The Third Ace

The Third Ace

A Poem by Dave Brown



When he turned up the third ace

I got quick feelin like real awfull weak

I’d played the last bloody nickel

I’d had for the whole lousy week


His hand dropped to his shootin iron

As I ran hard for the saloon's door

But the bullet I heard, then felt

Dropped me onto the sawdust floor


I had previously thought about stoppin

My foolish drinkin and gamblin habit

Now, unknowingly this gambling gunslinger

Had made it so I could now easy quit


But now, no more wild nights of drinkin

Or crazy parties with willingly wanton women

All this I was slow startin to realize

As my senses did a Hollywood type dimmin


No wine or women was too way over the top

I had them replayed that scene with me winnin

And instead of doing atona terminal gravin

My loose livin enjoyed a wild new beginnin



© 2020 Dave Brown

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You've been watching too many Gunsmoke reruns, Dave. Made you lose all your g's.

Posted 1 Day Ago

Dave Brown

23 Hours Ago

Sharp eye John
What with it bein* a saloon type atmosphere, I'm savin* them up fer *irls and .. read more
Very cool poetic storytelling. I've been listening to Johnny cash in the car today and this has that feel.

Posted 2 Days Ago

Ana Papaya

2 Days Ago

You know what I mean. My motor vehicle... I still call it a car.
Dave Brown

2 Days Ago

((....!!......???,,,,,,,,,,poor thing,,,,,,,,,,,,??
Ana Papaya

2 Days Ago

: )
It's always good to imagine the worst and reinvent oneself before the terrible really happens. I liked the shooting type, wild west cowboy setting of the poem a lot. Enjoyed muchly!

Posted 2 Days Ago

Dave Brown

2 Days Ago

while that hot leads a-flyin jes keep yur head down podnaw

2 Days Ago

You'll find me under a table thanks.....
You played your cards right, you bad boy. You came out a winner not a loser. What a cowboy. Good afternoon from me on a very hot Saturday.


Posted 2 Days Ago

Dave Brown

2 Days Ago

Hello Chris
We are also fairly warm but not overwhelmingly so
Am I correctly guessing .. read more
Christine Anne Shaw

2 Days Ago

On Monday. Booked a hotel for two nights. I have been able to book 3 slots for 45 mins. Really looki.. read more
Dave Brown

2 Days Ago

oh yes Torquay. Have a wonderful visit, looks like your weather co-operated
Watch out for nas.. read more

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Added on August 1, 2020
Last Updated on August 2, 2020


Dave Brown
Dave Brown

gabriola island, BC - British Columbia, Canada

I'd like to thank those who have been kind enough to review my efforts. more..

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