A Poem by AJ Taylor

About the curse of love

You always see the flaws
The cracks and little stabs

Always remember the claws
And how you felt so drab

When you're in love the wounds seem healed
Only one knows who you are

You're so sure of how you feel
You leave your good sense so far

Once the love is gone
And your heart is out of sight

You see the mirror on the wall
And all the useless plight

You say it's over, story's done
You seem like you are flying

While deep inside you want to run
You're scared you will start crying

When you can't love the wounds feel fresh
You can't see a good sunny day

All the ones who try to protect
Are the ones you push away

Mirror, mirror tell me why
Show me what it is to cry

Kill the lie and find me truth
Kill the pain and give me you

© 2013 AJ Taylor

Author's Note

AJ Taylor
Rhyming got a little off, but otherwise?

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Dear AJ Taylor

Thank you for sharing this piece.

My comments?

Style: I liked it. I didn't find the rhyming or the occasional absence off-putting. Not everytyhing has to rhyme all the time to have impact.

Content: It blew me away. I related.

That is what we are often striving to do as writers, give a message from the soul, just for its own sake, just to get it out of our ystem, but at the same time hope that sentiments expressed may correspond with those of others, or if they don't teach us something, expand our minds.

This piece struck a cord with me.

I have been in and out of love too many times. But the loss of my first love / first marraige, when she left me for someone else after many years together broke me and even with the benefit of distance, I have been marked by it and the pain has never quite gone away. It has coloured inevitably the rest of my life.

In relationships, when well, there is a sense of safety, despite vulnerabilty; trust; there is one person in your life with whom you can share everything ; then the shock when they are gone. You express it all so well.

The wounds are deep, the anguish crushing, the sense of rejection painful; crying all the time, pushing people away who try to help because we do not want to explain, just hold the suffering in; the sense of loss so fundamnental it is almost as if it you are in mournig; its being made worse because the person is not dead, just no longer asscesible; whatever the weather, the light of the sun, the world is endlessly grey as all you do is internalise and self-fixate.

I drew all of this from this poem and it moved me.

I immediately related to your words and as often happens, read something and think 'yes that is what it felt like for me'; and in a sense we all / I draw comfort from the fact that we are not alone in the travails of life, but others have been there and expressed them well on our behalf.

This touched me, even to the point of tears in reading it.

I highly rate it.

With my thanks and best wishes (keep on writing)


Posted 7 Years Ago

Been there too. The depression after a serious relationship ends is..hard, to put it mildly. You've captured that.

Posted 7 Years Ago

you described the true feeling :)
it is really great :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

AJ Taylor

7 Years Ago

Aww thanks :)
Muhammad Ibraheem

7 Years Ago

U r welcome :)
Wow...so many FEELS! That was an awesome, intense love tragety with a rollercoaster of emotions! Very, very good! Nice use of wound, scar and flesh reference. Psh, your rhyming was spot on! Amazing work! X)

Posted 7 Years Ago

AJ Taylor

7 Years Ago

Thanks so much! :)

7 Years Ago

You are very welcome, a pleasure to read! ;)

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