Shining Bright Tonight

Shining Bright Tonight

A Poem by David P Carroll

David P Carroll Poems David P Carroll Poems David P Carroll Poems

As Im gazing into your eyes,
So beautiful and blue
My heart beating faster for truly for you,
As you take my hands

I hold you close,
I'm feeling true love
Touching my heart,
Oh my

Suddenly I'm in love......

As time goes by thinking about you.
My search is complete;
I finally discovered you,
All a long of dreamt of
A women like you,
My search is over I've found you, Sweetheart
I knew it's you I love.....

Only You......

Our first kiss was beautiful I fell in love,
The day we touched
The day we laughed
I could never forget
That day with you,

Holding hands walking
Watching the stars shining bright in the night sky,

I whispered your the bright star shining tonight,

As we kissed slowly and softly

I knew my feelings where true,
For you sweetheart,
Your the Women of my dreams my perfect soulmate
Is forever you,
I think of it every time,
That I look at the stars
At every night sweetheart
They remind me of you,

Your the one that shines bright, In the sky tonight....

© 2019 David P Carroll

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Added on November 10, 2019
Last Updated on November 10, 2019
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David P Carroll
David P Carroll

Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

David P Carroll an Irish poet who has written poetry for several different websites online American and British Poetry websites online. more..