A Poem by Darruesh Eetraydes

This is my soul being brought bare and I'm allowing you to look inside with me.


I was there when you all were down

I was the one who found

All of you lost sheep

Now that I’m hurt you have all left me

Screaming in the night waking up in a cold sweat

 You all stared and still haven’t asked the question yet

What is wrong?

I should have known all along

That everyone would become a ghost

Especially since it is now that I need help the most

I remember hearing thank you; I knew you would be there for me

So assuming you would be here must be my childish fantasy

I always had a spare shoulder

Are you angry because I’ve grown colder?

Well guess what get over it

Cause I’m sick, tired, and I refuse to be your b***h

I was raised to get respect you give it

Times is change, this is not the world we live in

I’ve been attacked while others watched me fight them all off

Busted a man upside his head because he thought I had grown soft

Taken some food that wasn’t mine

Because I wanted it, I didn’t need it to survive

This is not a poem, but my therapy session

I write to myself so that I can learn a lesson

This my gift from my past to my future self

So that I don’t begin rushing towards death


My hurt they’ll never know

My pain I’ll never show

Because when I try to tell the ones I help, they get up and go

I was feeling real tall

My backs against the wall

The higher up you are means the farther that you fall

I refuse to crawl

So at the end I’m by myself screaming F**k you all

Because who counsels a counselor?


© 2010 Darruesh Eetraydes

Author's Note

Darruesh Eetraydes
I'm not using in techniques like stanzas or anything of the such. This is you looking into soul while I vent. Thats all. I know there are some of you that relate. My love goes to you

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Poem is powerful. The tension and disappointment can be felt in the words. The detail and description came alive with each line. I like the complete poem. Ending was outstanding.

Posted 12 Years Ago

This actually hit home with me cause I use my writing as sort of therapy also. It had the added bonus of being a good poem.

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

powerfully personal and sensationally familiar!

nice work!

how long did it take you to create this piece...if you don't mind my asking?

Posted 12 Years Ago

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3 Reviews
Added on February 18, 2010
Last Updated on February 18, 2010
Tags: rage


Darruesh Eetraydes
Darruesh Eetraydes


Yo whats up people! I'm a 19 year old class clown from Texas. I've recently gotten into writing and I'm trying to get better at it. I'm better at telling stories orally, but hey I got start at some po.. more..