Catching Some Rays

Catching Some Rays

A Chapter by Dave Brown

heavenly heat


With no movement from all round

A snake slipped from deep shade

Under the heat of late-summer’s sun

On lovely hot ground, it laid


It lay in a straight line

With each scale sunlight exposed

As a spider carefully passed by

On its eight-legged toes


A forked tongue flickered

Seeking the spider’s scent

But the snake showed no interest

In the Arachnid’s intent


At one time I’d have killed it

When I was foolish and young

Snapped it like a whip, but now

I appreciate each flicker of tongue


We each enjoyed our day of sun

Although endless chores were my lot

And when I came back into the garden

The snake had moved on from his spot

© 2020 Dave Brown

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A wonderful story shared. I liked the snakes in Michigan. I left them be and gave them room. Many people scared of a garden snake. Hell Dave, I hope you are enjoying the days of Summer. Thank you for sharing the amazing poetry.

Posted 8 Months Ago

Dave Brown

8 Months Ago

both I and the snakes are enjoying
As we hope you also enjoy
Coyote Poetry

7 Months Ago

I am glad David and I hope you are enjoying the days of Summer.
I could picture the scene perfectly. I like how you said that you went from fearing nature (by killing) to appreciating it instead.

Posted 8 Months Ago

Dave Brown

8 Months Ago

Thanks, I regret my stupidity in younger days.
This was one of those lay-back and vegetate mo.. read more
Dylan S

8 Months Ago

We have all done things we regret as children. For us it is part of growing up and being human. But .. read more
I can absolutely appreciate this scene. Leave nature be... I do agree.

I encounter snakes from time to time while hiking. I know the ones that are harmless. Which is most here in Ontario I hope your weather is nicer than mine today. We've got rain and it's put a damper on my hike with Eddie.

Posted 8 Months Ago

Dave Brown

8 Months Ago

Ana Papaya

8 Months Ago

( :
Dave Brown

8 Months Ago

now cut that out!!
Even the snake may have mellowed with age...thinking exactly the way you did on that sunlit day...speaking from its point of view. :)

Posted 8 Months Ago

Dave Brown

8 Months Ago

just a couple of old codgers that just want to let things be
You are probably quite right
read more

8 Months Ago

You were in good company :)

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Dave Brown
Dave Brown

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