Where is The Dr.

Where is The Dr.

A Chapter by Darruesh Eetraydes

Werewolves have caused a bloody mayhem in the state of Ohio and the evacuation of it has just ended. Now the fight begins


“Stay on guard men” Andrew yelled. They hadn’t seen any werewolves in the vicinity in a while, but not many had known they were there before falling to their claws and fangs. Andrew was a strong decisive man with short hair and pointy features giving him a hawk sort of face. He cared for his men more than his own life. That’s why Lt. Andrew and his Omega squadron were placed in Ohio to help evacuate it. For whom better to protect the people than someone who loved the people? It was suppose to be easy but hardly does anything go as planned. The evacuation site turned into a massacre. The werewolves came in large packs jumping off buildings or out of windows to snatch their prey and drag them kicking and screaming away. The huge electric fences kept the werewolves at bay so that many of the refuges could get into the copters safely but for those on the other side they could only hope that a soldier’s bullet caught the wolves before they became lunch. It was now silent for all the refugees were gone. It had been a long couple of days trying to get everyone out and now it seemed they would be leaving also.

 “Damn it I want to get the f**k out of here” Tony said over the radio.

 “Shhh will you shut up before you attract the damned things attention”’ Kel responded in a voice that unquestionably irritated. 

“You know what attracts those things, its blood Kel. So since it’s your time of the month we should use you as bait.”Tony remarked laughing.

 Before Kel could say something a sound broke the conversation. A helicopter made its way around the trees and came into view. “Looks like we are about to get picked up” Destroyer remarked as he walked to stand next to Andrew with his favored chain gun in hand.

As it touched down all their eyes watched the door to see who would come out. As the doors opened they saw 3 men. The first one to get off the chopper was medium height, black man who had a belly but was no doubt strong which was evident by his arms and the way he held his sniper aloft so easily. The second man off the chopper was shorter, light skinned man with muscles and had many cuts on him. The third was tall black with muscles but was thin.

 “ETB reporting to Lt. Andrew and which one is you” the second man said. 

“I’m Lt Andrew and what is it that you have to report” Andrew called back. 

“I am codename Karmic. The rounder one is Codename KB, and this tall redneck is Prophet. Karmic replied. Before Karmic could go any further Prophet yelled “call Karmic emo. Where do you think he got those cuts?”

 “haha yea and who you calling rounder you b*****d” KB replied laughing.

 Lt. Andrew and his squadron looked at the weird newcomers not knowing what to say. Finally the 3 stopped laughing and continued. “Your squadron was left here because the higher ups needs you for one final mission” Prophet said with all seriousness. “There is a scientist named Dr. Silverius from Ethiopia. He is the leading voice in biology and many other ology types. 

“That’s why you don’t let people from Texas give briefing” Karmic whispered under his breath which made himself, KB, and Prophet laugh.

 “Regardless it’s your mission to go help the retrieval team bring him back and we are supposed to help. Problem is that we lost contact with the retrieval team a long time ago but we can still track them” KB finished.

 “We have to go to the middle of town that’s where they are” Karmic said as he jumped into a Hellhound. Kb hopped into the gunner seat at the top of the vehicle and Prophet got into the passenger with his gloves glowing a shiny yellow color. 

“What’s with the gloves” Destroyer asked. 

“Oh these are something of my own creation. Using energy of my body and or my surroundings I can perform let’s say magic. With a touch I can lay my hands on evil and purge it or more” Prophet said with a smile.

 “The only evil is Christians” Karmic remarked which made Prophet and Karmic chuckle for they both knew they would talk about it later. This only made Kb whisper “stupid n****s.”

As the two Hellhounds sped down the road into the city of Cincinnati they noticed the horror of what was unleashed. Bodies of women, children, and men of all nationalities lay in the streets ripped to absolute shreds. If you were playing the game I spy you would play to see if you could match which arm or piece of it to which body.  Pools of blood splashed as the vehicles drove on. The night was quiet but all ears still heard the howls of the wolves, and if they would have stopped the vehicles for a moment sounds of flesh being feasted would echo in their minds forever. The full moon radiated its light softly in the night illuminating the gore.

“How did my nightmares become real” Tony asked his voice filled with fear. 

“Blame your government for it was they who created these beings” Karmic said and all could hear the hatred in his voice. 

“Wait it’s not possible”Kel said though she had to force herself to sound sure.

 “The government thought what if we could send soldiers undercover and let them go wild in enemy territory. All those who survived a clash with them would also turn into beasts that we controlled. Either way we win with more soldiers under our fold” KB stated. 

“So let me guess it was this Doctor we have to go find who is the head scientist of the project” Lt. Andrew asked he drove over a mother’s body whose head was long gone. Ye were all that the Lt. heard before gunshots were fired. KB and Tony fired at will on their respective gunners.  The wolves came from behind buildings and out of windows. Their fur, claws, and fangs gleamed in the moonlight as they reached out to snatch the soldiers off their perch and into their hungry grasp. The wolves fell over each dying in lines for there was always another wolf behind it.

 “Damn it takes so many bullets to kill them” Tony screamed. 

“Make sure you kill them for if not they will only regenerate and come at us again” Prophet said as he shot his assault rifle out the window.

 “Damn it Damn them “Tony screamed again as his bullet went through the abdomen of a werewolf who jumped at him and it exploded through the open maw of a wolf behind him. KB laughed as his bullets pierced the hearts of the wolves to find others behind them. “Oh s**t I’m on a killing spree Burr” KB yelled out as if he was challenging any to come before him. As, if to answer that challenge a howl was let out that stopped all the wolves in their tracks. Everyone stopped firing for this call made even their spines tingle. It was a lot different in tone and the sheer power from it told them that they had gained dangerous attention.

They picked up greater speed to make as much distance between them and the wolves as possible.  Lt. Andrew slammed on the brakes as a little girl missing an arm and clutching a bloodstained teddy bear wobbled into the road. “Stop Karmic what are you doing” Lt. Andrew yelled into the radio. Karmic never slowed nor veered away. Her blonde hair was matted to her head. Her blue eyes peered at the vehicles weakly. “I’m here” she called out weakly. The hellhound slammed into the girl knocking her forward only to be crushed as his vehicle continued. Lt Andrew yelled at Karmic cursing but could only continue on the road. As he passed he couldn’t stop himself from looking at the girl’s broken body. A symbol of hope in Andrews’s eyes trod on by the members of ETB. There was a radio silence between the two Hellhounds. Nothing was said between them for a long time.

 “I think you made him mad” KB called down from his seat to Karmic

. “Well we all know that Emo is a cold hearted b*****d that’s why he does our tactics. One who doesn’t let his emotions steer him towards folly” Prophet said as he looked up towards KB. 

“I know I’m the sniper, he is the brains, and you Prophet are the ugly n***a that makes us look good” KB said with a laugh. That brought back the spirits of the ETB but the cheerfulness never returned to Andrew. Both vehicles pulled up in front of the lab Prophet, Destroyer, Kel, Karmic, and Andrew exited the Hellhound first with Tony and KB still on the guns on top watching outward while the rest looked at the lab.

 “It seems they had it barricaded” Kel said as she notice the boards on the windows. “It did them no good Destroyer remarked as he saw huge gaps of metal ripped out. They all froze for once again they heard the howl that overwhelmed them. “Looks like they are looking for round two and to be honest I’m not looking forward for that so let’s get moving” KB said as he moved from the gunner seat with his sniper in hand. Everyone slipped through the hole easily enough even Destroyer managed to get all his bulk through the gaps. As they entered they could see the marks in the wall and also bullet holes. 

“Mmmm they got through and there was a huge battle” Tony remarked as he looked around. “Well I’m glad we had captain obvious” Karmic remarked and as he did Andrew launched his fist towards him. Karmic dodged feeling it coming and launched his own fist towards Andrew’s throat. Andrew anticipated it catching his fist while using his other hand to pull out his dagger. He stabbed at Karmic but Karmic who practiced with blades all his life easily blocked and twisted Andrew’s wrist around using Andrew’s other extended arm to make him point his knife at himself.  “What’s your problem” Karmic asked even though he knew what it was. The rest of the Omega squad burst into action or would have if Prophet and KB hadn’t intervened. Prophet had absorbed the heat energy his assault rifle exhausted while he fired upon werewolves in the car. Prophet extended both hands and let out a pulse of energy that blew Kel and Tony into the wall leaving them defenseless. As Destroyer took a step KB took a swing with the butt of his sniper hitting Destroyer in the side of his head. As he turned away KB kicked the back of his knee and as Destroyer fell KB rested his sniper upon his saying “go back to your seat.” Andrew could do nothing but look around at how his team was defeated so easily. 

“If you’re mad about the girl she was going to die. Her arm was missing and she was surrounded by wolves. Picking her up would mean to become a stationary target and we all would have died. I killed her as quickly as I could so that she may know peace that we will not receive as long as we draw breath.” Karmic told Andrew. Andrews face was a mixture of frustration, anger, and sorrow. Without another word he dropped his dagger and went limp letting go of Karmic’s fist.

                Prophet led the way deeper into the laboratory complex. 

“This is really creepy, let’s get some light” Tony said as he flicked a switch. The lights flickered as they turned on and shut back off. “Great job because flickering lights in a building ran through by man eating wolves isn’t creepier” Karmic said under his breath. The smell of death, rotten bodies, and wet dog permeated their senses as they moved farther along. The flickering lights made the shadows dance and play tricks on their minds. The dripping of water and footsteps was the only constant sound. “We are getting closer” Karmic said as the beeping picked up on his locator. Ripped clothes and half eaten bodies were strewn throughout the complex. They finally turned down the corridor when the beeping picked up to an all time high. They moved carefully into the room.”The security room” Andrew said as he moved inside. The monitors were laden with bullet holes and the computer didn’t look much better. 

 “Here is the tracker device”KB said as he knelt down.

 “Let us see if the computers can tell us what happened here” Karmic said as he messed with the computer but nothing he did seemed to work. Destroyer walked over and struck the computer. “What the hell are you doing?”“Hitting things doesn’t work all the time you big brute” Karmic said with disgust. Prophet walked over to the computer and stretched out his hand. The gloves color changed from a bright yellow to a dark blue. It looked as if blue flame flowed from his hand toward the computer revitalizing it.”There that should work” Prophet said as he exhausted the last of the energy in his gloves. The computer clicked and shuttered with only some of the monitors coming on but it was better than nothing. Karmic set the date for tomorrow and Commander Trav and his team was viewed coming into the laboratory on the screen…

© 2010 Darruesh Eetraydes

Author's Note

Darruesh Eetraydes
Yea i added more and changed the story into book form. lets see how it goes. Oh and they werwolves aren't mindless beasts. Ive just been busy with life but more will be explained i promise for all the werewolf fans lol

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I hate to say it, but I'm not really sure who is who. It's just a bunch of names floating around between other words. I don't know, maybe it was just me. Also I fell like some of the language is more offensive than it needs to be, even if it's starred out. Just my thoughts, but it's your story. I like the premise.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Good but I would like more description of what is going on. I couldn't connect with your characters. The story concept is good. Look forward to reading again when you make the adjustments that you are promising.

Posted 12 Years Ago

As requested I will not comment on the commas, I tend to overuse them and misplace them myself. In just reading the first paragraph the amount of 'telling' verses 'showing' is most apparent... indeed it rather distracts from the story. 'Showing' is like watching actors act out a script on a stage whereas 'telling' is when the playwright (you) stands alone on stage and explains everything to the audience. If you check out my profile, I wrote up a free course on fiction writing, featuring quick tips for busy folks; one lesson is for writing in a more 'showing' fashion.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I like the writing and the way you wrote it.
But I don't like how you made the werewolves look like mindles beasts and I am very ofended.lol
Not all werewolves are beasts or monsters, but I like the writing.
LOL Karmac is mad emo. lmao!!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Darruesh Eetraydes


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