A Day in the Life of the Author

A Day in the Life of the Author

A Story by David Jones

Just something I wrote about my day to spend an hour writing. It's like a journal entry.


Waking up this morning was difficult but when I finally did I felt so refreshed. I had been up until two in the morning studying for the sake of the act when I fell asleep from either exhaustion or boredom. I woke up eight hours later with my history book lying on my chest and I remember thinking about how prepared I was to get back to the grind and I did, for a while. After going to my first class, Medieval Civilizations, I walked back to my home and sat down again with my history book. It didn’t take more than a few moments for me to spot the paper one of my housemates had laid on the coffee table. So I cracked open a beer, root beer that is, and spent the next hour working the Sudoku puzzle and sipping at my bottle. I didn’t finish the puzzle but it was simply relaxing not to think about something critically important for moments. My housemates came back some thirty minutes into the event and apologized for my not having been with them at lunch, they had gone to T.G.I.F., but I didn’t really care much. This I can attribute more to an easy-going attitude about this sort of stuff than the great moment but it helped, I think.

                I went to my next class not long after that, economics, which is a fairly enjoyable class so I was nearly ‘Walking on Sunshine’ the entire way. I listened to said song several times during my walk. I thought all the way there how I was going to ask out a woman I know to coffee this evening and, as my mind does, I was fantasizing at what being a father would be like once I got married. This is something I do look forward to and something I have to try to keep my feet on the ground about. This particular lady friend spurs on my thoughts on the subject because one of the ideas she voices every time I meet her is how badly she wants to be a mother (perfect woman or what?). In fact, I believe one of my mistakes is that I haven’t voiced my call to parenthood to her at all and it’s not something I typically go blabbing on about. This was done consciously at first because I’ve scared off many girls about my talk of children but should it really be that way? I remember a phone conversation with one of my now-ex-girlfriends where I voiced my wants to her and she basically stated that she didn’t want any children. We broke up after dating for eight months and that call occurred a month before.

                By the time all these thought roll through my brain I’m sitting in a lecture hall. One Chinese girl, Alex, asked me how I was doing and I said, rather boldly, “I am doing well,” and she went back to talking to her other friend. I sat there, listening to their utterly worldly conversation and couldn’t help thinking “I do not want to marry a girl like that.” I grant you, reader, that I haven’t given her much of a chance but I don’t feel I need to. Now before you yell about how much of a judgmental a*s I am I would like to explain myself a little bit, you judgmental a*s. I have had two conversations with this girl and both have been about our majors, careers, and family influence. I told her that I recently changed my major from biology to general (i.e. no major) and she kept remarking how I could use the bio classes I had taken and how I could graduate in four years despite my remarks that I didn’t enjoy biology and wanted nothing to do with it and that I was probably to learn patience through a fifth year of college. The third subject can be explained if you have ever talked to someone from China before because their gods are their parents. Now I understand honor your father and mother and I’m sure you can do that by saying ‘Father, mother. I will do in my life what I want with my life and honor God in the way I see fit. You may govern me no longer’ once you have reached the age to move out of course. This comes as a way to love them because you are moving on to become a functioning member of society outside of your parents and thus honoring them in the way of putting to use what they have taught you.

                Aside, one of my good friends just proposed to his girlfriend. She said yes. I couldn’t help feeling both happy for them and jealous of them. The dual nature of the heart, I guess, so the jealousy I must repent of.

                Back to the day, I love my econ class because of my professor. He is so conservative and teaches the subject well. When I walked out of class, snow was lightly falling from the sky. I put in my headphones, turned on my favorite Bill Evans album, Moonbeams, and walked happily home. Each building in that scene of my life took on such a picturesque quality to it that I couldn’t help praising the Lord. Picture the moment, light snow starting to cover the massive buildings that covered I.U.’s campus while a smooth piano plays and just over it soft conversation can be heard from the people passing by. This occurred through the residential part of town as well, every dead branch became full of life, each dirty building becoming the perfect background. I was ripped from this unreal sensation when a girl, probably a student, brushed past me roughly, perhaps irritated by my slower movement. She wore dark pants, a black penny coat and a bandanna made of some velvety substance. Her hair was done in a tight ponytail that had no imperfection; I didn’t get a look at her features. She was one of those women that one can tell they are there at school to prove a point whether it is their intellect, how hard they can work or just that women can do something “productive.” What she set out to get done, she got done. I thought about yelling out ‘stop and smell the roses!’ but I didn’t. There’s no way a woman like the one I envisioned in my head would even have listened to such a stupid statement, stupid being relative to her.

                And according to Bill Nye the science guy, we Christians must be the most ignorant people upon the planet. His mannerisms bothered me as I watched him debate this evening. Hearing that the meeting for my college ministry would be cancelled, and no woman getting coffee with me in the near future, I sat and watched most of the event. That’s the kicker about weather, God controls it and decides through it what you should do and you can’t do anything about it. Mostly, I was bothered to his continual reference of science being done ‘in the outside world’ or outside of Christian bubbles somehow implying that we’ve got no respect for science because we believe in the Word of God. I am almost always upset about debates between Christians and ‘atheists’ because of both sides. The Christian never, no matter the theologian, speaks of the immense power of God which is the most important part of Creationism. The ‘scientist’ (which I quote because Christians make wonderful scientists) never really answers his opponent’s questions with satisfactory evidence, nine times out of ten it’s plainly emotional. Bill Nye started with this emotional factor while moving to evidence mid to late argument but not providing proper evidence. This really happened because both stuck to what they prepared and didn’t argue, it was hardly a debate so no hearts will be changed.

                That is a day in my life, I love it. Normally.


© 2014 David Jones

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Added on February 5, 2014
Last Updated on February 5, 2014
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David Jones
David Jones

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