I Love Too Hard

I Love Too Hard

A Poem by Terrell A. Pullen

I see myself sitting,
When will I see her face?
Just saying hello,
When will that take place?
Scared of the day
The day she will come and say
Just for once
This day in time
She needs some space

I Love too hard,
But I love that way

Her moods they change
Love me one day
The next, it's not the same
Thinking to myself
"Why is she playing these games?"
She spoke those three words to me
Now her voice is never heard to me
I mean...
Sees me
Body and mind they speak
But her voice says never mind
I see I still love her anyway
I'm weak,
Then I speak, I say

I Love too hard,
But I love that way

Things between us should never had been
But when I look past
I see back then
The love was lust
The object was sin
But it felt so right
It was oh so nice
Way back when
I pay for it now
Trapped in her sea of I love you's
I'm scared I will drown
Please Lord forgive me of my mistakes
I speak that now
But still I say

I Love too hard,
But I love that way

She's not a drug
She's an addition to me
I'm not a hype
But I'm addicted to she
Cry and I cry praying that we...
We one day break up
But some how we always make up
When will I wake up
Her leader wants me against my father
That's why we stay caked up
I will break myself from her
Funny but...
That is what I say

I Love too hard,
But I love that way

© 2008 Terrell A. Pullen

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Added on October 5, 2008


Terrell A. Pullen
Terrell A. Pullen

South Holland, IL

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