Devil's Brew

Devil's Brew

A Chapter by Dave Brown




Black rubber, burned white hot

Racing slicks screamed out, of speakeasy lot

Hitting pavement, rear slicks were fried

Destined for, the last part of the ride


Two black strips, tattooed open road

The big block carried a full load

Superchargers screamed with his foot to the floor                         

Open highway was what he lived for


Twin blowers howled out their ear-splitting sound

A speed crazed madman ripped open the ground

He’d dropped a load at the speakeasy down

From the dragstrip on hallowed ground


He had just one more night stop to make

But now he had two patrol cars to shake

They faded back as he melted the road

Devil’s Brew was his evil load


This ride had been built to leave all behind

It made beautiful music when it redlined

With eight hundred ponies anxious to fly  

For any pursuit, there was a reply


The moon spread before him, it’s devil light

Black panel screamed through dead of night

In his back mirror faded the sights

Of two sets of bright flashing red lights


With his foot slammed hard on full throttle

He reached down and opened the nitrous bottle

The elusive black panel leaned further ahead

He’d either blow them away or end up dead


The tires were glued clawing round a bend

All ponies were released to the bitter end

With only one more stop to attend

To deliver Devil’s dark brew, before black nights end


Lights in his mirror fell far back as he sped

He screamed crazily as his ponies were fed

For what lay before them, there was no time to dread

With Eight hundred ponies now given their head


Far in the distance, ever so slight

A pale glare, through blackness of night

As he screamed forward it shone, ever bright

The whine of twin blowers, a sound to incite


Far ahead, the roadway was blocked

At one-fifty five, the speedo was clocked

This night flight would show no brake light

However it done, he would continue the flight


Two cruisers were pulled cross the road

Whatever he actioned would have to be bold

With pedal down he bore straight down center line

He was a madman who had just lost his mind


Wild eyes reflected red lead’s incoming flight

Their deathly directive to seek and to smite

Black liquor had taken control of the night

Hot lead peppered the wild ride in flight


Those there that night could only stare

As a madman was launched into night air    

Satan smiled and spread welcome arms                  

The Night Rider would now bathe in his charms


Some say that night he never returned

Some say that was because he had been burned

Some say black panel no longer takes flight

Some say the devil now drives it each night






© 2020 Dave Brown

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I enjoyed the story in these words.
"Some say that night he never returned
Some say that was because he had been burned
Some say black panel no longer takes flight
Some say the devil now drives it each night"
the above lines. Solid and so damn good Dave. Thank you for sharing the amazing poetry.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Dave Brown

1 Week Ago

Haha, An oldie that I got right into, my eyes burning with fire as I screamed down the night highway.. read more
Wow this is truly poetic. I love it!!! The story and execution. I think this would make a good movie.

Posted 7 Months Ago

Dave Brown

7 Months Ago

I see him in a black, dropped 55 chevy panel with monster meat, ripping up the pavement
But b.. read more

7 Months Ago

Yes indeed! I agree.
The nightrider is where he belongs. I think he wanted that too. This earth is just too mundane for some people. I relate to this. A poem I enjoyed really well.

Posted 7 Months Ago


7 Months Ago

I have applied already sir lol...
Dave Brown

7 Months Ago

😎 😂 .. read more

7 Months Ago

That was a hell of a poem. It would actually make a good campfire story i think.

Posted 9 Months Ago

Dave Brown

9 Months Ago

With a bit of Devil's brew to spice things up
A Papaya
Ana Papaya

9 Months Ago

Cheers! :)
Dave Brown

9 Months Ago

& 2U2 AP

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