(Excerpt from "Exist")  Kane and Rendo, together again...

(Excerpt from "Exist") Kane and Rendo, together again...

A by Dms

A little dialogue exercise.

The Bottomless Keg was a seedy little tavern at the edge of Glendon. Rendo liked it because it was a out of the way sort of place, and he was the only dwarf that came there. He didn't talk much about his life before moving up north, but then, no one ever asked him. He was thick in limb, though not as solid as he used to be. Still, very few of the drunkards that came in and out of the Bottomless Keg would pick a fight with the surly, brown bearded dwarf that always sat at the largest table in the middle of the tavern.
        Kenneki, the usual waiter, a short, thin little man with grey hair and brown eyes, approached cautiously to Rendo's table.
        "Should I get you another sir?" he asked as politely as possible.
        "Does it look like I need another drink?" the dwarf asked, not bothering to look up from his mug.
        "Honestly, no, it looks as though you've already out drank the entire bar today."
        "Well maybe you should get your eyes checked. Bring me another." Rendo said, glaring up at the little man.
        Kenneki sighed, "Coming right up, sir."
        "I know." Rendo added.

        The tavern door opened then, a loud creaking sound that caught the dwarf's attention. A man in a long blue uniform coat lurched inside. His right sleeve hung empty. Without a word, Rendo lifted a mug, and hurled it at the man's head. He ducked, the mug cracking as it struck the door frame. Kane grinned at his dwarven friend. The mug wasn't an uncommon greeting between the two after all.
        "Kenneki! Bring me another ten drinks, and one for my inadequate friend here!" the dwarf shouted, clearing a pile of empty mugs from the table to make room.
        "Where have you been?" Kane asked.
        "I've been around town, but mostly here."
        Kane looked under the table, noting the mugs as well as the odor.
        "It smells like you haven't left that seat in a while."
        "You're damn right I haven't. I don't went em to take my mugs. I'm breaking my record."
        "Which one, worst odor?"
        Rendo stood up on his stubby legs and walked over to the other side of the table. Kane stood as well, preparing for a clumsy brawl with his drunken friend, but instead, the dwarf stood in front of him, looked up and belched loudly, breathing out a stench that could have curled the hairs on a wild boar.
        "You tell me. Do I have a shot?"
        Kane vomited in his mouth and sat down heavily, trying not to loose his lunch. After a moment, the waiter returned holding two drinks. He grabbed one quickly, drowning the vomit from the back of his throat.
        "I've had enough to see double, but that still ain't ten drinks." the dwarf remarked.
        "How about you finish these first." Kenneki shot back.
        Kane downed his quickly but Rendo simply slapped his off the table, spilling the contents upon the hard wood floor.
        "I'm finished, bring me ten. That's this many." he said, holding out his stubby fingers.
        Kenneki scoffed, turning around and storming back to the bar.
        Kane laughed, "You still know how to put on that charm don't you?"
        "I don't give a damn."
        Kenneki came back a few minutes later with a plate of drinks.
        "Here you go. Now try to take your time with these. I'm out up here and have to go back down to the basement for another keg.
        Rendo simply looked up, grabbed two mugs and slammed them both at once, trickles of beer running down through his beard.
        "You'd better hurry up. I'm loosing my buzz." he shouted after the infuriated waiter.
        "So how've you been though, really?" Kane asked.
        "Really?" The dwarf paused in thought, "I'm fine."
        "Have you found a job yet? You know the foreman at the foundry is still icing his jaw after your little outburst."
        "I don't care, and no, I haven't found a job yet."
        "You're a depressing man, Rendo. To this day, I can't say I've met a grumpier fella. You're one of a kind." He raised his mug.
        They clanked mugs hard enough to spill a bit, then drained the contents quickly, just as Kenneki returned. Kane stood politely, and shook his hand, the old man slapping him on the back with a chuckle.
        "So you're still holding on to that job with the Notarian Army, I see."
        "It pays well enough, my friend. I see you're still putting up with Rendo. Isn't it about time you throw that rag aside and retire?"
        "You know how things are Captain, there's just no retiring these days. My safe earnings build up every year, but every year my points are worth less and less."
        "What's the point of retiring anyways?" Rendo cut in, "You've got one foot in the grave and you want to stop the other from moving?"
        "It's this job, and you that's putting me in the grave, and you know that, you old stump!"
        Rendo made a face and went back to his drink.
        "So what brings you by here? And, I should ask more importantly, why are you still in uniform? You've got to know that could get you in trouble at work."
        "Not really thinking about work right now, Ken. Trying not to think about much these days. What with the changes in the laws they're passing down. You know they executed a man in town last night? From what I heard he seemed a pretty decent fellow to everyone around the area. Turns out he was a heretic. Didn't go to church, and even told a few other folks they didn't have to either! To be honest I could sympathize a little bit, being from down south myself. It's just that I have to enforce these laws now! And it's not any easier knowing those monks are around, watching everyone from where they can't see, and reading peoples thoughts! It's unsettling! Makes me want to just up and leave this kingdom."
        "You're telling me." Rendo added. "Other day one of your buddies stopped me in the street. I wasn't doing nothing, and he wants to search me for contraband."
        "They're not my buddies, Rendo. In fact, I think you're about the only friend I've got."
        The dwarf stopped drinking.
        "Well, I've got to get back behind the bar. I'll leave you both to your drinks." Kenneki interjected.
        The two watched the old man go before continuing.
        "So what do you want Kane? You don't come by here much anymore."
        "I wanted to ask you a favor."
        "So ask. You don't got to go round about it. I owe you."
        Kane lowered his voice, leaning a bit towards his friend.
        "I'm leaving Notar for good, Rendo. Most of the crew is with me on this. We're going down south to take care of business, and then I'm taking the Red Cloud."
        Rendo choked, spitting ale out onto the table.
        "You what?"
        "Listen," Kane hissed, "It all went to s**t last week. They tried to burn the whole f*****g crew. Again, Rendo! Just like before! Only this time I saw it coming. I wasn't about to let my entire crew be sacrificed. We just got back two days ago, and I went in to talk with Colonel Haven."
        "What did he have to say?" Rendo asked.
        "He didn't say much." Kane replied, "He's dead."
        "I did it myself. Which is why we have to leave now?"
        "What�how did you get your crew to agree to this? You mean they're all going to desert with you?"
        "They were all there, Rendo. Everyone's been losing faith in high command for some time. Besides, I still have connections down south, and then there's that other thing..."
"I'm charming, and everyone likes me." Kane winked.
"So what do you want from me?"
"I'd heard you were still in need of a job. And we are in desperated need of a good blacksmith."
Rendo grinned.

© 2009 Dms

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Nice, well planned and plotted out. good story.

Posted 9 Years Ago

"They were all there, Rendo. Everyone's been losing faith in high command for some time. Besides, I still have connections down south, and then there's that other thing..."
"I'm charming, and everyone likes me." Kane winked.

Oh jeez, lol. This piece sure flowed, you saved me reading an entire chapter of summary and backstory by just letting me eaves-drop on a drunken conversation, and man all that beer, lemme guess, Rendo's nickname is "Frank the Tank." You should have him wearing one of those mug hats with the straws coming down. I love how you ended this too.

"I'd heard you were still in need of a job. And we are in desperated need of a good blacksmith."
Rendo grinned.


Posted 15 Years Ago

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