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They protect you feet from the cold. Protect against sharp, rough, and spiky surfaces. Most of the time are comfortable. Or other times are unpleasing. What is this I talk about?

I am talking about shoes. Shoes in general. No specific brand or style. Not the size or shape. But the consept of the shoe.

Shoes can be a fashion statment. Shoes can be for comfort. Shoes can just be to add some hight to yourself.

Shoes very in texture and color. From skins or hides of animals, to manufactures or man made fabrics. Very from soft to rough, smooth to pointy. Colors very from white to black, pink to orange, to yellow and blue. Soem are patterned and some are dull and boring.

So how do you chose the perfect shoe? Well, that depends on the occasion. Like on what you are going to do or where you are going to go. That is the way to pick the perfect shoe.

If you need help ask afriend or a family member. OR try them on and see how they look with what you are wearing. But if you dont care what you wear or what people think or you, then just go crazy. Have fun and remember about shoes and what they are for.

© 2011 DarkAspen

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Lol. Thank you. It was a pice of writing from my Freshman year so I know it has mistakes.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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I love shoes! And I love the fact that you've taken up such an interesting read. I would love if you improved this a bit. Run it through a spell check, that'll help loads. also it's vary not very.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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I am me and you are not. I am a Cheerleader who loves to write. I love my life, everything is great, not perfect, but great. It can't be perfect or normal because there is no such thing. No one is nor.. more..

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