Cash Concerns

Cash Concerns

A Chapter by Dave Brown



Always short of money

I had to scratch my bald head

I needed some ready cash

To keep myself well fed


I’d sold all my children

And my Dog got a good buck

And from my neighbor’s yard

I’d sold his new, black, over-sized, 4x4, Dodge pick-up truck


But my gut was still growling

What was happening with my life?

I realized for me to get more moolah

I’d have to sell my sweet wife


With an ad in Craigslist

I got an instant call

By unloading her and her possessions

I raked in a humongous haul


I filled the house with groceries

I stockpiled every shelf

But then with a shock, I realized

I’d have to cook for myself


So, I ran another Craigslist ad

This time advertising “Wonderful Me”

But, no one wanted a useless, hungry, over the hill husband

Even after being advertised as free






© 2020 Dave Brown

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This reminds me of a famous Scottish character/myth/?? Called Rab Haw, the Glasgow glutton, who ate until he burst. Mothers used to warn their kids they'd turn into him if the took more than their share and also told us Maggie Murphy, with metal teeth would get us if we went anywhere we shouldn't (What is it with Scots mothers and threats?) try that today and you'd be up in dock for psychological abuse 😊
Laughing along at this and the coincidence of having just read a newspaper article on how much weight people are putting on during lockdown. Haven't noticed it myself, but was wondering if all the doorframe were shrinking 😊

Posted 5 Months Ago

Dave Brown

5 Months Ago

Rab Haw and Maggie Murphy laughingly sound like my suitably sophisticatedly unsophisticated kind of .. read more
Who wants a doormat for a wife? You do. A funny, entertaining write. The he here could always learn to cook, but I appreciate that could be a bit mind blowing :)


Posted 11 Months Ago

Dave Brown

11 Months Ago

Best keep your eye on those personal ads especially if 'he' knows how to cook
Of course I'm j.. read more
Women have always been easier to sell than men--or, so they tell me.

Posted 11 Months Ago

Dave Brown

11 Months Ago

I'm thinking now that it might help me lose weight??
Lol! And so in the end he remains hungry... :)

Posted 11 Months Ago

Dave Brown

11 Months Ago

sad....but true,,,,poor darn guy..........

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Dave Brown

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