Make her Beg for it

Make her Beg for it

A Story by Dark_Hearts

Just a random scene from one of my ongoing stories.


Asher’s breathing hitched as her fingernail traced his jawline and he involuntarily gasped. Her giggle sent ripples of pleasure and excitement through him.

“Layla…” he groaned as her hand gripped his hair.
“Mmm,” she kept going, her lips grazing his lower jaw.
“Oh God, Layla, what are you doing to me?” he asked her as she kissed her way down to the nape of his neck.

He couldn’t let himself crumble under her power though, so he swiftly turned and had her pinned on the wall instead.

"I asked, what are you doing to me?” he whispered into her ear, gently nibbling on the lobe, making her moan.
“I…” she trailed off as he bit her again except a little bit harder, causing her to gasp both in pain and pleasure.
“What reaction were you hoping to elicit from me, Layla? Hmm?” he growled lowly as he faced her again, gaze trailing down her body.
“I… um…” she was at a loss for words.

Oh how the tables had turned!

Asher licked his lips quickly and hungrily, wanting her more than anything else in the world. 

“What were you trying to achieve?” he continued questioning her in a low, seductive voice.
“I… I don’t know!” she finished her sentence quickly as he bit the most sensitive part of her neck.

Without looking at her, he whispered, “Were you hoping I would do this?”

He kissed and sucked her skin lovingly all the way from her lower jaw to the nape of her neck.

“Or maybe, you wanted this…” he smirked, coming up to meet her eyes before tracing her lower lip with his thumb. Layla closed her eyes in anticipation and pleasure.

“For all I know, you could just have wanted a kiss on the cheek,” he brought his lips to her ear again, gently biting her earlobe. While her eyes were still closed, he retreated, speaking to her one last time, “I don’t know what you wanted, but had you asked, you would have gotten it.”

As she slowly opened her eyes, she only saw his retreating figure down the hallway. Her heart still pumped fast in her chest. What had he done to her?

© 2018 Dark_Hearts

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Added on October 31, 2018
Last Updated on October 31, 2018
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