What do you know?

What do you know?

A Story by DarkAspen



            In all ways Richard , written by William Shakespeare, has a complex historic line. No one in the world understands the play or break down the play down because the play is so complex. What makes it most complex to me is the switching of the crown (York’s and Lancaster’s). There was so much power to the crown switching, it is hard to keep straight. That’s why the film, Looking For Richard directed by Al Pacino, clarifies and helps me appreciate and value Shakespeare.

             For me, the film clarifies some blurry lines about who is next to the crown. All I knew before I watched the film was that Richard was dead last to inherit the thrown. There were three other people before him, his brother George (Duke of Clarence), and two young princes (Edward, Prince of Wales, and Richard, Duke of Gloucester). Richard has two sides to him in the film: The, oh I have my best interest in my brother and the two little princes side, and the ruthless killing people who are innocent for no reason side. Comparing this to the play, there is only one side to Richard now that I have seen the film.

            Now both the play and the film has brought and uprising apparition to William Shakespeare. Before I started reading some of his plays I thought he was a pointless writer who had nothing better to do in his life. But now, I see him as one of the greatest author of all time just like Nathanial Hawthorne. Just like Hawthorne, Shakespeare uses imagery in his work to make the writing come to life. But Shakespeare does it in a different way than Hawthorne does, he uses Dramatic Irony and great description. I see that Shakespeare isn’t as boring as I thought he was because his work, especially in Richard III, describes history. Shakespeare is a brilliant man that showed his passion of language through the writing of his plays. And now I see how he had a brilliant mind and I should have never underestimated that because Shakespeare was a genius.

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Added on December 15, 2010
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