Envig pt. 2

Envig pt. 2

A Chapter by Darruesh Eetraydes

Prophet is next to do his combat trial. Will he survive and if he does whats next?



Silverius stared at KB and Karmic. “What the hell are they? He looked at Prophet “Are you like them?” suddenly Silverius was unsure if he wanted them to join him or if he wanted them dead. Then he looked at Prophet’s necklace and his heart stopped. “It can’t be” he thought to himself. “Who is next “Silverius called out suddenly sick. Prophet looked at his brothers and then stepped forward. The scimitar rested comfortably on his waist. The spiked chain wrapped around his left wrist and his gloves radiated a reddish color. The werewolf in his pale human form with the spear stepped forward

“I will be your opponent. My name is Maim. What is yours?” he asked.

“My name is Jaerun” Prophet answered.

“Then prepare to die Jaerun” He yelled his face suddenly fierce as it put the spear before him.

“Then come” Prophet responded with his face at ease but his eyes focused.

Maim ran at him he spun his spear above him. Prophet swung the chain down and worked himself into a routine. The spiked chain made sparks comes off the ground as it swished before Prophet making Xs. Maim backed away unable to get past Prophet’s defense. Prophet suddenly changed tactics and brought the chain around towards Maim’s head. Maim brought the spear up to block the chain. The chain wrapped around the spear and bit into it. Prophet tried to yank and pull the spear out of Maim’s hands, but he was nowhere near stronger than the werewolf. Suddenly Maim twisted his body around. Prophet foolishly didn’t let the chain go loose and was thrown into the air to land before Maim. With a sudden whoosh all the air left Prophet’s lungs. Maim brought his spear down where Prophet should have been, but Prophet was rolling as soon as his body hit the ground. Prophet stood trying to regain his breath as Maim charged at him. Prophet pulled his scimitar from its scabbard and blocked maims attack. The spiked chain was still latched on Maim’s spear and Prophets wrist, so one could not move to far from the other. “I wonder if “Prophet thought to himself and his gloves flared to light. Maim’s spear dove towards Prophet’s heart.

 Prophet blocked it “Hope this works” Prophet thought as the red from the gloves traveled down the length of the chain.

Maim looked at the chain as the red glow followed up the chain coming his direction” There can’t be sorcery in your world!”

 “Looks like you had the wrong Intel” Prophet exclaimed as the spiked chains glow brightened. Even the chain around his wrist glowed.

The spiked chain exploded. Its spikes shot out stabbing Maim in his left eye and chest. Prophet screamed as the chain wrapped around his lower part of his left arm exploded leaving lines of where the chain rested forever on his flesh.  Many spikes just shot out hitting werewolves watching. They either didn’t notice since they were so caught up in their blood frenzy or didn’t care. Prophet found it hard to breath, and then he noticed he had also been hit with some spikes. Prophet studied Maim to see how much damage he took.  Maim stood still. His right eye stared hatefully at him. His left cried blood and his chest took many spikes. Maim roared a bloody scream and smiled. He leveled his spear at Prophet and stabbed left, right, spun his spear to throw Prophet off his guard, and swung his spear long ways thinking to take his head. Prophets sword was there to stop his spear, and ducked the swing for his head. Prophet went on the offense cutting at his opponent stomach. Maim jumped back and blocked Prophet’s overhead chop. Prophet used that chop as a feint, and when Maim realized it there was nothing he could do. Prophet let go of his sword and brought both hands to Maim’s chest. Prophet’s gloves hands turned orange and he released a large pulse of energy into Maim’s chest. The amount of energy was too much for Prophet especially since his left arm was injured. They both went flying back though Maim took more damage than Prophet. Prophet rolled as he flew to try to stop his momentum. He hit the ground hard as he flew past KB and Karmic. Maim dropped his spear when he felt the energy hit him. He hadn’t felt a hit like that since he fought that ogre many years ago. Maim flew into a crowd of werewolves taking them with him. Even when his body hit the ground he didn’t stop rolling. The werewolves yells reached an all time high but then it quieted. Neither Maim nor Prophet had moved since. Prophet slowly got up. His back, shoulders, arms, everything hurt. Silverius, KB, Karmic, Light, and everyone else looked with disbelief Prophet slowly made his way back to stand where both his weapon and Maim’s spear lay. Prophet sighed with relief when he didn’t see Maim rise and cried inside when Maim did. Maim stood and coughed up blood. His face was longer, hair seemed to flow over his body, and he grew taller. Prophet couldn’t believe he still stood. “I hit him with all the horsepower that the Hellhound could muster” Prophet said as he thought back to when he had absorbed the energy from it after the crash. He looked at Maim’s chest and was shocked. Where he unleashed the energy, there was a huge crater in Maim’s chest. “If he was human he would be in pieces” Prophet thought to himself. Maim fully transformed and walked towards Prophet slowly while coughing up blood. Prophet picked up Maim’s spear and leveled it towards him. Maim growled and came at him with his claws leading. Prophet rushed forwards also stabbing the spear into Maim’s stomach. The spear went through his gut. As it burst out the back Prophet could see Maim’s intestines with it. Prophet stopped thinking he won until Maim grabbed Prophet’s hands on the spear.

“It takes more than that” Maim said even though Prophet could tell it wouldn’t take much more. Maim pulled Prophet closer, pushing the spear farther inside him, and taking with it more intestines. Prophet could smell Maim’s foul breath. Maim opened his mouth to take a bite out of Prophet but he moved. Maim laughed and pulled the spear more. Prophet tried to fight his tug, but with Maim’s hand wrapped around not only his hands but the spear also, he was powerless. “Wait I’m not powerless” Prophet thought to himself and brought his foot to kick Maim in the face. His foot connected solidly, but to Maim’s super strength it was nothing. Prophet just used it to distract him as he channeled energy from his glove into the spear. Maim’s laughing stopped abruptly as the spear broke apart inside him. He looked down confused on what had happened. Prophet used the moment to jump and use both feet to push himself out of Maim’s grip. Maim fell back still confused while Prophet flipped and landed. Prophet moved side to side with his gloves glowing yellow.

“Maim do they have a fighting style known as Capoeira where you are from?” Prophet asked as he did the ginga.

“No” Maim answered while the spear fell to the ground. “If you think that little dance will save you though, you are wrong” Maim said as he walked forward. He swiped at Prophet’s mid section but Prophet just danced back still in the same rhythm.

“Come on mutt” Prophet teased while moving.

Maim came at him in anger. Prophet dodged his claws easily steady staying in rhythm and punched at Maim releasing energy pulses as he did. Maim rocked back. His vision was blurred and he felt himself dying. That huge pulse that Prophet released left him bleeding internally. Maim felt as if his insides were torn to shreds, still he would not let this human live. Maim swung again and Prophet easily dodged. Prophet jumped off his left foot twisting in the air and bringing his left foot to connect to Maim’s neck on his second spin in the air. Maim head bent and rested on Prophet’s foot before his head snapped back. Prophet sensed his victory and sent his arms into a flurry of motion releasing energy as he did. Maim had no defense to Prophet’s flurry of blows.

“Stop!” Silverius yelled at Prophet, but it looked as if Prophet was in his own frenzy. Prophet kept hitting Maim’s body while releasing energy. Maim had long ago became human, and stopped moving but it didn’t matter. The wolves acted as Prophet did, they yelled “Envig” without a care. Finally Prophet stopped and looked around wild eyed. He calmed instantly as he looked at Light. Her red eyes studying him, her lips bleeding from her biting them, and the way her hands shook. Something about her turned him on, and at the same time scared him.

Silverius walked forward “I can tell my sons are pleased. Never have all the humans participating in Envig passed the test. This will go down in history” he exclaimed. “Now Light will come and decided which of you she wants”

“I refuse to let that broad drag one of my brothers off” Prophet yelled at him

“You act as if you have a choice” Light said to him. Prophet stared at her. She stood before him. Prophet towered over her. He tried to use his 6’5 frame, wiry, but muscular body to intimidate her. She laughed and kicked at him Prophet danced back and returned her kick with his. Prophet realized his mistake instantly at challenging her. She moved to fast for his eyes to follow. As he foot reached where she was, she kicked his remaining leg from under him. Prophet fell to his knees and she grabbed his head. “That’s better “she whispered to him and bit into his neck. Prophet screamed as he hadn’t felt pain like this. It felt as if she was sucking out his very soul. Silverius watched as her eyes began to glow unnaturally bright.

“Prophet!” KB and Karmic screamed as they ran towards him.

Light sensed them coming and jumped away. Karmic and KB stood in front of Prophet. Prophet screamed as his blood flowed out of his neck. Light swallowed the mouth full of blood slowly. She closed her eyes and images flowed through her mind.  She screamed and her body shook. Everyone stared at her wild eyed.

“I can’t believe he is her son” Light yelled. Her hair seemed to be on end and it no longer covered her other eye. KB and Karmic stared at her. One of her eyes was red while the other glowed green.

“Who is his mother?” Silverius asked on edge.

“Anansi’s wife” Light answered.

 Silverius looked shaken “then that necklace is what I thought it was” he thought.

“He has power deep within him, but there is something else in him.” Light says as her body shudders. “It is different then.” She suddenly disappeared from Karmic’s and KB’s view. They looked around for her not knowing she was standing beside Prophet. KB noticed and swung his machete at her. The air passing through the holes running down the machete’s blade made the whistle noise as it came at her. She dodged easily and kicked him. KB went flying to land at Silverius’s feet. Before Karmic could respond Light jumped on him. She wrapped her legs around his waist and bit into his neck. Karmic screamed and felt his life leave him. Silverius stared intently watching Karmic crumble to floor with her on top. KB looked up and threw his machete at her. She heard it whistle through the air and rolled off Karmic. The machete flew where she was and clacked against the cement. “Damn” KB whispered.

Light closed her eyes and images fluttered through her mind’s eye once again. Light screamed again in this beautiful yet unnatural wail. “He has so much passion, anger, and ambition. He is one of the wild folk.” Light says as she settles herself down once again. Karmic grew very still.

“I’m going to kill you b***h” KB yells as he throws 3 knives at Light. Light dodges the first two and catches the third in her hand.

“You fought novices compared to me” Light explains before disappearing again. KB put his hand into his pouch and grabbed a vial. He noticed something to his left and threw the vial. Orange tentacles in the vial flared as it connected to her. “What!” Light screamed as the vial broke and orange tentacles wrapped around her putting her in flame.

“Got you b***h” KB exclaimed as he watched her burned.

Silverius stood in disbelief “No way he killed her with a new age molotav”

She screamed and wailed running around like a chicken with its head cut off. KB dashed to check on Karmic and Prophet.

“Watch out” Karmic whispered weakly.

Light wrapped her arms around him and sunk her fangs into KB’s neck. He screamed and tried to get out of her grip, but his strength instantly left him as she sucked out his blood. Prophet and Karmic tried to stand but couldn’t muster the energy. Whatever she did to them left them with little strength. Light let KB go and with her holding him he fell. She closed her eyes and let herself flow within the images. Her skin looked untouched by the flame.

“How are you still living?” asked weakly. He could barely keep his eyes open.

“This necklace is more than a beautiful accessory” was the only answer Light would give him. “Yes Silverius embedded within him this boy is unbelievable power, an untamed potential. It is weird how three powerhouses all traveled together.”

Silverius looked at the three young men lying down with no strength left to defend themselves. “Who do you decide to claim?” Silverius asked her for he was curious.

“Hmmm I think I will choose” Light said while pondering. It was the last thing Prophet, Karmic, and KB heard before being swallowed by darkness.

© 2010 Darruesh Eetraydes

Author's Note

Darruesh Eetraydes
This is the second part of the last chapter which would have been that long ass one. Tell me what you liked, didn't like, and help me grow as a writer. Peace

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