New World

New World

A Chapter by Darruesh Eetraydes


“So you have decided that you will forsake your world all for someone who isn’t actually your brother?” Silverius asked them.

Prophet looked at him hard “He is our brother regardless if our blood flows in his veins.”

“Ok but you are going to need people to help you.”  His eyes went over towards Tess. “You will be their guardian .”

“Ok I will guide them, but can Reks travel with us?” she asked him.

“Sure the mercenary can travel with you” Silverius answered her.

“Then let’s go now” KB said while pacing.

“Christian and Marie were going home” Tess said smiling as she walked out of the tent. Silverius led the way deeper into the forest. The smell of pine filled their nostrils as they trudged onward. Silverius suddenly stopped before these weird trees. As KB and Prophet gotten closer they noticed that three of the trees were fused together. The barks had grown into each other giving the trees a forked liked look. Their branches twisted around each other like serpents. A myriad of colors swirled in the center. It had an air of unnaturalness, but to Prophet it seemed somehow familiar.

“This is the portal that will take you to our world. There are many things to tell you about it” SIlverius told them. KB walked into the portal. “Why the hell doesn’t he listen?” Silverius asked shaking his head.

“Well we have guardians don’t we” Prophet answered him and walked through the portal.

Tess laughed and tossed her hair out of her icy blue eyes. “I like these humans.” A tinge of sadness reached her eyes and Silverius noticed it right away.

“Take care my wildflower” Silverius reached and kissed her forehead. She smiled and walked into the portal with her team close behind.


As KB walked through into the portal he noticed it was more like a colorful tunnel. He continued walking down the tunnel and as he did his chest began to hurt.  His breaths came in heavily as if he was struggling, but the pain subsided and he felt better than ever. The colors suddenly became harder to see as darkness dropped around him. He stopped for a second as the shroud of darkness slowly faded. KB made his way forward suddenly light blinded him.


“KB where are you” Prophet yelled as he walked down the corridor of colors. The yellow, purple, red, orange, and blue seemed to explode making the colors change on a weird spectrum.  It was difficult to see, but he felt as if he wasn’t being led astray. As he continued forward his palms ached immensely, his body shook uncontrollably, and the pain brought him to his knees. Prophet closed his eyes and tried to breathe in deeply.

“I’m glad you have come back to me” a voice whispered to Prophet. Prophet opened his eyes and looked up.  He didn’t recognize the man standing before him, but he felt as if he should have. The man had ebon skin. His eyes shined like golden fire. His shaved head reflected the light giving him an awkward light, but his voice was pleasant like an old friend.

“Who are you?” Prophet asked as he stood. He realized that on the guys back was a sword that was bigger than the man before him. The sword actually dug itself into the floor and as the man moved it sliced through the portal’s floor easily.

“I’m your friend. Your mother tried to keep us separated, but I have always been there for you.” The man reached and touched Prophet’s face. His hand felt cool on Prophet’s face.

“You know my mom?” Prophet asked and didn’t answer the other question racing through his mind.

“Well to answer your first question, you called me Danyael years back. The other question is of course I know your mom, and she knows I hate her. Danyael said laughing though the smile never reached his eyes.

“Then what is it that you want from me? Prophet asked as they walked down the corridor together.

Danyael stopped walking “what makes you think I want something?”

Prophet turned and looked him into those flaming eyes “because something in my gut tells me so.”

“Well you haven’t changed a bit. Somehow you still know me even though you she wiped your memory.” Danyael said as he held Prophet’s hand. Prophet’s pain intensified. Prophet screamed as Danyeal suddenly disappeared behind a curtain of flame. “Welcome home my son” was the last thing Prophet heard before being flung through a portal of light.



KB and Prophet stood and looked around them. The air itself seemed different. They could hear birds and other animals call out. The forest was different than the ones they were used to. It seemed full as New York without all the pollution.

“Did you see a bald guy with flaming, WHOA!” Prophet yelled as he looked at KB. His hair had become dreads that hung down to his shoulders, his skin became dull, and his eyes glowed luminously. KB looked more buff than he did before and KB suddenly recognized his features had changed.

“What the hell happened to you Prophet?” KB asked. Prophet noticed his hands were wrapped up in cloths that ran all the way up to his elbows. He felt taller even though before he was near 7ft.  KB noticed markings like tattoos that ran above Prophet’s right eye and it ran down to the middle of his cheek. The markings looked like scripts in a language that KB couldn’t tell, and his body had also changed thought he was still wiry.

“I don’t know lil brother” Prophet answered him while looking down at his hands. Tess, Marie, and Christina walked through the portal. She laughed at their expressions.

“These are your true selves” Tess told them.

Kb blocked the sunlight out of his eyes “True selves?”

“You have become what you would be had you been born into our world” Tess told them.

“Ok so what the hell is Prophet?” KB asked laughing which made Prophet groan.

Tess looked at him for a while. Their eyes met and she noticed his eye color went from dark brown to dark purple. “What the hell are you?”

“You know what; the question is what is my brother?” Prophet asked her.

“I can’t believe he is a shade” Tess said astonished.

“What is a shade?”KB asked.

“It’s a being who has been infused with the magic of shadows. Your kind are mostly known for being evil, and you will probably be attacked everywhere we go.” Christian groaned.

They moved through the trees and the smell of food cooking wafted through the trees. “We lycanthropes made a camp not far from here” Marie explained to Prophet and KB telepathically. The adventurers continued on in silence when a spear dropped before them.

“Speak and let yourself be known” a voice cried out.

“I’m Tess, daughter of the wolf king.

3 figures came from nowhere. They looked more like animal men than actual werewolves. One of the figures had stripes like a tiger, the other had miniature tusks and the other looked like a wolf men. One of the weretouched stopped to sniff the air“what are you doing with humans?”

“My father told me to help them” she answered while stepping in front of KB and Prophet.

“Your Da told you to help them?” the tiger one stepped forward while gripping his long sword tighter. He suddenly moved towards KB and swung wildly. KB moved in and caught the sword handle. Darkness shrouded him as he moved covering them both. The tiger man couldn’t see his opponent but could feel him, so he punched out hoping KB would be there. KB could see perfectly fine in this darkness and could see the desperate maneuver. Using his military training he ducked grabbing the arm, and using the tiger’s own strength against him, to flip him into the air. He hit the ground and all his air left him. He knew KB had the advantage and tried his best to quickly get his feet back under him but to no avail. KB’s arms wrapped around his neck while his legs was entangles between his own.

“Krai” the half blooded boar yelled as he trudged forward with his club until he caught Prophet’s boot in his face. The boar staggered back and Prophet didn’t give him time to recover. Prophet enclosed his giant hands around the boar’s throat, and easily lifted him upward holding him.  Prophet was surprised at his newfound strength. The boar swung his club hitting Prophet but he shrugged it off. Prophet heard whispers flowing through his head weakly at first, and then it turned overwhelming. Prophet dropped the boar and grabbed his head. The boar man’s tusk grew suddenly and he charged into Prophet. His tusk tore into Prophet’s abdomen impaling him. Prophet screamed as he was thrown into a tree by the boar man. Images and voices fluttered through Prophet’s mind blocking his vision. “Prophet” KB yelled as he took the Krai’s sword from his unconscious hands. The boar could hear KB coming, and in his semi transformed state could tell he was coming fast. KB jumped and swung the sword straight down. The boar man turned to see the darkness envelope him, and couldn’t begin to defend himself from the blow. Kb’s sword bit into his shoulder and continued down until he fell in half. The wolf man who stood close by clapped his hands. The darkness disappeared from around KB as he stared hatefully at the man.

“You fight like a coward” the wolf man told KB as he moved closer with his spear.

“The only reason you can say that is because I’m allowing you to breath” KB responded as his sword and his opponents spear connected. They went back and forth testing each other’s defenses.

“Help him Tess” Prophet struggled to say as he fought against the intrusions of images.

“No, this is how you prove your worthiness” Tess told him, disgusted that he was so easily out of the fight. The wolf man went into a series of thrusts that set KB back off balanced. The wolf man increased the tempo, and suddenly switched his spear into a spin over his head. The spearhead whistled as it made a garish wound across KB’s face. KB gasped and stumbled over the dead boar’s body.

“Even in death they help me” the wolf man proclaimed as he brought his spear down, but Prophet surged forward catching it. Snapped out of his hallucination by KB’s screamed, Prophet punched the wolf man. His newfound strength made the wolf man’s head snap back. He fully let go of his spear and stumbled back as Prophet’s left fist connected to his chest. Prophet grabbed the dead boars club and ran towards the wolf man. Prophet brought the club with both hands across and struck the wolf in his ribs. Everyone could hear his ribs being pulverized under the weight of the blow, and again the wolf flew back into a tree. Prophet dropped the club and took the wolf’s head in both in hands crushing it. The wolf man screamed but Prophet was no longer hearing him until Tess’s voice cut above the voices.

“Stop” Tess screamed as Christian ran forward towards Prophet. Prophet felt the voices warn him, so he dropped the wolf and rolled to the left. With speed surprising for a man his size Prophet appeared back on his feet. Christian turned his hands into claws and swung ferociously at Prophet. Prophet ducked under the blows and tackled Christian. Prophet rolled off him quickly.Prophet struggled to rise. He felt a strong force hold him down.

 “She said to stop human” Marie told him telepathically.

“The voices won’t quit” Prophet said holding his head. Marie searched his mind and became swept up into the storm. She struggled fighting against the tide of images, and incoherent voices that traveled into his mind. Suddenly she was back to normal. She shook her head and was surprised to see KB walking from her. “How did he bring me back” she thought to herself, but when she saw him punch Prophet in the face it made sense. “That’s why my face hurts” she thought again. Prophet fell to the floor.

“Thanks brother I needed that.”Prophet told him as he massaged his jaw.

“Anytime you need” KB responded with a smile.

“The voices are saying I can help you” Prophet told him as he rose. Prophet looked down at the wound the boar gave him, or the wound he could have sworn he had gotten. Prophet rubbed his stomach. “What the hell” he thought.

“Help with my new cut, how?” KB asked him. Prophet reached his hands forward and touch KB’s wound. Tess and Marie eyed Prophet suspiciously as KB’s wound healed right before their eyes.

“How did you do that?” Tess asked him while touching where KB’s wound should be.

“I’m really not so sure it was me.”Prophet answered.

“He isn’t going to make it” Christian called out and everyone turned to look at the wolf man lying face down in the dirt. He struggled for every breath.

“Maybe I can help him” Prophet said as he kneeled down and turned the wolf man face up. Prophet closed his eyes listening intently to whatever it was these voices came from. His expression changed as he opened his eyes.

“You can’t help him can you?” KB asked Prophet. Kb looked into Prophet’s eyes and knew instantly. KB took the sword that lay upon the ground and stabbed the wolf man in his throat. Fresh blood changed the lush grass from green to red as the weretouched man’s blood flowed freely.

Prophet stood “I couldn’t do it again. I still can save no one.”

“You saved me”KB told him.

“My comrades are dead?” Krai asked. He stood and brushed himself off.

“Sadly, yes. It seems that we have all went too far” Tess replied.

“You have proven yourselves please follow me” he added as he took his sword back from KB. Krai led them into makeshift camp. Prophet and KB noticed that there were many people who didn’t look like lycanthropes, but had the lycanthropes features.

“What are they?” KB whispered to Marie.

“They are what we call weretouched” Marie replied telepathically to KB and Prophet.

“Weretouched?” Prophet mentally asked back.

“Sometimes when we mate with humans weretouched are created. They have some of our traits like the fur, animal instincts, but they can only transform for a short period of time, and never fully transform. Well there have been occasions.” She added.

“Well I can’t believe that you two bums are here and alive” a voice called out. Prophet and KB turned to see the speaker. They jumped back when they say him. His black scales sent light cascading brilliantly which made him look like a jewel. He stood barely shorter than Prophet, and his shoulder were as broad. He had a strange mark on his forehead, his fangs gleamed as he smile, his bracers and greaves didn’t squeak at all, and his magnificent sword rested easily on his side.

“What the hell it can’t be” KB gasped.

“Reks my n***a is that you?” Prophet asked.

“In your world that is my name, but this is my true self.” He told them.

© 2010 Darruesh Eetraydes

Author's Note

Darruesh Eetraydes
Introducing a new race to the mix. This new character is a dragonkin. Basically a humanoid dragon. They age differently than humans and have a couple of features no other race has because of their connection to dragons

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Good job again profit. Another improvement. Keep up the good work.

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