Tom Tom

Tom Tom

A Poem by Dave Brown



Tom Tom the piper’s son, was gunna steal a pig

Thinking he’d grab and run, but the pig was too big

So he left that very large pig in its very large pen

And then, he headed out once again

This time over to the house of Tommy Tucker

Whose dad was a trucker named Wayne

Tommy was a deviant hot-wirer, the real deal

And Tom Tom had found a truck they could steal

Both hoped on this night, crime would be payin


Tom Tom'd found a little rusty Datsun pickup

Which Tommy got going, without a hiccup

And as they headed back to the pen for the pig

From a big jug, they both took more than one swig

Arriving at the pig pen, things looked copacetic

And with their liquid courage, they felt energetic

Jumping into the pig pen, both landed in slop

The pig started running and it wouldn’t stop

Tom Tom slipped down into the glop, face first

As farmer and shotgun, from the house burst


The farmer saved his pig from further harm

As Tommy grabbed Tom Tom’s slop covered arm

The farmer and shotgun did not find it hard

To keep two dumb Toms, both under guard

Unfortunately for the two Toms of this pig fable

Their night ended at the Law’s booking table

The arresting Constable, with a smile on his face

Labelled these two as a drunken, pig stealing disgrace



© 2019 Dave Brown

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Your slapstick comedic storyline reminds me of some of the ridiculous yarns I like to write! That is to say, your style tickles my fancy! I love how you craft your rhymes to enhance the boondoggle sound of this escapade. V2: line 1, I would omit "had" . . . & line 2, "hick-up" (a fun & applicable word) may also be spelled hiccup!?!?! All in all, I would rather be reading a fun snazzy poem like this on Sept 11th than all the tributes I know will come . . . (Sorry for our 2001 massacre, but I'm sick of dwelling on non-stop violence! If that's politically incorrect, then so be it!) Fondly, Margie

Posted 5 Months Ago

Dave Brown

5 Months Ago

Thanks again Margie
I like writing this sort of thing even when I don't always pull it offread more
It's good to hear they got their just desserts. It's not good when crime pays. Not only covered in slop but ended up booked by the cops. Hope piggy was left smiling in his pen. Nice bit of light hearted fun here Dave. Good afternoon from across the pond.


Posted 5 Months Ago

Dave Brown

5 Months Ago

Good Afternoon Chris
Yes, What were they thinking?
They should have stuck with nursery.. read more
Christine Anne Shaw

5 Months Ago

All OK, enjoy the rest of your day :)

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Added on September 10, 2019
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Dave Brown
Dave Brown

gabriola island, BC - British Columbia, Canada

I'd like to thank those who have been kind enough to review my efforts. more..

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