In Affectionate Praise of Passion and Emotion

In Affectionate Praise of Passion and Emotion

A Poem by Darius Gottlieb

The writing celebrates the depth and humanity of intense passion and emotion.

In Affectionate Praise of Passion and Emotion

There is something I've been meaning to say to you
For the longest time, but was unable to voice until now

At your core you are completely vulnerable
And where others hold back
It is your custom to give full rein to the depth of your feelings
And to vibrate utterly and completely
Within that enormous wall of emotion which sloshes inside you

And it is from the honesty and intensity of these colors
That your character, deep and magnetic, attracts the sun

And the whizzing comets and the spiraling stars
Doing pirouettes at several million miles per hour
Hurtling past the light years of gaping jaws
Leaping across the stratosphere of possibilities
Then roaring past the red and black checkered prayer flags
Of God's Indie 500. That's how direct and in contact you are

With the earnest enormity of what you are able to express
In touch with infinite confines of a solitary hour
Or even the strawberry shortcake of a split second

And what's remarkable
Is your fearlessness. Others worry about how they will be seen
And regarded. You open up the trap door to Pandora's box
To invite us in for scones and bittersweet hot chocolate
And a telegram sent post haste to God's running shoes
Upon the strip-teasing break dance of day
As she releases herself from the blackened garments of night

I admit you are an acquired taste
And that not everyone fully appreciates
A world encyclopedia of passion
When they could have a hot tart quickie Thesaurus

Yet for those of us who want our coffee
Strong and without apologies for conviction
We are glad to peer into the thermos of your heart
And find you there, hot, steaming, and curiously sweet,
Ready and willing to share the fullest spectrum of all that you are

And so it has come to this
With a few crackling yellow and blood orange fireworks,
With a sparkling and shimmering line
Of morally upright chorus dancers
Kicking out their long legs in a yoga-like asana

We are blessed to know you in unforeseen ways, 
And ask only that you don't pour yourself into an ice tray
Or put a cork on your expression

Since this world is full of caution and restraint
Please continue to show us
What it means to live life without fear
To set an example of open-heart surgery
To reveal what it can mean
To love God without a single reservation
And shine with the radiance and brilliance
Wired into each one of us as children of the cosmos

And while it's true that your light switch has only two positions,
"On" or "Off",
I would not, even if I could,
Have you any other way.

(c) 2012    Darius Gottlieb     [email protected]    8:51 AM       August 2

© 2012 Darius Gottlieb

Author's Note

Darius Gottlieb
Be sure to visit my Facebook poetry page, with its many angels and Buddhas, at:

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Added on August 8, 2012
Last Updated on August 8, 2012
Tags: Passion, Emotion, Love, Feeling, Depth, Rapture, Bliss, Light


Darius Gottlieb
Darius Gottlieb

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