Bless ME, Ultima Essay

Bless ME, Ultima Essay

A Story by DarkAspen

In the magical realism story, Bless Me, Ultima, written by Rudolfo Anagua, a young boy named Antonio Marqez goes trhough his young life with Spiritual, Cultural, and Emotional centers that will be both good and bad for the young boy. Tony, Antonio, has mant connections to this with his dreams and with his soul and life.

Tony has a spritual Center because of his dreams. He has many dreams in this story and also has many ways he views his life. He is a thinker and has many questions about life and god. For example, Tony has many questions about his religion and the Golden Carp. Tny can not figure out which way to believe or if he can believe in both ways of his Cultural and Sprituality.

Now for Cultural Centers Tony has this in his life because of what he has choose. He has to pick between a Vaquero like his father or be a Farmer or Priest like his mother. Tony can also choose to be a Curendera or not choose either of those things. He could also have choosen to go on his own way like his brothers Andrew, Leon, and Eugene. At the beginning of the story Tony has a problem with chooseing what he wants to do in his life but at the end he picks to a Priest for his mother. His mother was happy and calls Tony 'A man of Learning'.

Last but not least, Tony's Emotionalality. He is happy, sad, mad, sick, angry, and many other emotions, but he has to have them all to become a man. HE does get angry when he finds his brother, Andrew, a Rosies Corrner (a w***e house).  Tony is happy when his friend Cico shows him the Golden Carp and he is sad when Ultima dies. But Tony needs the emotional centers to become a man because these are the centers to become a responsible adult. Tony has a lot of dreams that make him worry about what will happen next and how his life is going to change but from all this emotion Tony learns more and asks or wonders more questions.

In conclution this book is a good example or all there things: Spritual Centers, Cultural Centers, and Emotional Centers. Tony shows a good way on how these three centers work and how life is all ways changing directiobns; like the wind. Antonio learns how to make all three things work into his life and soul and figures how to do many things that most kids wouldn't have a chance to do or learn or even experience.

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