A Piece For Me

A Piece For Me

A Poem by Dark Tower

If only it could be mine
But instead
It belongs to everybody else
Are my hands too rough and the pieces too fine?
Am I not meant to hold it and press it against myself?
There's a piece for everyone they say
But none yet has graced my plate
Perhaps I am a natural predator to it
And it wishes to keep its distance
Maybe its pulls are too subtle
And my obliviousness is interpreted as resistance

Or maybe it is a sickness
And I am simply immune
Holding on to you waiting to catch it
But I never do
I live in too many realities
To know which one is true
All my emotions are liars
They lead off of my path and into the briars
My temper on a tight rope
While I'm walking the wire

Could I could I
Ever ever
Actually reach out to you?
I'm scared of what that could do
An introvert looking for something external to put his love into
But there is no piece for me
Surrender myself to the dark peacefully

If I could
I'd use you as a beacon
The guiding light leading out of the darkness I hate to sleep in
I just met you and somehow feel like I've known you for years
You relate to my pain and so you understand my fears
Only when telling it to you can I ever see the truth clear

I don't know how to love
But I don't want to lose you
I've never felt a more intense hatred than when you told me he was abusing you
Worse than that you've accepted it and let him keep using you

Too many hopes for me to count
But for now just know
We'll find you a way out
I'll hold onto the memory of our last kiss
And if I never see you again
Just know you'll be immortal on my lips


© 2020 Dark Tower

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Added on July 6, 2020
Last Updated on July 6, 2020


Dark Tower
Dark Tower

Durban, South Africa


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