Act 1

Act 1

A Chapter by Andrea L. Cox

This is act one please forgive everything happening so fast.


Tierney- Even in the dark I'm just a shadow. (Dead Tierney looks up and has a evil grin on her face)

       A classroom with four students & and teacher asleep at his desk.

Joe- Hey Gabe why did you get detention? (pokes a portly boy who is asleep)  Gabe... Dude wake up!

Tierney- (Giggles behind a book)

Joe- (looks behind him at Tierney) Freak ( looks at Gabe & continues to poke him)

Gabe- WHAT JOE! (Smacks Joe's long & slender arm)

Mr.B-( Jerks  head up & eyes open) No...Talking....In....Detentioooooon...... (Falls back asleep)

Joe- Why are you here?

Gabe- You see that guy there..... the one bouncing the ball?

      (Both look at Aiden, he looks up winks and makes a kissie face.)

Joe- The goth kid?

Gabe- Yeah, he was running his mouth so I beat the crap out of him. ( Gabe grins & nods his head)

Tierney- & that's how you got the black eye & he doesn't even have a scratch? ( Tierney licks her finger & flips the page)

Gabe- ( Touches hie eyes & glares) Who asked you freak?!?

Aiden- ( chuckles under his breath & continues to bounce his ball)


Act 1, Scene 2:


 (Tierney is outside on a bench eating a orange)

Joe- Well, well, well look what we have here Gabe....

 (Crosses arms & grins at Tierney)

Gabe- So freak I bet you find your self funny?

Tierney- I am rather humorous aren't I? (puts a piece of orange in her mouth)

Gabe- (Grab orange & through it on the ground)

Tierney- You owe me fifty cents now. (gets up and goes to walk away) Now excuse me I have class.

Joe- (Grabs her shoulder) You're not going anywhere!

 Gabe- (Shoves Tierney & she trips backwards over the bench) Now, you better not tell anyone Aiden beat me up.... Got it?!

Joe- (kneels by Tierney & lifts a bloody hand) I don't think she's going to say anything.


Act 1, Scene 3:


Joe- ( Pacing back & forth in the boy's bathroom) Oh god, we killed her.... We're going to jail!!! (Grabs Gabe by the arms) I won't survive in jail!

Gabe- (Smack Joe across the face) No one is going to jail, we didn't do anything. Not you & not me, OK?


Act1, Scene 4:


Joe- (walks by Tierney's bench at night) Stupid practice, everything else was canceled because of.....  (looks at the bench & kneels by it, rubs the bench seat & sighs. A car horn honks and he leaves)

Tierney- A eye for a eye, a tooth for a tooth, & there lives for mine.


Act 1, Scene 5:


Mother- (Smoking & drinking on a coach, watching a blank screen) Tierney!.... Tierney get in here... Oh wait your dead (smirks) you stupid girl! (Yells & throws bottle at the wall. The door flings open) Who's there? (Tierney walks in & walks slowly toward her mother)

Tierney- Am I?

Mother- You're  dead!

Tierney- (Grabs her mothers throat) Am I a stupid girl? (lifts a knife) Or are you a bad mother?


Act 1, Scene 6:

 (Couple of days before Tierney's death, outside a house people are screaming in the house)

Mother- (In the house) You're a stupid, Worthless Girl!Tierney- Mother please I didn't do anything (Tierney is crying. Mother grabs her hair & pulls her toward a closet)

Mother- Stupid girl, Mother knows what you ARE doing! (Shoves her in a closet, shuts the door, & locks it)

Tierney- (Crying & repeating I'm sorry over & over again)(Back to when Tierney is dead, Mothers dead body is being dragged into a room)


Act 1, Scene 7:


Joe- Gabe did you hear they said Freaky's death was accidental....

Gabe- You're right it was... (Both look at the bench, Gabe shakes his head & walks away)

Joe- Her Mother went missing.

Gabe- Did she kill herself?

Joe- No, she was being investigated for child abuse.

Gabe- The bell's going to ring let's get to class. (Joe nods his head & they both leave)

Aiden- (Comes out from behind a tree) Oh Tierney, what did they do to you? (lays a single red rose on the bench) Don't worry.


Act 1, Scene 8:


Aiden- (Walks into Tierney's house) Hello? Miss.Thomas, anyone here? (walks into Tierney's bedroom) Why did you have yo go? (Grabs Tierney's teddy off her bed, lays down and holds it close. He slowly falls asleep)

Tierney- (sits on the edge of the bed) Aiden......

  (Tierney alive & Aiden sitting on her bed. He leans in & kisses her cheek)

Aiden- You're so beautiful, you know that right?

Tierney-  Why.... would you think that?

Aiden- Because you are..... (Tierney leans into Aiden to kiss him, her door flings open)

Mother- You w***e! I knew you were messing around with this freak!

Tierney- (Dead Tierney clenches her fists) Why...... Why do you have to be about to die.... Just to see me (single tear runs down her cheek, grins leans forward & kisses Aiden's lips) But you'll see me soon enough.

Aiden- (talks in his sleep) Why..... Tierney?


Act 1, Scene 9:


Guy #1- (Running away from something panting for breath) Why Tierney?  I never did anything to you!

Tierney- True but you not doing anything never helped me either. (Grabs his arm, spin him into her & cuts his throat) What a pretty color.... (licks blade)

© 2010 Andrea L. Cox

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Andrea L. Cox
Andrea L. Cox

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I love art any kind of art, I love to write stories, but i feel my heart is more into poetry. I have been writing senses i could write words. I have been told my poetry is depressing, I don't normally.. more..

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