Waiting For The Answer

Waiting For The Answer

A Story by DarkRainbowPie

This is a story about a young girl facing a huge crisis in her life.


It was time. Time to face my fears, the thoughts that had been lingering in my mind for nearly a month now... but I wasn't ready. I sat there, alone, in the cold, white waiting room as the tic-toc of the large clock hanging above the entrance echoed through the room. I'd been dreading this day since the moment that secretary across from me jotted my name down into that scruffy old appointment book of hers. Only now were the real nerves hitting me though; the ones that turn your blood cold, that send shivers down your spine. Suddenly, an unfamiliar face peeked through the door to one of the several exam rooms.


''We're ready for you now, Ms. Cuddy.''


My heart stopped.


    The woman noticed my reluctance to move, and so, began to gesture me forward. The awkward movements of her hands coaxed me eventually. Slowly, I sat up from the hard, leather sofa and moved towards the nurse. Upon entry, I was greeted by a tall, middle-aged doctor, standing beside the bed.


''Hello Ms. Cuddy, my name is Doctor Ryan. Can I ask you to sit up here, beside me, please?''


I stared at him blankly, but managed a slight nod before pulling myself onto the green rubber covered mattress. Time was moving so slowly, I just wanted to get the answer to the question I came with and try to forget about this whole experience.

    Dr. Ryan poked and prodded... and then the questions started.


''How long has it been?''

''When did you start feeling sudden naseau?''

''Does this hurt?''


All these questions, and not one in the interest of how I was feeling; if I was scared, or nervous, nothing like that. These two strangers couldn't make their way any further into my personal space yet I felt so incredibly alone. I wanted to grab someone's hand, squeeze it within mine, listen to someone whisper in my ear telling me everything was going to be alright... but all I had was a nurse's hand on my back, and a doctor with a stethoscope held to my stomach.


''Right. Well Ms. Cuddy, I think we're done here.''


The nurse left the room, and Dr. Ryan pulled up a chair. My mouth went dry.


''I'm not sure if this is the answer you were hoping for, but after examining you today, it appears you're pregnant.''









The word echoed through my mind. Those damn 8 letters rumbled through my brain like numbers in a wheel for the lottery, but there was no monetary prize at the end of this spin; only fear. I broke down. I couldn't cope. This wasn't what I wanted in life. I hated myself. I hated Dr. Ryan and his pretty little nurse. I hated this... thing inside me.


I hated HIM.


Within minutes, I stormed out of the room, out of the building, and into the unknown. What was I going to do? 17 and stupid enough to get knocked up. All hope I had for my future was long gone. I was up s**t creek without a paddle and I just wanted to f*****g drown.

© 2013 DarkRainbowPie

Author's Note

I never usuaully write stories like this, and it's the first piece of written in a few months. So, as usual, all feedback is greatly appreciated, enjoy :)

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This writing perspective sounds kind of interesting. You’ve got a fascinating premise here.

Overall, I was truly impressed.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Thanks very much, glad you enjoyed it! :)

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