55 Caddie

55 Caddie

A Chapter by Dave Brown




It dejectedly sat

In the back of our lot

The paint has flaked

The upholstery was shot


When rolled off, the assembly line

Its bright red exterior, was lookin too fine

Yards of chrome, so bright on the eye

It was a pleasure to make, that Boogie Boy fly


Family aboard, for a trip to the beach

Respect leather upholstery, I humbly beseech

Surf boards on the roof, oops a slight scratch

Shut that door tight, oops there goes a latch


Parking along with the rest of the crowd

Dream Machine will have them all wowed

Mega Chrome from one end to the other

I wouldn’t trade this sweet baby for even my Mother


Doors slam and the kids pile out

Down to the beach with a scream and a shout

My baby left in the lot all alone

A wash and polish, when we get back er’ home


Kids in the water, surfing for fun

Me and the Mrs. on the sand, in the sun

A crunchy type sound in the parking lot

Seemed to come from, our parking spot


Then an old beater screaming away

A feeling that this wasn’t my day

Back to my cool Caddie in a real rush

That old beater, gave er’ the brush


Bent chrome strips, lying on the ground

A direct result of that crunchy type sound

Big long gash in my shiny new paint

The thoughts I have, don’t come from a Saint


A dejected car full as we quietly drive back

A rock hits the windshield, leaves a large crack

Inattentive and angry, I hit a pothole

With a broken suspension, it’s as far as we go


Tow truck backed too close to the hood

The resulting large dent, not lookin too good

Then the tow hook got stuck in the grill

How much further can this day go downhill


A crazy motorist, runs a red light

The resultant crash adds to our plight

In my dreams I still hear that crunchy sound

My mental health is taking a pound


Chrome litters the highway, my Caddie is mashed

Along with it, my dreams have been dashed

The sad remains were then towed to my lot

Left all alone to rust and to rot


Years later an old Vegetarian came by

On my old Caddie, she had long cast her eye

She intended to open, a car-oriented café

And on the main wall, my Caddie to display


To that dear thing, I said sad goodbyes

I must say, this brought tears to my eyes

Now that it hangs there, I’m not sure what I think

Cause that crazy old dame, has painted it pink






© 2020 Dave Brown

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This is far & away the best poem of yours I've read in the past year! This one takes it all & piles it up into a sweet banana split! Your rhyme & rhythm are poppin' . . . your epic storytelling finesse is finer than its ever been (no weird detours, that is) . . . I love how the dad persona is so reasonable & calm, not even swearing -- referring to swearing, but not actually swearing. Such a good daddy, as his world is crashing apart. This tale delivers a TON of personality from the narrator, not to mention another TON of visuals as you throw down a dynamic & damaging joyride (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 4 Months Ago

Dave Brown

4 Months Ago

can't you just imagine the poor car nut's world crashing all round him
I had fun with thisread more
This is quite humorous and flows very well. I feel so protective of my cars in the very same way.
The jeep is the worst for windshield cracks if it takes a hit because it has no slant for the stone to bounce off. I replace the windshield on that more than any other vehicle I have owned.
This was funny. I can relate to the stress and worry of each little bump and scratch.

Posted 8 Months Ago

Dave Brown

8 Months Ago

This is the concern I feel for all my cars.
I just got a road construction site, crack in my .. read more
Ana Papaya

8 Months Ago

Lol! That's the funniest thing I heard all day. :)

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