.  Redrick.  You have an appointment in hell about right now.  You better start running for your life."  This was the first time they listened to her.  They ran, and fast.

Javid was the only one to get to the movie and watch it.  Menuha chased the other two all over the city and they ended up running from the Hospital patrolmen.  But, the younger twin brother and the friend learned a valuable lesson.  Never ever prank Menuha.

© 2011 Darien Don

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Darien Don
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Added on November 15, 2011
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