A Chapter by Dave Brown



Once when I was a nasty wee lad

I ate all the babysitters I had

Some tasted good and some kina bad

But that inclination started a fad


I prowled the streets late every night

And devoured each babysitter in sight

None seemed to put up much of a fight

And I chomped them all down with great delight


When I broke my tooth on a hip bone

It resulted in a very huge groan

To my dentist then was I goin

To have it replaced with a lovely gemstone


As she did that, this very sweet dear

Her cell-phone rang, so very near

Her going baby-sitting, is what I did hear

So, I prepared to eat her, from ear to ear


But when she turned to me, I suddenly froze

Seeing dripping fangs and a fire breathing nose

I was left in a state of dead end comatose

After she’d eaten me, from head to toes





© 2020 Dave Brown

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Hahahaha! I hope you're enjoying getting digested now. Keep them off the menu next time and opt for chicken or lamb chops.

Posted 8 Months Ago

Dave Brown

8 Months Ago

too late for me but maybe you can pass that along

8 Months Ago

I'm vegetarian so I'm safe. :)
This was freaking adorable.

Posted 8 Months Ago

Dave Brown

8 Months Ago

Exactly what I thought as I was eating each one
They could have used a touch of chocolate
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Funny, Funny! You get away with consuming innocent babysitters? No wonder they are in short supply!

Posted 8 Months Ago

Dave Brown

8 Months Ago

But they were tasty
John Alexander McFadyen

8 Months Ago

Aye licked a few myself
John Alexander McFadyen

8 Months Ago

Meant liked!
Bit of a vampire side to you that I wasn't aware of.
But Karma always bites back. :)

Posted 8 Months Ago

Dave Brown

8 Months Ago

I'd best watch my butt AP
He considered
Ana Papaya

8 Months Ago

Would be wise. :)

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Dave Brown

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