Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

A Chapter by Dave Brown



Wonder Woman had been trying

To make up her mind

Each time she tried

It was a grind


Each topic she contemplated

Had many options

Some of them being overrated

With others containing cautions


But when danger came, with

Her island home suffering invasion

She made an instant decision

With no need for persuasion


Awful Isabelle was creating destruction

Diana shrank at the vision

With her imagining the world in chaos

Wonder Woman made another decision


She took the sword of vengeance

And the shield of virtue

To ensure the horrors of Isabelle

Would never come true


Her mother

Though sadly resigned

Realized Diana must leave

Her enchanted island behind


With the pilot she’d rescued

They sailed cross the seas

To bring those causing horrors

Down to their knees


Discussing reproductive biology

On the night ship’s foredeck

Created a touch of romance

But just a wee speck


Arriving in the big city

Her quest took a slight pause

As she enhanced her ensemble  

Before pursuing their cause


Then she interpreted the formula

Of Dr. Death’s mustard gas

And her conquest of terror

Would soon come to pass


To the fore of the battleground

Passing the wounded and dead

In her Wonder Woman attire

She sadly forged on ahead


To the lair of Dr. Death

Leaping tall buildings in a bound

Till that evil woman

Had been finally found


But this tale was not all conflict

They paused to dance in the street

It was a moment together

Making their romance complete


In the end

She followed the smoke

With the extent of her great power

She was soon to invoke


But a traitor was to appear

Posing as the God of Truth

And from the powers of Diana

He seemed completely aloof


Into the fire

Battling hell in the burning sky

With that God of Truth being reduced to

An empty lie


Only love, could save the world

Was what she now knew

She decided her quest for justice

Would never be through






© 2020 Dave Brown

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Added on September 1, 2020
Last Updated on September 1, 2020

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Dave Brown

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