Different Reels

Different Reels

A Poem by DarkShines

Was playing around with the structure of this to give it an interesting look, think that worked. Basically the story is a guy having recurring nightmares about a girl he's never met dying repeatedly


The stars above

Glowing and bright

You in my arms

Nothing so right

You smile at me

Your face happy and warm

And I hold you tightly

Your delicate form

Then the night grows still

Your scream is silent

And like a breeze past the windowsill

Into the sky your ashes are sent

And once more the night is still

     The sun in the sky

            Leaves fall from the tree

                   Your hand in mine

       We'd never felt so free

       Down by the lake

         We kiss and we dance

              Bound in a lover's union

         Never thought I'd ever get this chance

             Then the sun is eclipsed

Your skin glows brighter

And like the pages of an old novel

    It's almost graceful how you catch fire

           Face down in the water, you cease to exist

Down by the docks

I'm beginning to see the trend

A beautiful day, a beautiful girl

And the picture starts to bend

You giggle and hold my hand

Whisper something in my ear

But soon comes the end

The thing I've come to fear

You fall from the pier

My heart in your fist

And like an anchor of love

You sink down and don't resist

And I wait for it to end

                   The morning finally comes

                          My sweat soaks the sheets

                  The nightmares taken their tole

              My head hung in defeat

                 Tonight it will be the same

       Different reels of the same scenes

        A girl I've never know, dying again

           Until I figure out what it means

© 2014 DarkShines

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Added on December 18, 2014
Last Updated on December 21, 2014



Spokane, WA

Well I write mostly poetry lately, I have a horror novel I am currently working on called Glasgow Smile, that is what I am trying to work on the most right now. My main genres are horror and science f.. more..