Second Chance

Second Chance

A Chapter by Darruesh Eetraydes

The group heads towards Duncan's after the fight. The bishop goes to tell the leader of the church of the recent failures.


Duncan watched Gerik and Nzingha while deep in thought. He remembered being there when they were born. Nzingha doesn’t seem to remember me. They have grown so fast, and he couldn’t help but smile. “I can help with this” Duncan said. He pulled out a light blue stone. It was a meteorite used by paramedics to heal wounds.

“Fletcher could have used that, instead of me sealing his wounds using fire.” Izyan told him.

“Well you just took off running, besides using your power on Jaecars’s wound may kill him” Duncan replied.

Duncan crouched and waved the stone over Jaecar Landon’s wound, as he psychically connected with the stone. The stone flashed with a vibrant light as Landon’s wound closed before their eyes. Even the cut above his eye healed. Jaecar’s eyes opened after the light from the stone faded.

“You healed me. Why?” Jaecar asked.

“Don’t ask me, it was the boy who suggested it” Duncan told him.

Jaecar looked at Gerik questioningly, and Gerik said” I won’t let you die without repenting to those you have wronged” Gerik smiled genuinely. “You opened my eyes, and so I am returning the favor. You fight with us now.” Gerik offered his Jaecar his hand.

Jaecar smiled and replied “you really are just too stubborn.” Jaecar took his hand in Gerik’s, and winced as he rose. His wounds weren’t fully healed he realized, but they were good enough.

“We must get out of here. The guards will reach us soon.” Nzingha yelled. She held Fletcher in her arms as she moved down the stairs.

Duncan moved over to Nzingha and healed Fletcher using the stone. Fletcher’s eyes fluttered open, and he gasped for breath. He growled in anger when he looked at Jaecar Landon, but was wise enough not to strike at him.

“Calm down nephew” Izyan said. “He is with us… now” he finished.

Fletcher looked at his uncle suspiciously, but calmed enough when he noticed that no one seemed to be wary of Jaecar. “Where is Ceri?” he asked. His face became twisted with rage when no one answered him.

“We don’t have time for this. We must leave now!” Nzingha said.

The group ran out the front door. The crowd dispersed as the group pushed their way through. A couple of bystanders got extra incentive to move when Nzingha threw them using her powers. Duncan led the way through the noble part of the city with ease. The moon loomed high over the sky, coating the streets with ample enough light to move quickly.


  Jaecar Wright sat on a roof of a house across the street from the Pride estate. He shadowed them from the rooftops. He came to a gap to far away to jump over, and still he leaped. As he fell a gap appeared before him. He entered the gap in time and space, and appeared on the roof of the building he leapt towards. The group moved fast, but not fast enough to lose him. “Why is Jaecar running with them? He definitely isn’t chasing them. Well there is only one way to find out” he decided. He opened up a portal, and appeared before the group as they turned into another alley.

“I have come to help you brother” Jaecar Wright said.

“I do not need your help Wright” Jaecar Landon responded.

“So you have betrayed your family” Wright replied. Wright bristled with anger and every word he spoke came out venomously.

“The church has never been my family. It was only a place of employment.” Jaecar Landon spoke, his anger matching Wright’s.

Jaecar Wright smiled and said “then I will take your life from you, but not today,” he disappeared as suddenly as he came.

“He was always a cryptic b*****d” Jaecar Landon told the group. The group continued towards the Psychic Hammer, and went into the hidden basement.



The bishop sat at his desk contemplating on his next move, when Jaecar Wright appeared before him. The bishop glanced at him and noticed he didn’t look as if he had been in a fight. “So how did it go?” he asked.

“Well Jaecar Landon has betrayed us” he answered.

The bishop shook his head violently and stared at Jaecar Wright, “come again?”

“He betrayed us, and is currently running with Fletcher, Izyan, those kids, and a guy who looks familiar to me, but I can’t put my finger on it.” Jaecar said. He bowed reverently when he noticed the bishop’s anger.

The bishop stood from his desk and looked out of the window towards the streets of his city. Most church leaders presided within the temples that housed its many followers, but in the City of New Carson it became tradition that the bishops take residence in the Mayors estate. This estate used to be the home of men loyal to the king. After civil war nearly destroyed the city many years back, the church convinced the king to let them take reign. Under the church’s leadership and spiritual guidance New Carson City entered a stage of prosperity. The church claimed that it was God’s will, but not all the citizens were convinced. In reality the church abused many of its powers, and claimed it was God’s will. They manipulated many merchants to come to the city, and forcibly made complainers see things their way. In the end the church got things done, and after showing the king how well the city seem to be under their rule. He announced that they will lead over his people in New Carson, and made one of the Church leaders a bishop. A bishop is a man who holds not only the power of the state, but also holds the power of the church. The bishop shook his head violently again.

“What is wrong bishop Fruma?” Jaecar Wright asked.

“I continually hear the dying screams of the monk that was in Lord Pride’s estate” the bishop told him. “Follow me Jaecar, for we must tell the Jathedor of our failure” he finished.

Jaecar Wright cringed when he heard of the bishop’s plan. Jathedor, name given to the leader of their church was a ruthless man. He believed that God did not look kindly on failure, and neither did he. Jaecar Wright followed the bishop into the next room. The room was filled with the aroma of incense. It smelled sweet and at the same time sickly.  The room was sparsely furnished. It held a desk laden with books in different languages, no windows lined the walls, gargoyles with meteorites embedded in the heads of them stood guard at four corners of the room, and a X was drawn in the middle of the room. In the middle of the X lay a meteorite, and in each arc of the X lay a meteorite on each side. The center meteorite gave the user the ability to astral project themselves to the receiver, one protected the user of the meteorite in an impenetrable barrier, and boosted the power of each psychic ability. They both moved into the center of the marking. Jaecar Wright bowed beside the bishop, his sweat dropping slowly on the ground.

“Calm yourself Wright. Jathedor cannot hurt your astral projection, but if he asks me to I will strike you for him” the bishop told him.

Jaecar Wright knew that he hadn’t failed. In fact he did as ordered, but since Jathedor would want someone punished and wouldn’t punish the bishop. It left only him as the object of his frustration. His fears only became stronger as he felt a tug. It wasn’t physical he knew. He saw the meteorites glowing as the powers contained in them were being used. The bishop stood next to him in complete concentration. He knew there was no where he could run, because the barrier prevented him from fleeing. Its orange light flared around the edges of the X. He knew it was to protect the bishop from assassination attempts while concentrating, but now he felt like it also held him prisoner. He knew to keep the two of the most powerful men in the clergy waiting was a bad idea. He reached out with his mind, connected to the meteorites, and let their powers fuse with his being. He felt the tug once again and let it lead him. He floated upwards. He looked at himself kneeling next to the bishop and had second thoughts. He floated through the roof of the Bishop’s mansion. The moons cast its light eerily on the mansion. The lights of the city soon faded as Jaecar Wright’s spirit soared away. He flew over many smaller cities and wondered what they would say if they could see him. For fun he floated through the trees of the forest that lay 3 days north of New Carson City. New Carson City was the southernmost civilization of the king’s. The forest separated New Carson City from the capital of Cambria, aptly named by the hero who led humanity to come together. He named his country after his wife, for he loved nothing more than her, and like his wife he would protect her with his very life. Jaecar Wright finally reached Sion, the capital also called the city of wonders. Its stone walls were composed of polished meteors that constantly flickered in the many colors of the spectrum. The great doors were made of white oak that is only found in the Mad Lands, a vast, dangerous, and forever changed land that separated Cambria from its neighbor nationto the east. It is also home to many creatures, people, and plants that were tainted by the meteorites. The denizens of the place are known for being psychotic killers thus its name. Jaecar Wright flew over the walls and quickly made his way through the capital. Even though it was night time, the city seemed to be alive as though it was the middle of the day. He could hear merchants, music, and the sound of engines filled the air. The engine of cars made Jaecar guess that the rich people were racing again. Ever since the Earth was nearly destroyed vehicles became a rare commodity since the riots had trashed most of them. Only the wealthy could get them made. Meteorites with the right power in them were used to fuel vehicles, because most of the earth’s fossil fuel had been used up. So that made cars even rarer. The solar panels on the roofs of buildings and houses reflected the moon’s light back into the air, making the night sky bright enough to see well. The houses of the capital were all constructed using wood and plaster. They reminded him of the pictures he had seen of houses back in the 21st century. He sped up his flight until he saw the golden cross in the sky. The golden cross was held up by a man depicted in gold. In the center of the cross was a silver meteorite. He always wondered why they stashed a meteorite in the center of the cross. The temple was huge monolith compared to everything around it. It took many years to construct it. The blood, sweat, and tears of many men went into its construction. This ten acre masterpiece dominated the sky. The temple was white as sand. Golden arches hung over long slender windows. Many towers stabbed out at the sky from the temple. Each peak bore a different statue of the man holding the golden cross. Jaecar entered through the walls and appeared in a well lit hallway. He took no time in navigating through the huge building. He reached Jathedor’s astral room. He hesitated, steeled his nerves, and floated inside.

“We have been waiting for you” Jathedor said. He stood in a room much like the one Jaecar’s body was in back at New Carson City.

“I’m so sorry, please forgive me” Jaecar Wright pleaded. He knelt down and prostrated himself before his leader.

 “It is fine my child.” Jathedor said.

Jaecar Wright looked rose his head slowly, and looked at his leader. Jathedor was an old man. His old grey hair hung loosely, his glasses were off balance, and he appeared to be frail. These, he knew were all tricks, because he had witnessed Jathedor take out four armed warriors’ hell bent on killing him. “Thank you for your mercy holy one” he exclaimed.

Jathedor smiled “No problem my son. God shows us all mercy.”

“You missed out on all the good stuff” the bishop told Jaecar.

Jaecar lifted one of his eyebrows as he looked at the bishop.

Jathedor interrupted and said, “Remember you have to show patience. You have really stirred up a bees nest when you started capturing all psychics.”

“I was only following your orders” the bishop said.

“I know, but busting in noblemen’s houses, taking their children, taking meteorites and such has the populace afraid of us. Get them to see from our point of view.” Jathedor told him. He smiled as he brought his hands together.

“I will do as you command” the bishop replied. He put a hand on his chest and bowed.

“Good, now both of you leave me” Jathedor door said. He broke concentration, his astral projected self faded away, and he walked out of the room.

The bishop and Jaecar Wright floated away back towards New Carson City. They reached their bodies. It was weird to step into their bodies again. Jaecar’s knees hurt from being knelt down on them for so long, and the bishop lost his balance for a second.

“You may leave now” the bishop told him.

“What did Jathedor say about Jaecar Ladon?” Jaecar Wright asked. He began walking out of the X when an orange light flared up. Pain wracked his body as the shield appeared under him. He screamed as his body convulsed and he folded onto the ground.

“He commanded that we make him pay for his treachery, and that you pay for not bringing him back right away” the bishop finally said. The bishop walked over and kicked Jaecar Wright in the stomach. Air left Wright’s lungs dry as the bishop’s powerful kicks connected. The bishop smiled with sickening glee. He loved to hoard his power over men. It was then he felt that he and God had something else in common. He gave Jaecar Wright one more kick, lifted him up over his head, and threw him through the door. Jaecar Wright landed in the hallway with a thud. “Clean up this mess before you go” the bishop commanded and walked towards his room.

“Yes sir” Jaecar Wright gasped.

The bishop’s smile grew as he turned the corner.



Gerik woke the next morning feeling sore. After finally reaching Duncan’s store he remembered feeling extremely weak. He rose from the bed, put on fresh clothes that was hanging in the closet, and exited the room. He looked around his environment. It looked like a living room. Everyone was in the room. He noticed his sister talking to Duncan. “Good morning sissy” Gerik said, using his pet name for her. He approached his sister. Nzingha slapped him hard. Gerik put a hand on his face. It stung a lot. He gave his sister a hard glared, and softened when he saw tears running down her face.

“Why do you always run off without letting me know what’s going on. You worried me” she said. She embraced her brother in a loving hug.

“I’m sorry you were gone and- no excuses Gerik” she interrupted. “You are all I have left. If I lost you, I’m not sure what I would do.” She told him.

Gerik hugged her back. “I’m sorry sissy. I know I always rush off head first into danger without thinking” he said. “Do you forgive me?” he asked sincerely.

She put him at arm’s length, looked into his soft brown eyes, and saw sincerity. “Fine but if you do it again, I’ll throw you through these walls. She told him. She wiped the tears from her eyes and punched him.

“Ouch, what was that for?” he asked.

“Well I can’t have you thinking I’ve grown soft, or you would rush off to danger stupidly again.”

“Geez, women I swear” Gerik said, as he rubbed his arm.

Everyone in the room laughed at the two except Fletcher.

“So Jaecar seeing as you aren’t dead” Gerik said and threw him the meteorite containing his power.

“You can keep it” he replied.

“Actually I have something like it” Gerik told him. He fished out the amulet he wore under his shirt. A big black stone with purple colored flame flared in the center of the amulet.

“I haven’t seen a stone of that caliber outside of books. It must be powerful” Jaecar told him.

When Gerik’s hand came in contact with the stone, the purple hue turned blue and lit up. Every psychic in the room felt a powerful aura eminate from the stone.

“Stop brother” Nzingha told him, and Gerik let go of the stone.

“Why do you stop him?” Duncan asked.

“I know you all felt that. It weird’s me out” Nzingha told them.

“Some meteorites are harmless little stones; some absorb psychic energy, and some came to earth with psychic energy already stored within” Jaecar told them. “That stone originally held psychic power, which makes it more powerful than most.

Everyone looked at the stone wondering what powers were held inside.

“May I hold it?” Izyan asked. Gerik tossed him the amulet. When Izyan touched the stone nothing changed. He even reached out with his mind, and felt the stone was guarded. “I can’t connect with it” he told them.

“The ones that originally hold power can choose who wields their power. No one knows how they go about choosing their master, but once it does no one else can use it.” Jaecar said.

“Wait so it chose me?” Gerik asked astonished.

“Yep, you are really lucky” Landon responded.

“How do you know so much?” Fletcher asked.

“The church knows more about the meteorites than anyone. Jaecar’s are trained to know about them, and use them for whatever the church deems worthy enough to use them on.” Jaecar answered.

“How do I connect with it then?” Gerik asked.

“Oh I forgot you aren’t psychic. Well if you meditate while holding the stone in your hands that should allow your mind to connect with the stone.” Jaecar answered.

“Thanks I’ll go try it” Gerik said. He began to walk back to the room he came out of.

“Wait, I’ll meditate with you” Nzingha said.

“Sure it will be like old times” Gerik said.

Together they walked back into the room he slept in, sat with their backs against the wall, and fell deep into meditation. Gerik emptied his mind and the stone appeared before him. Nzingha reached out with her mind towards her brother, and felt something strange. She knew that her brother and the stone had begun to connect.


© 2010 Darruesh Eetraydes

Author's Note

Darruesh Eetraydes
Tell me what you think, and if there is anything I should add or change

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The story was very good. I like the plot and the characters in the story. The story had purpose and reason. I enjoyed the story. My favorite are the myths and legion stories. This one I did enjoy. Thank you for sharing the story. The flow and movement of the story was very good. Thank you.

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


Fantastic job. You're really good at describing things, it helps to create a visual when reading.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Your characters are really interesting and I love all the fighting going on.Fantastic story,the level of detail is amazing.

Posted 12 Years Ago

classic star-wars like action.. loved it a lot!.. no, continue like u have and we'll see how this turns out:)

Posted 12 Years Ago

The story was very good. I like the plot and the characters in the story. The story had purpose and reason. I enjoyed the story. My favorite are the myths and legion stories. This one I did enjoy. Thank you for sharing the story. The flow and movement of the story was very good. Thank you.

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Wow you are amazing at describing each scene. I could picture everything. This really is a mesmerizing story. Keep it up. Also I can’t wait to see Wright fight London.

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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