A Chapter by Darruesh Eetraydes

Karmic and KBs trial of combat commences after talking to Lt.Andrew in the last chapter.



Kb, Prophet, and Karmic stood quiet after their last talk with Lt. Andrew and his men. Silverius listened intently while watching them.  He noticed fists being clenched, jaws tightening, feet shuffling, and just how loud they spoke. “Hmmm I could use Lt. Andrew and his crew. I just hope Tess hasn’t killed them yet” Silverius thought to himself with a smile. Karmic, Prophet, and KB took off their bullet proof vests and other top layer clothing until they stood with only their pants. Light eyed each of them. Her red eye glowed brightly as she studied them. It made Prophet cringe. “What the hell is that broad?” he thought to himself. His thoughts were interrupted by Silverius sudden scream. “The Envig will begin. My sons gather around to see our chosen brethren fight these humans who have shown much promise. We know mere humans cannot match our strength so you may choose weapons to use in combat.” Silverius moved to the side and behind him were weapons. Prophet could see different kinds of swords, axes, spears, crossbows, bows, arrows, whips, spiked chains, and knives. “Take as many as you need but hurry” Silverius said as he moved to the side. Prophet, KB, and Karmic walked over and studied them all. KB gripped a machete in his right hand. He looked at it while he took some practice swings.  There was holes running down the blade and as he swung it made a whistle sound. He tried to move his left shoulder and winced in pain. “Damn it” he thought to himself.

“Hey big brother so what do you think are our chances?” KB asked Prophet before he walked back towards the street.

“Remember the video games we used to play, we are the comeback kings. Don’t worry we got this” Prophet said to him while he studied the weapons.

“I know and just like in those games I will save you” KB said smiling as he walked off.

Prophet just smiled and picked up a long slender curved blade.” I always loved scimitars” he thought to himself as he belted the weapon to his waist. He also grabbed a spiked chain. It looked like a normal chain for a length and as it continued spikes stuck out along the length of it until it came to its spiked tip. The tip looked more like a spear tip broken off and thrown on the end of this weapon. He liked the look of it.

“What are you going to do with that? Oh I get it scream ye haw while you rope them.” Karmic says to Prophet as he holds the chain.

“I do love your country boy jokes in the face of death, but then again maybe you will cut yourself and save the enemy some trouble you damn emo. Prophet mutters with a smile as he walks back.

Karmic stood next to the weapons and grabbed a weird pouch filled with throwing knives. For some reason it seemed right to him to choose these. They look as if they absorbed the moonlight and gave off a shiny silvery light. As they walked back the werewolf who stood before them in human form spoke to them “You can choose to either fight us all at once or do the combat one versus one. You can have time to choose as I go grab a weapon.” He walked off and returned with a spear. ETB all looked at each other

“So which one do you think will work out better?” Prophet asked them

“Well if we are on our own against them we won’t be able to watch the others back.” Kb said while staring at the four Werewolves looking at the intently.

“True, but if we take them on all at once we will get overrun” Karmic explained

“Alright we will take you on separately” Prophet yelled out loud and then whispered “if any of you die I swear I will go to hell just to punch you in your face.”

“This n***a think we are scared of his fist when hungry a*s monsters are staring at us” Kb said laughing

“Rednecks never learn Kb” Karmic says and also laughed with KB.

“Wait but he is black” Kb said

“You right I mean purple necks then” Karmic said on beat

“F**k both of ya’ll” Prophet said on cue.

“We just had to relive old times huh?” KB asked them.

Growls filled the air. The moon stood over them all like a silent guardian. With no clouds blocking her she shone as bright as the sun does during the day. Screams of Envig filled the air mingling with howls to make an eerie chorus. The wolves scraped their claws on the nearest metallic objects making screeches that stung the members of ETB’s ears. A Werewolf stepped forward. His voice a low guttural growl “Come my tasty little snack.” It grew quiet as if they all waited to see who would be chosen.

“Yeah we did before the end” Prophet says as he walks forward. But before he can a hand grabs his shoulder. Prophet turns to see Karmic moving forward.

“He said little that means his a*s is mine” Karmic said seriously.

“Well you are the tiny one out of us” Prophet says jokingly which made him and KB laugh.

Karmic walked forward with his blade in both hands. The katana he kept with him at all times felt comfortable in his hands. Its hilt wrapped in red leather and its guard a metallic black. Karmic fell into a stance with his blade before him. His right foot in front and his back foot supporting his weight. The werewolf looked as if he was smiling. He crouched down on all fours and howled. All the werewolves surrounding them all howled. “Begin” Silverius yelled and as he did the werewolf leaped at Karmic. His mouth open and claws out wide as if to embrace him. Karmic quickly brought one hand down to the pouch on his side and grabbed two knives. As the werewolf got closer he threw them and jumped back out of the wolf’s reach. The knives stuck into the wolf’s chest and he howled as if in great pain. “He chose silver knives” Silverius thought to himself. Karmic paused not expecting this response from some throwing knives when the bullets didn’t make the wolves before grimace in such pain, but his mind screamed for him to strike so he did. He came in a sudden rush and took a great swipe at the wolf’s mid-section. The wolf jumped back late and Karmic sword cut a deep gash in his gut. The wolf seemed more angry than hurt and swung his rights claws towards Karmic. Karmic brought up his sword forcing the right wolf’s arm to cross over its chest, and followed his parry by bringing his sword up in an uppercut taking the wolf’s arm at the joint.

 Blood hit Karmic’s face. The werewolf wailed in great pain. His low voice echoed off the buildings and ran out into the night. Though the werewolf’s scream was loud, it was drowned out by the spectators. They were in blood crazed frenzy and seemed in ecstasy with every strike. They screamed, growled, and pounded anything near them. Even Light relished every blood spouting moment of the fight. Her eyes glowed brighter; she licked, and bit her lips. She seemed to not be able to control her hands as she ran them up and down her body, as if she was trying to get something off her. The werewolf fighting Karmic fell to his knees. Karmic jumped into the air bringing all his strength behind his next blow. The werewolf rolled on its back bringing his clawed foot up and blocked Karmic’s sword. Karmic’s sword bit deep into the wolf’s foot, but it seemed not to mind. The werewolf kicked Karmic back and jumped up. Karmic fell back and before his feet hit the ground the werewolf swung at Karmic with his left. Karmic blocked it but the strength from the blow, and with no feet on the ground to give him foundation, he flew towards a car. Karmic’s body hit it with a loud thump. The alarm blared as it registered the sudden impact. Karmic lay still on the ground. The spectators yelled and screamed loud.

“Karmic!” Prophet and Kb yelled to their brother thinking him down.

“I’m not leaving him to them” KB said as he began to run to him.

Prophet grabbed him “Don’t be stupid. Emo knew what he was doing”

“How can you claim to be his brother and then watch him be eaten” KB screamed and Prophet. As he did the look on Prophet’s face told him the truth. He wanted to run to Karmic’s side as bad as he did.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean it like that” KB said suddenly looking towards Karmic.

“It is all good” was all Prophet could say.

Karmic slowly moved his hand towards the throwing knives at his side. “I refuse to die at any cost” Karmic thought to himself. The symbol of alchemy tattooed on his back seemed to glow in the moonlight.The werewolf slowly walked towards his prey. He grabbed Karmic by the back of his neck and held him up. The werewolf towered over Karmic and so he held him so high that Karmic’s feet didn’t touch the ground. Karmic was short even by human standards. Karmic seemed lifeless in the wolf’s hand. He thought my victory is assured.  As he let out a victory howl Karmic stabbed the wolf in the throat with one of those silver throwing knives. The wolf dropped him and put a hand to his throat. He gurgled and choked on his blood. As karmic fell he kicked the wolf and rolled to grab his sword. Karmic came in faster than before and stabbed at the wolf’s throat. The wolf was unable to dodge the attack and closed his eyes. Karmic ’s sword passed through the werewolf’s hand and continued on through its throat. Karmic yanked his sword out. The werewolf swung with the last of its strength and raked its claws across Karmic‘s chest, but with no strength behind the claws it just cause little lines of Karmic‘s blood to appear. The crowed including KB and Prophet yelled to congratulate him of his victory. Karmic looked around him and then at the wolf dead at his feet. No, not a wolf. It transformed back to its human form.He reached down took the knife out of its throat and walked to his brothers. Silverius walked to the middle of the street. “Congrats young human you have passed the Envig. What did you think of the fight my sons?” The wolves howled and banged. “They are also pleased.”

 KB walks forward and embraces Karmic in a hug “I thought you were dead.”

Karmic pulls KB off of him “I refuse to die.”

“I had faith in you” Prophet says as he punches Karmic in the arm.

Karmic looked at him “You bum, why did you punch me?”

“It’s how I show my love” Prophet says smiling.

Light walked forward behind Silverius. “I like him” Light whispers to Silverius.

“Is he your chosen?” Silverius asks with curiousity.

“I must taste their blood” she answers him.

“Fine I can accommodate that” he tells her with a smirk.

Light smiles at them and walks back. “Now who is next?” Silverius asks. Kb walks forward with his machete in his hand grim faced “I am.” A werewolf with brown fur walks forward. His eyes glowed like flames in a fireplace. Silverius walks over to the side “Begin.” As KB and the wolf met towards the middle a big explosion interrupted them. Night suddenly turned to day for a few seconds before dimming. Everyone looked over towards the direction of the smoke. They could see the two lights in the air.

”Stingrays” Karmic whispers to Prophet

“Lt. Andrew and his squad must be at the extraction point” Prophet thinks out loud.

KB though looked into the direction for a split second and returned his view to his opponent. “Don’t look away” Kb says as his machete whistles in the air to cut the wolf. The wolf grasps the machete in his left hand. The crowd explodes into yells. KB looks at the wolf with disbelief. The wolf merely snarled at him while coming in with his right claws. KB ducks, let’s go of his machete, digs into his pocket, and stabs the wolf with two throwing knives. The wolf howled in great pain and dropped KB’s machete. KB dove for his machete and rolled to a stand position.

“Wait those are the throwing knives I have in this pouch” Karmic said as he looked into his pouch. He noticed some missing.

“Why do you think he gave you that hug?” Prophets asked laughing.

“He could have asked. I swear I hate n****s” Karmic mutters loudly which made Prophet roll over laughing, but he suddenly stopped when he heard KB screamed.

KB had rushed in thinking to finish the wolf with one great swipe but the wolf moved to the side and kicked out desperately hitting KB’s injured left shoulder. The claws on the wolf’s foot left a huge gash on KB’s injured shoulder. The wolf pulled out the knives and threw them on the floor. “Those thing hurt” the wolf cried out loud as he rushed at KB. KB’s vision returned as the wolf came at him from his right. He dove into a roll and grimaced in pain as he rolled on his injured should. “Better to deal with this pain then die” KB thought to himself. The wolf picked up a piece of broken cement and threw it at KB. KB dodged which is what the wolf wanted him to do. When KB recovered from his dodge the wolf was on him. The wolf bit at KB, but when KB brought his machete to meet his face the wolf rethought his tactics. The wolf swung back his right and left claws, but KB’s machete was always in the right place. Another explosion lit up the night in the distance. The spectator’s screams and yells went silent but no one took their eyes off the fight before them. The wolf’s right hand bled furiously from when he stopped KB’s first swipe. Whistling from KB’s machete filled the air with noise as he moved it to stop the werewolf’s attacks. He was growing fatigue and the wolf could tell. It stepped up the tempo of his attacks. It seemed as if he would be victorious. The crowd of Werewolves, Light, Karmic, and Prophet all stared at the fight, and then bright light washed over the night. An explosion of that dwarfed the ones before shook the city. The aftershock shattered every remaining window. Everyone stared at the other direction except KB, his attacker, Silverius, Light, and KB’s brothers. KB broke the combat shifted and ran towards a car. The werewolf followed his on all fours. KB ran up the car Karmic was thrown at. The werewolf jumped up over the car thinking to cut him off. KB’s whole run was just a feint. As the wolf glided over the car, KB’s threw his machete. It whistled through the air as it went end over end, and sunk into the deep wolf’s chest. All eyes returned to the battle as the machete glided through the air and into the wolf. The wolf sounded like a scared dog as it whimpered, and crashed into a car park in front of the one he jumped. Again the crowd exploded in applause, screams, and howls. KB walked and pulled his machete out of the wolfmans stomach as it transformed. I was not expecting him to lose to a human who was already hurt.” Silverius thought to himself. Silverius moved to the center of the street “Congrats I’m impressed. Did you enjoy my children?” Silverius asked. They answered him with screams and howls of glee.

 Light walked up behind him. “Something about his blood is different” Light whispers to Silverius.

“Like what?” Silverius asked thoroughly pleased.

“I won’t know until I taste it, but the one that fought before is like him….different” Light says to Silverius with her eyes a deep blood red.

“Well they keep calling each other brothers” Silverius said to her.

She looked at them for a second. “They might be brothers but it isn’t by blood. I’m afraid” she admitted.

Silverius looked at her incredulously “What possibly do you have to fear from them?”

“They may be normal in their world but in ours” she let it go at that and walked off.

© 2010 Darruesh Eetraydes

Author's Note

Darruesh Eetraydes
This chapter was going to be super long so I've broken it down. There are probably some comma errors. I really got to work on that but I hope you like. Please tell me what you think

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