A Chapter by Dave Brown

found by a well


Paradise found, alongside a well  

Where ancient Greeks said

Lived the most beautiful of creatures

With feathers of yellow, purple, and red


Singing, as she bathed in the well

With even Apollo stopping his chariot to listen

Then, as he transported morning’s sun  

Phoenix, from sun’s light, would brightly glisten


Enjoying Paradise for five centuries

Destined then, westward she flew

First to Arabia for very best of herbs and spices

Then Phoenicia, where her final days would be through


In a nest built from herbs and spices

She waited for Apollo to brighten the skies

And when he began pulling the sun

Her beautiful songs, brought tears to all eyes


Most beautiful and haunting were melodies sung

Gods all listened as night lost its dark

Apollo’s chariot pulled sun cross the sky

And as that happened, sun sent down a spark


In Paradise for five hundred years

Now death by fire, the Phoenix would burn

Just as was done by her ancient predecessors

And as they had done, in burned ashes, left a tiny worm


In three days, the worm became a Phoenix

A perfect creature, starting new life

First to carry the burnt ashes to Heliopolis

Then to leave the mortal world, returning to Paradise


The Sphinx stares blind eyes across burning sand

Pyramids lay silent in The Valley of Kings

While in Paradise, in a well where she bathes

God’s listen to Phoenix, as her perfect voice sings


© 2021 Dave Brown

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i love what you've done here with your storytelling steeping in mythology
very cool

Posted 1 Year Ago

Dave Brown

1 Year Ago

and I fully appreciate your pleasant commentary Ms. Papaya
This comment has been deleted by the poster.
how interesting, a poem with a greek mythology story, & a very enjoyable read.
i noticed you only rhymed the 2nd & last lines, that's a great idea & makes for an easier write. i might employ that style myself.

when i googled phoenix i discovered there are 3 different cultural phoenixes... didn't know that.
cheerio carola

Posted 1 Year Ago

Dave Brown

1 Year Ago

Yes, It was a bit difficult wadding through the different variations but this more or less captures .. read more

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Added on June 14, 2020
Last Updated on May 14, 2021

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