A Chapter by Dave Brown



Gminny and Gmanny were Frigmits

Who lived deep in the bush

And to get each one going

Each one needed a push

But Gminny couldn’t push Gmanny

Nor could Gmanny push Gminny

Cuz Gmanny was too fat

And Gminny was too skinny

So, both of them usually just sat


Then one day a baby Simswit

Fell into the raging river

And nobody round there

Had any extra help they could give’r

Except for Gminny

Who could swim like a fish

And now to get herself going

Became her desperate wish


It had always been a caring Simswit

That gave these two Frigmits a push

Travelling from downtown

To way out into the bush

Without a Simsit push, both Frigmits just sat

Which was why Gmanny was so terribly fat


But now, in the bush and all alone

Somehow these two stuck Frigmits

Had to get goin

With the heartbreaking sight

Of a crying baby Simsit, floating on by

Each upset Frigmit, also started to cry

The tears gushed past their cheeks

Flowing down past each stuck hip

Until the ground beneath them

Became so exceedingly wet

That each stuck Frigmit started to slip


All it took was that slight slipping motion

It had acted like a magical potion

Now both Frigmits could jump to their feet

And run faster than the winner

Of any record setting track meet


Gminny was down at the river in a flash

And launched herself in

With a lifesaving splash

She quickly grasped poor baby Swimsit

Giving the wee thing great hope

And Gmanny threw out to them

A lifesaving rope


The downtown of grateful Swimsits

Has now adopted this pair

And has given each Frigmit

Rear-end mounted rocket launchers to wear

No longer stuck somewhere out in the bush

They can now blast-off to wherever

With no need for a push




© 2020 Dave Brown

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Added on September 1, 2020
Last Updated on September 1, 2020

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Dave Brown

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