the King's Council

the King's Council

A Chapter by Darruesh Eetraydes

Jathedor closed his eyes after he finished using one of the powers his staff held, on the carpenter tied up in the closet. He felt elation as he felt his skin tighten and strength return to his muscles. His bones popped as they flowed with youthful energies. His hair, no longer grey and limp, but brown and thick hung long down to his shoulders. Jathedor opened his eyes and grimaced at his handiwork. The carpenter was dead Jathedor knew, but the carpenter looked as if he had been dead for many years. The carpenter’s skin appeared flaky and brown, his hair still hung limply, and his bones were very visible through his skin. Jathedor pondered how many times he had used that particular power to drain the energy out of someone, and into himself. He lost count over the years, but planned on doing it many more times. Jathedor smiled as he turned and walked out of his office. He paused as he exited and looked at a young monk,” I’m done studying the mummy. Move it to our museum” he told the young man.

“Yes sir” the young monk stuttered. He watched his idol, Jathedor walk inside an elevator powered by a meteor


“There was once a time that I would have cleaved your head from your shoulders” Brother Samson said to Drifter.

Drifter laughed,” there was a time when you would have tried anyway.”

The two warriors waited outside of the enormous temple for Jathedor. The Huge white and golden building dwarfed most building; even the king’s estate didn’t match the size and magnificence of the temple. Drifter watched as Jathedor exited the building with his meteorite inlaid staff, and instantly noticed he appeared younger.

“It’s time to go” Jathedor told them.

A white car pulled in front of the building. A golden man with a sword in one hand, and a book in his other stood ornately on the hood. The car was much longer than many other vehicles. It attested to the wealth of the church in Drifter’s eyes. The three men hopped into the back of the vehicle. The vehicle flew through the streets of Sion. Drifter watched as men, women, and children moved quickly out of the way. It didn’t take the vehicle long to travel up the hill to the king’s estate. The King’s estate stood tall with vines traveling up and down the length of it. The flowers that bloomed along the vines made the castle look like a painting to Drifter. He remembered his usual visits to the castle, and it hurt him to think of his king had become.

Drifter and Samson followed Jathedor through the great doors, massive courtyard, and on through to the waiting room. The ceiling of the room was painted vibrantly. It depicted the day that meteors rained down from the sky to scorch the earth. Two guards stood within this sparsely furnished room, and walked toward them quickly with blue rods.

“Remove all weapons and meteors” a guard ordered.

Samson reached back and handed his great sword to the other guard. The sheer size of the weapon caused him fall back and grunt.

“The rods senses psychic energy. Do you posses meteorites or are you a psychic?” the first guard asked.

“I’m a psychic” he answered.

The guard not struggling with the great sword placed psychic bane bracelets on Samson. The bracelets glowed purple as they negated Samson’s psychic powers. The other guard dropped the great sword to the side, and walked towards Drifter. The cloaked warrior fixed his mind on one of the meteorites planted in his glove, and waved his meteorite studded gloved hand in front of the two guards. Jathedor smiled as Drifter handed over his long sword and dagger. The rods in the guards hand glowed feverishly to warn the guards of the meteorites that Drifter still possessed, but they couldn’t see it. Drifter had them fully in his power of illusion. To the guards, Drifter’s hand was ungloved, and the rods didn’t glow.

“Get this thing off me” Samson whispered.

Drifter focused on another meteorite in his glove. “Break” Drifter commanded, and both of the bracelets that Samson wore broke in half.

Samson rubbed his wrists, picked up the broken halves of the bracelet, and slid them within the pockets of his cloak. The guards, clueless because of Drifter’s power took Jathedor’s staff and allowed them to continue inside.

Every one of the council members was already present and seated. Reverend Mother Hoein sat across from the empty chair that Jathedor would be seated in. Hoein was a sweet elderly lady with gray hair wrapped in a bun. Her oval face and striking brown eyes told of beauty in the past. She represented a rival order that competed for the hearts of the people. Grand Duke Gabriel sat next to the king. Gabriel is the king’s cousin, and general of the king’s armies. His sleeveless shirt showed off his well defined arms. His shaved head, intense facial features made him an intimidating figure. The king held Gabriel in high esteem, and that combined with his prowess in battle made him very dangerous to Jathedor. The old monk wasn’t surprised to see Lord Pride seated at the table to represent the people of New Carson city. The religious leader knew well the kind of man Lord Pride was. He was a selfish, coward, and was easily manipulated. He is a perfect little pawn. The King of Cambria, Tehran sat at the head of the curving table. The king was thin, bookish looking man. His blonde hair hung just above his eyes. His pale skin was sickly white, and it led most to believe that he wouldn’t live long when he was a child. He surprised everyone that he continued to live.

“You finally grace us with your presence” Gabriel said sarcastically.

“I’m sorry for my tardiness. I was helping lost sheep” Jathedor replied humbly.

Jathedor slipped into his seat, and waited patiently for them to continue with their discussion.

“Jathedor’s church is getting out of control. Psychics from all over are coming to my churches, begging for sanctuary from them” Mother Hoein said.

Lord Pride’s face twisted up, “they are protecting normal people from those psychic demons.”

“They are people who have been blessed by God with powers” Mother Hoein calmly replied.

“I still don’t like how they have taken authority out of the hands of the king, and started this whole campaign” Gabriel stated. He leveled his glare towards Jathedor, who brushed off the noble’s stare.

“Everyone calm and let him explain” the king commanded.

Jathedor let his eyes pass over everyone in the council room before speaking, “I did this for the king. I know that everyone has noticed that our neighboring country Gaida breaking our boundary laws. War is close at hand, and so I am making sure we are prepared.”

“So you will take the command of every psychic within our nation?” Gabriel asked. He slammed his fist angrily on the table, shaking and knocking over his own drink. “A psychic who can’t control his powers is worth more than a hundred men.”

Lord Pride interrupted “only the church could be trusted to command such power.”

“You don’t trust me with power!” Tehran yelled. His pale face twisted in rage. “I command an entire kingdom fat fool. Lord Pride shrunk visibly. The king continued,” my brothers said the same thing before they passed away. May their souls find peace in the afterlife.”

“Calm great king, no one is trying to take power away from you.” Jathedor said to him.

“You dare try to order your king? Learn your place old man” the king screamed.

Drifter and Samson stepped forward, but stopped when Jathedor raised his hand as he spoke, “it was not an order my king, only a request.”

The king rose from his chair and walked over towards Jathedor. His face twisted in an eerie smile. “I am your king correct? “the king asked Samson and Drifter.

“Yes,” they both answered in unison.

“Would you strike down your king if I ordered something unfortunate to Jathedor?” he asked. He raised his voice as he circled them.

“Yes” they answered again.

Tehran turned upon them faster than the two warriors believed he could. The king slapped Drifter twice, his hands stung as he retracted them. Drifter’s hood fell backwards, and Gabriel gasped as he looked upon Kael’s face.

Kael’s cold stare stopped the king in mid swing. Gabriel rose from his seat, and Kael yelled “don’t you move.”  The meteorite in Kael’s glove glowed red fiercely as he released its power. Samson’s smile was hidden under his hood. He knew that the meteorite’s unbelievable power. Whatever its master commanded would happen. He remembered when Kael yelled explode, and a thief’s head exploded, sending brains, bones, and blood to paint an alley wall. Soldiers from within the room drew their swords, and slowly proceeded towards Kael.

Gabriel struggled against Kael’s psychic command, but could not defeat it. His feet felt rooted and his hands shook visibly. To everyone it appeared as if Gabriel was frightened, and in truth Gabriel admitted to himself he was because he also knew of Kael’s power.“My king, I’m begging you to stop. That is Commander Kael” Gabriel said, his voice uneven as he fought against the power of the meteor.  

“Commander Kael?” the king asked. He knew of the name for some reason.

“A powerful soldier who fought for you during the war against Pale Brigante, and then he took residence in the city named after Pale. He has been through the Mad Lands and survived, his powers are unimaginable.” Gabriel stated. His face held no expression as if he was looking into himself for info on Kael.

“Tell the men to stand down Gabriel if you don’t want the king to fall this day” Kael said coldly.

Gabriel looked into Kael’s eyes and saw they promised death. “Stand down” Gabriel said. The soldiers hesitantly slid their swords back into their sheaths.

The king looked around confused “he just threatened me, kill him” he screamed.

No soldier moved, but instead looked at Gabriel from conformation. Gabriel’s face showed his internal struggle. He knew he couldn’t fight Kael’s power over him, but he had to try. He steeled his mind against Kael’s influence. He pictured his family being killed by Kael, his girlfriend in an intimate embrace with another man, and his own uselessness. He built up a wall of pure rage, and forced himself to move.

Jathedor watched as Gabriel’s face flushed a deep red, and he had grown sick of the childish king anyway. He stood and yelled “Tehran I have taught you better than this.” Jathedor rose from his chair to stand between Kael and the king. “Do you know that the people used to love you?” the king asked. “The masses screamed out your name, praising King Tehran the scholar who had become their king.” Jathedor exclaimed. “Now you are King Tehran the thief, King Tehran the lustful because you could not control yourself from stealing another man’s wife.” Samson shifted uneasily at the last part.

King Tehran rage dropped as Jathedor went into his tirade. It was as if he was a kid again, and under Jathedor tutelage. “I am the king” Tehran said feebly.

“A king rules with only his subjects needs at heart, and not his own” Jathedor continued. “Kael was a soldier in your army until the Brigante incident. Men died because of your sins.”

The king walked back to his chair and sat “I got what I wanted, and I don’t care about any of this anymore. I want you all to leave now!”

Jathedor bowed, and left the room with the other councilmen following. He wasn’t really surprised to see mother Hoein waiting beside his car.

“Hi handsome, did you have all this planned?” Hoen asked him.

“Of course I did, and his indecision only helped us. How powerful were the psychics that ran to you?” Jathedor asked. Once they had slid into the car he pulled her into his embrace.

“More powerful than you know” she whispered. Her voice grew huskier as she kissed his neck.

“Excellent, now let’s go back to my place and give you back your youth”


© 2010 Darruesh Eetraydes

Author's Note

Darruesh Eetraydes
Sorry I've been gone for so long

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Intriguing and very interesting too. You did a good job.

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This was a great chapter. It kept me hooked from beginning to end. Great job!!!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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