A Chapter by Darruesh Eetraydes

Lt. Andrew and his squad makes a bee line towards the extraction point with Tess and her hunters hot on their trail.



Lt Andrew kept driving on. “Holy s**t their car turned over” Tony yelled down from the gunner seat. Lt Andrew barely heard him he was so focused on the road before him.

“Should we go back for them?” Kel asked Lt Andrew while shooting from the back seat.

 The moon’s light shined down on them as if it were a spotlight on a stage. Destroyer couldn’t possibly stick his chain gun out of the window and so he sat back in his chair muttering prayers.

“Yea you should come back and help us out” KB said over the radio.

 They all paused and stared at the radio as if God himself just spoke to them.

“The radio has been on this whole time?” Kel asked totally shocked.

“The answer is no we will not” Lt. Andrew said which made everyone in the Hellhound stare at him. “If we come back for you then we become stationary objects and would die with you. Kind of like what would have happened with that little girl remember Karmic? Besides it’s like Prophet says right? Whatever happens just happens.”

Everyone in the Hellhound still stared at the Lt. They never would believe him capable of such harsh and cold words.

Tony laughed so hard he stopped shooting “He used your own words against you all!”

“That little girl found peace and won’t do to you like I will. Hmmm I see if that is how it is then you better pray that we die tonight because if we don’t you will die slowly when we find you” Karmic said so coldly that they all could feel his rage from the radio.

“Yea I’m going to f**k every last one of you up!” KB yelled into the radio.

 “You aren’t going to say anything Prophet because your friends are telling us their bullshit?” Tony asked mockingly.

They could hear laughing over the radio which was unusual to them because of the predicament.

“My brothers have already said everything for me. It’s just funny to me that you all have forgotten that beating we easily gave you earlier.” Prophet says and then his voice suddenly changed. “Whatever happens just happens is what I said before, but it doesn’t matter what it is everything has a consequence. I hope you still believe it was worth it when we hunt ya’ll down.”

 “And carve our vengeance into you flesh” Karmic adds before the Lt threw the radio out of the window.

“We don’t need to hear all of their idle threats. Just focus on getting out of here” Lt Andrew told them as he ran over a Werewolf that ran towards the Hellhound. The chopper came escorted by two fighter jets often called stingrays. The moon illuminated the two stingrays as they swept down. The long tail at the end of the jets which gave them their nickname bent under the jets and shot down a missile while the armaments on the wings rained down bullets behind the Hellhound.

“Yes, its here. We are going to make it!” Tony yelled out in joy.

The missiles connected to the ground amidst the Werewolves hot on the Hellhounds tracks. Smoke, debris, flesh, and screams rose into the night. The Hellhound was thrown with only the front two of its wheels touching the ground. Lt Andrew fought hard to gain control of his vehicle which made it swerve out of control as the back two wheels landed.

“Hey tell them to watch their fire” Tony yelled down. “

“How can we when he threw the radio out the damn window” Kel screamed at him.

“Calm down we are going to make it” Lt Andrew barked at them. His face was stamped with determination and his teammates instantly calmed as much as they could visibly. “We are going to make it through this” Lt Andrew thought to himself.

Above the Hellhounds running across the rooftops 5 figures talked to each other while moving unbelievably fast.

 “They really think they are going to make it away from us don’t they?” one asked his leader.

She turned her head to regard him. Her icy blue eyes made him pause and he swallowed uncomfortably which made her smile. “Of course they do, but not if we have anything to say about it.” She said to him and turned her head back to regard the jets.

“They come down pretty low, so we have a chance when they come down on their next fly by attack.” The girl to her right said as she ran behind their leader.

 “That’s a great plan Marie. Ok you heard her, on their next strike we attack.” Their leader exclaimed.

“Thank you Tess my mistress” Marie says.

Her confidence and love for her leader grew more. She looked at Tess. Her long black hair flowed behind her lithe body as she ran ahead of the pack. Her eyes were icy blue and seemed to reflect whatever she looked at. She was born of a black father and white mother so her skin was a light colored. She was a model of beauty and ferocity which made her the idol of most of the women in her clan. Also every guy wanted her but she would suffer none of them because to her they were all fools that let their penis lead them. Besides if the man could not defeat her in Envig then they could not be her mate. She suffered no weaklings. Marie studied herself at that moment. She was short, athletic, and had a brilliant mind. Tess had even said so herself that she was jealous of my mental abilities. Jealous of my abilities! Marie was beautiful by all standards but was shy and liked to blend in with the background. “I will become like Tess” Marie thought to herself as she ran jumped across a gap to the next building. Tess could feel eyes on her and turned to regard Marie. As their eyes met Marie snapped out of her thoughts and looked sheepishly at Tess. Tess only smiled in reply and kept moving. Christian had watched the moment between them. “Damn Tess is lesbian I think” he thought to himself as he ran along. The only reason he had joined their squad was to get closer to her. His short dark hair was up in spikes with silver circlets at the base of them. “I know I’m cute why can’t I get her to show me any attention.” He thought to himself. Tess took a great leap and crawled up the side of the tallest building. When they all reached it the top they waited.

“Let’s go around and make a second swing though” the pilot said smiling

They turned their stingrays around to make another fly by attack. The moon’s light made them look like silver streaks that cut a swath through the sky. Their coming reverberated off of the buildings as they came in lower than last time. The windows shattered as they passed sending glass cascading into the flesh of the werewolves down below. “Now !” Tess screamed as she, Marie, Christian, Natasha, and Ciera leaped off the building. Ciera misjudged the jump and the plane hit her as it passed sending her body flying through a wall and beyond into an elevator. “Ciera” Tess screamed. Tess landed on the left wing of the plane and fought to keep her balance. She made her claws sharp and punched into cockpit. Her claws sheared through the glass like a hot knife through butter and went deep into his chest.  Marie landed next to Tess and jumped as she landed to the other stingray ray. She reached out with her mind and touched the pilot’s consciousness. The pilot fought the mental intrusion and screamed at the alien presence that clawed into his mind. Christian landed next to Marie and punched through the glass to grab the pilot’s neck in his vice like grip. Natasha landed next to Tess and ripped off the protective glass protecting the pilot Tess’s hand punctured. He couched up blood and with a shaky hand shot Natasha in the head. Her head snapped back as the bullet traveled through her and she plummeted towards a vehicle. Upon impact the alarm of the car blared. “Natasha!!” Tess screamed. The pilot moved to point the gun at Tess. His vision was blurred and he struggled to breath. Tess smacked the gun out his hand. She thrust her left palm into his head smacking his head back. She moved her right hand that sat in his chest and gripped the lump next to her hand. She tightened her grip on the lump and the look on the pilots face filled her with glee, but her fury would not leave. The pilot looked at her with a look of disbelief and horror. “You killed Natasha so I will give the honor of watching me eat your heart” Tess yelled at him vehemently. The pilot had no response. He just knew he couldn’t move. Tess yanked and out came his heart. The pilot looked at the bloody mess in her hand thump twice before she sank her teeth into it. Her icy blue eyes locked onto his as she ripped into it. The veins running up and down his heart exploded. He could taste his blood. He had the taste of iron stuck in his mouth and then he tasted nothing as he drifted to death’s cold embrace. The plane took a wild turn and she leaped as the stingray crashed into the nearest building. She grabbed at the nearest building and used it to slow her descent while still holding the pilots heart in her right. The plane crumbled and the tail that gives the plane its name flew towards the other plane. 

“I’m in” Marie said to Christian. Christian let go of the other pilot. He has seen her do her mind games once before. Christian was always freaked out of her mind powers. “Psionic abilities work in this world?”  Christian thought to himself. Marie had the pilot dominated. She sifted through his mind like fish swim through a pond. She absorbed his memories, knowledge, and everything she thought she could use. “Attack the Hellhound” Marie telepathically told the pilot. The pilot’s eyes went listless. He aimed the stingray and fired.

The explosion sent the Hellhound flying. Tony screamed as he flew out of it. His body hit the ground hard and he rolled to absorb most of the damage. He stood up and as he did his ankle popped loudly. “S**t” Tony muttered to himself as he crawled. He turned on his back and shot his assault rifle until it ran out of ammo. The werewolves fell on him. 

Kel, Destroyer, and Lt. Andrew crawled out from the wreckage. They ran towards the helicopter while its gunner covered them.

“What’s that pilot doing?” Lt. Andrew                                                           

“I don’t know but “before the gunner finished the copter became riddled with the stingray’s bullets.

“Kill them all” Christian screamed to Marie. She closed her eyes for a minute. She looked towards Christian “We better get off now” was all she said with a smirk. They both leaped and landed on a roof of a building as the plane suddenly sped off.

“What the hell, jump?!” Lt Andrew yelled as the stingray and the helicopter collided.

© 2010 Darruesh Eetraydes

Author's Note

Darruesh Eetraydes
haha I'm still practicing on my writing so there might be some errors but oh well hope you like

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Yo he-ha, I thought it was pretty good. Loved how you introduced the characters and such. But one thing: watch your tense usage. For example, in the sentence “And carve our vengeance into you flesh” Karmic adds before the Lt threw the radio out of the window, instead of using adds, use added. Makes a whole lot more sense. But other than tense and a few comma mistakes, everything else is cool from what I saw. Keep up the good work

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


Yo he-ha, I thought it was pretty good. Loved how you introduced the characters and such. But one thing: watch your tense usage. For example, in the sentence “And carve our vengeance into you flesh” Karmic adds before the Lt threw the radio out of the window, instead of using adds, use added. Makes a whole lot more sense. But other than tense and a few comma mistakes, everything else is cool from what I saw. Keep up the good work

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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