Modified Evolution

Modified Evolution

A Poem by Dave eats carbs

Modified Evolution

We keep asking question after question,
our conclusions no more then Illusions.
Our thoughts altered by so much pollution.
It is time that we make a confession
before we continue this obsession.
We must realize before resolution
we have a modified evolution.

We have ate a fruit that was forbidden.
Prometheus has given us the flame
changing the way man would say his own name.
Our natural path was overridden,
left to wonder the road that was hidden.
Burning our instincts the fire did maim,
no longer wild, our life is now tame.

We are living in an age of fake skin.
Now living like dogs that bark on command
in hopes to makes it to the promised land.
Because we were brought in the world by sin
but there is a beast that calls from within,
roaring, but the roars I don’t understand.
Understanding these roars my mind does demand.

I wonder what it is to be a beast.
What is it like to be forced to survive?
What is it like to truly be alive?
Our animal instinct is now deceased,
Gone like a caged bird that has been released.
Is this spirit something we can revive?
What is it like to truly be alive?

I’m now asking the question of questions,
I ask modifier what is thy name,
You who brought mankind Zeus’ stolen flame?
Breaking the rhythm at your own digression,
giving our lives a false impression.
What was this changing source
that made evolution change its course?

Now we want to modify all the rest
taming the wild and changing its place,
turning a fierce beast into a disgrace.
We think we are changing it for the best
taking the beast from its natural nest.
Giving animals a fictional face
the roar inside we chosen to erase.

Is this fire something that should be spread?
What do you believe the animals think?
When wolf sees dog does his heart start to sink,
or does wolf look at dog and shake his head?
Does ape look at man and want to be lead,
or does ape look at man and shake his head?
Once turned from the wild is something dead?

The unmodified all have a purpose.
Unlike us they are all one with the earth
something the pure wild know since their birth,
but our place on earth is mysterious.
Our view of the would now delirious,
We constantly wonder what we are worth,
something the pure wild know since their birth.

We have eaten of the forbidden fruit,
now our lives are a state of confusion

created by the flames mind pollution.

Now it is hard for us to see the truth

the roar of the beast to us is uncouth.

Out lives are in a new revolution

we have a modified evolution.

© 2010 Dave eats carbs

Author's Note

Dave eats carbs
tell me what you think and what I can improve on. criticism is a good thing

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The references you place in this poem like Prometheus and the forbidden fruit are really awesome! And to be able to put all of these thoughts in a rhyme scheme is astounding as well. Really well done. I feel like you're someone who reads TS Eliot, and if should :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on March 28, 2010
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Dave eats carbs
Dave eats carbs

Charleston, WV

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