A Chapter by Dave Brown

good deeds


Adam Cullpepper

Carried his written letter

Down to the corner mail box


On his way

His feet were to say

They wished he had worn some socks


They weren’t feeling too well

And with them beginning to swell

He took a seat on large rocks


And loudly complained

About being possibly lamed

As though he was on a soapbox


Finally heard by a fellow

Guaranteed to be mellow

Dressed in a priest’s black frocks


From beneath his frock

From each foot came one sock

Handing each one over to Adam


With his feet now nicely protected

And his route reprojected

He continued merrily on his way


The good priest meanwhile

Was left with a smile

For performing his good deed of the day






© 2020 Dave Brown

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There is statue of a kneeling man in Birmingham, Alabama. It is said Brother Bryan often left home well shod and limped home barefoot.

Posted 11 Months Ago

Dave Brown

11 Months Ago

he would also be well appreciated these days
I have never seen so many homeless sleeping in b.. read more
Delmar Cooper

11 Months Ago

We live in an amazing country- a place where we recycle plastic soda bottles and waste humanity.
Cute story Dave but now I'm wondering, do a priest's feet smell?

Posted 1 Year Ago

Dave Brown

1 Year Ago

That is very personal AP.
Very very personal!!
Next thing, you'll be wanting to know .. read more
Ana Papaya

1 Year Ago

I'm sure they're black. :)
I kept wondering what was in it for the priest 🤔?
When in fact, he was just doing someone a good turn.
Generosity amazes us these days....
How selfish we've become.

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Sometimes, I ask them for money. It always works and they move away... :)
Dave Brown

1 Year Ago

I'll have to try that

1 Year Ago

If it works, we have a formula we can sell :)
This poem is banging on all cylinders, imparting a limerick-esque vibe with the peppy rhyme & rhythm, as well as telling an untangled tale (sometimes your trajectories can be surprising, but not this time!) I love how your message imparts a meaning that can be applied to many different possibilities. But still, in the end, I was thinking I would never put someone else's socks on my feet without washing them first, so I'm left with a bit of an "icky" shoulder-rising aversion to this poem. Here in California socks are not needed & I don't own any myself. Maybe I need to weigh in poetically on the ridiculousness of socks. Or maybe I need to smoke my first bowl of the morning & mellow out! (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 1 Year Ago

Dave Brown

1 Year Ago

Better first make sure that camel isn't lurking about or that you don't get run over by some a-rab i.. read more
A good deed indeed. A kindly priest donating his smelly socks to a needy person. What more can you want? The priest gets a smile on his face the person gets relief for his sore feet. A win, win situation. Dave I would love to know the inspiration for this write,:)) I am totally intrigued.


Posted 1 Year Ago

Dave Brown

1 Year Ago

Well,,, there was this blade of grass............

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Dave Brown
Dave Brown

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