A Violin

A Violin

A Chapter by Dave Brown



There’s an old violin

Hanging on a wall

A plain wall                   

In a room

On a hook

It didn't complain

But it hung there in pain

Thinking it was only supposed to hang

Until it couldn’t quietly hang any more


Now it comes alive each night

Its broken string’s repair

The crack’s disappear

And it seeks out my ear

Playing at first lightly

To gently wake me from sleep

And when it sees me move

It increases the beat


Sometimes I think I am dreaming

But it is all very real

From the flat wall

Where it hangs quiet each day

It comes alive

And starts to play

While magic moves the bow

It plays tunes

From the wall

From the hook

Through the room

Its music all glows


And when night is done

And daylight reappears

The music dims

Until it is heard by no ears

The finish fades

The cracks show

The strings sag

Until day is gone

It sleeps

Until its next night’s glow




© 2020 Dave Brown

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I play the violin, and it makes me want to play it all the time. It is so magical that the violin can come to life. It makes me love the violin, even more, so thank you for that.

Posted 4 Days Ago

Dave Brown

4 Days Ago

Yes, it is of itself a beautiful looking instrument
and has that potential of magic
Th.. read more
I love this, it is magical. Instruments are for playing. It is right, that at night, that violin comes to life :)


Posted 1 Week Ago

Dave Brown

1 Week Ago

Thanks again Chris
It is a touch of beautiful craftsmanship and I thoroughly enjoy its each n.. read more
Christine Anne Shaw

1 Week Ago

Then you have the best of both worlds night and day :)
Dave Brown

1 Week Ago

True :)
See if you can find the name "Stradivarius" written on it somewhere. If you find it, I would think twice before giving that fiddle to Goodwill.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Dave Brown

1 Week Ago

how do U spell that??????????
does red felt count?????????????
How lovely, evocative and profound this is Dave. The old violin hanging silent and sad...until nightfall. Wonderful imagery and surreal flow of its story. At night the voice and glow return. Absolutely beautiful write.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Dave Brown

1 Week Ago

thanks Annette
they are quite a striking instrument that seem to radiate a bit of magic wheth.. read more
Eerie but beautiful. It makes you wonder.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Dave Brown

1 Week Ago

yes, we think its just an inanimate object, but when left all alone, the secret world silently stir.. read more
A human-like violin. With dreams and a desperate need to be heard! At the end of the day, though, it returns to its natural state... a little broken, a little old and ready to rest its head and sleep.

Catchy, light-hearted and emotional. The music inside of us demands to be set free!
Thank you for sharing.
Never stop writing.


Posted 1 Week Ago

Dave Brown

1 Week Ago

even violins tend to get a bit sleepy and a decent rest never hurt a set of well used strings
.. read more
Such a sad refrain as this once magnificent and perhaps loved and used instrument laments its neglected state but still has beauty and purpose within. I see the metaphor applied to an aging parent perhaps Dave?
A sensitive piece of rhyme sir!

Posted 1 Week Ago

Dave Brown

1 Week Ago

Thank you John
The parents are unfortunately long gone but this is one bit of their memorabil.. read more
There's such a harmony to this write. It feels like music to ears all the way.
The sense of the Poet's longing and imagination here is striking.
The story or the dream or the fantasy as it unfolds every night, the Violin comes alive, repairs itself, plays tunes, then music dims and cracks reappear - Just the way it's brought up and written, so soothing to read and enjoy the journey here. It's very much we can feel and immerse ourselves in the poet's writing, although vicariously. Thank you, enjoyed reading this one!

Posted 1 Week Ago

Dave Brown

1 Week Ago

it really is the violin that deserves any praise and I will pass your kind words on to it
Tha.. read more
Abhilash Hegde

1 Week Ago

Sure Dave :) :) Thanks.
Something about the beginning of this poem/story reminds me of me. Life is hard and rough on the human soul. I greatly enjoyed reading this.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Dave Brown

1 Week Ago

life can certainly have its moments
thanks for stopping by
Light and Ashes

1 Week Ago

you're welcome
hmmmm the violin one of my favorite instruments ... the starkness of the plain wall automatically transfers to the whole room for me ... the focus so easy on the violin .. old and relegated to a useless hanging thing .. relative to who knows what glorious life in the hands of a master ... joined by an orchestra of sound and waves .. mmmmmm gets easier to see broken strings and cracks in the day light eh!? oh but the night .. magic and dreams and the old are renewed under mystical twinkling stars ... too easy to stay asleep .. love me ol' naps! ;) especially enjoy the scene setting .. few lines and words but i'm right in it ... :)

Posted 1 Week Ago

Einstein Noodle

1 Week Ago

i forgot to share3 with you, Dave ... i had had a dream about a violin .. truly! then came and read .. read more
Dave Brown

1 Week Ago

The coincidence is crazy but as far as dreams go, it sounds perfectly normal to me
When a dre.. read more
Einstein Noodle

1 Week Ago

ahahaha ... so be it eh!? ... i'm usually up after that as well ... i'll just come lookin' for the p.. read more

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