A Dream Close And A Dream Realized

A Dream Close And A Dream Realized

A Chapter by Darruesh Eetraydes

Izyan and Jaecar continue their fight, and the two siblings hop in the festivities


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“That’s the answer I was hoping for” Jaecar said as he stood. He fished out weird looking gauntlets from under his robe, and put them on. Izyan focused on him again, and Jaecar brought both hands in front of him. Flames consumed Jaecar and disappeared.

Jaecar’s smile left him, “You must try harder if you plan on killing me.”

“Ha you have gauntlets made out of meteorite” Izyan said. Scientists longed discovered that meteorites absorbed psychic energy, and handcuffs were even made from them to keep psychic inmates in check.

“So the question is can you defeat me without your powers?” Jaecar asked him.

Izyan looked at the little girl behind him, and then back at his opponent “Let’s go.”

Jaecar and Izyan renewed their fight.


“Now” Nzingha whispered. The discs floating above her hands began to spin like turbine blades. The sharp discs buzzed as they flew towards the monks watching the fight in front of them. Nzingha whipped her hands across her, one disc followed suit, and slashed a monk’s abdomen. She whipped her other arm around, the discs crossed in the air, as the other went through a monk’s neck. Chaos among the 3 remaining monks erupted. Their eyes moved in search of the enemy, but saw no one. Nzingha raised both hands palm up and crossed her arms over her chest; both discs did as her arms taking out two more monks.

“There is another psychic” Francis screamed trying to get Jaecar’s attention.

The remaining monk saw Nzingha’s arms cross as she did that last movement. He crossed the distance. He had the advantage, or would have if Gerik’s blade had not come through the tree they were hiding behind, striking his heart. Gerik pulled his blade out of the monk’s chest. Blood splurged as the pressure was released from his body when Gerik pulled out his blade. Gerik ran towards Jaecar moving as stealthily as he could.

“Behind you Jaecar” Francis yelled. A glint of light in the air warned him of the discs coming towards him. He erected a barrier protecting himself, but not the monks dragging Fletcher’s body out. The discs tore into their bodies leaving their innards’ to fall unceremoniously before them.

“Sir is this what god had planned for me?” one of the monks asked. He died before his body reached the ground, but his eyes never left Francis’s.

   The other monk managed to take another step before the discs came back taking his head and leg. Francis focused on the discs and created barriers around them. Nzingha’s connection was instantly broken, and the discs with no one controlling them fell. Nzingha smiled and focused her mental energies on Francis.

“He can create barriers around two things at a time it seems” She thought to herself. She walked from beneath her cover, pointed both hands towards Francis, and tossed him into the burning building. He screamed as he flew through where the door was, and skidded across the floor. He choked on the smoke erecting a barrier around himself, but that didn’t stop him from inhaling smoke.

“I didn’t fly that far in” he thought to himself. Francis silently prayed and crawled towards the entrance.


Jaecar heard Francis’s warning and met his attacker’s sword with his gauntlet. “It’s not nice to attack from behind.”

 Gerik jumped back, brought his sword before him, and stared.

“Who are you? Izyan asked.

“I’m no one, but you need to get the girl out of here now” Gerik said. He ran towards Jaecar feinted a horizontal slash, which made Jaecar dodge back, and dove between Izyan and Jaecar.

Jaecar tried to quickly get close to take away Gerik’s reach advantage, but Gerik’s feet were already moving. He swept his sword upward nicking Jaecar’s shoulder. Jaecar blocked Gerik’s next swing and closed the gap. He punched Gerik in the face. Gerik used the punch, turned the rest of his body with him, and stabbed forward. His sword left a gash on Jaecar’s side. Jaecar smiled as his adrenaline pumped.

“Are you a psychic?” Jaecar asked. His feet moving gracefully barely stirring the gravel, and his sleeves snapped in the air with every punch.

“I don’t need to be a psychic” Gerik answered. He swerved his body like a fish’s fin as it swims dodging every blow, his feet always underneath him, leaving him balanced, and prepared.

Nzingha watched their fight as she levitated Fletcher using her powers. The contrast of their dance struck Nzingha. Jaecar’s movements were graceful, brutal, passionate, wild, and fast. While Gerik’s were calm, graceful, long, passionate, and natural. Jaecar kicked his leg out to sweep Gerik’s feet from beneath him, but found them not there. Gerik spun in the air, his foot coming straight out as he spun, hitting Jaecar in the throat. Jaecar stumbled gasping for air.

“I lost” Jaecar thought. He closed his eyes and smiled.

“I win” Gerik said. Gerik came forward suddenly with his sword leading, but a flash of purple light appeared when his sword got close.

Gerik jumped back confused, and the look on Jaecar’s face when he opened his eyes confused him more.

Nzingha ran while levitating Fletcher’s body and Izyan joined her holding Felicity. “Let’s go” Nzingha yelled.

“No you can’t leave yet” Jaecar gurgled. His throat felt crushed, he tried to swallow, but couldn’t. He fell to his knees.

Francis erected a shield around himself and Fletcher, disconnecting Nzingha’s power on his body.

“Damn it” she said.

“Little girl” Francis yelled, “you are important to us but your brother isn’t. If you do not come with us he will pay the price” he finished.

Izyan tried to keep running, but she fought his grip.

“It’s a trick” Izyan whispered to her.

“No, I dreamed this would come to pass” she told him. "Remeber its my power" she smiled. He let her go and she started walking back up the path.

“Don’t do it” Gerik whispered. Tears welled up in his eyes.

“It’s ok, I know everything will turn out fine” she replied. She turned to him and smiled.

Tears fell ran down Gerik’s face. He looked over to his sister and saw seething rage.

“I agree just please let my brother go” Felicity begged.

Francis dropped the shield on Fletcher and raised one on Felicity. Felicity looked at her brother, Nzingha, the others, and smiled.

Izyan picked up Fletcher, and focused all energy on the path between them and Francis, creating an explosion, and smokes screened their escape.

Jaecar rose with tears in his eyes, and walked towards the smoke “no I’m still standing. We aren’t done yet” he wanted to scream.

“Jaecar stop they are gone” Francis told him.

Jaecar spun on Francis with hatred aflame in his eyes. He fought to curse, scream, something, but to no avail.

“They won’t escape us for long. No one can run from God” Francis said.

Jaecar collapsed, looking for the sky, and seeing only darkness.

© 2010 Darruesh Eetraydes

Author's Note

Darruesh Eetraydes
Hmmm I hope you enjoy this new addition to this story, and may you find something you enjoy

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You did a great job in describing the fight scenes. There's a lot of intensity in the story. I must say this is very interesting, it holds a reader's attention.

Posted 13 Years Ago

The story got better and added more plot and characters. I like the chapter. You create a world similar to the days of the past where Monks and religion control the world. In a sense religion still done. I like the story. You have my attention.

Posted 13 Years Ago

i loved this,picked up from where you left off
intriguing stuff really!

Posted 13 Years Ago

The detail in the fighting parts were great. The story sounds pretty good also, but why was Gerik crying? Anyway good story.

Posted 13 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I'm so nervous of what will happen to Felicity and Nzingha! Lots of action and detail! I love this chapter as well. Remember that punctuation!
Excellent work!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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