The Fence Post Rock

The Fence Post Rock

A Chapter by Dave Brown




Quite late, well, bout midnight

I snuck into our fenced backyard

We’d heard some funny sounds

And I needed to look, real hard


Everything looked quite normal

Except for a slight fence post vibration

So, I settled in a hidey spot

Prepared to wait for the duration


During a long, hugely bored yawn

I heard a great clomping sound

And to my utter amazement 

Those posts were all jumping round


In a flash, they jumped to new places

While some music also played

And although I tried to resist

My enjoyment was completely betrayed


Before I knew it was happening

My wife was there on her feet

And we were swaying to the sound

Of a magical, intoxicating beat


The fence posts hopped hole to hole

And after allaying all our alarms  

We both joined into “The Fence Post Hop”

As they displayed their dancing charms

I was just in a brief night thing

And she was near not quitely dressed

There were a few embarrassed posts

Somethin which I shudda guessed

And way out in the back forty

Where waiting posts usually just lay in mist

All those creosoted, pointy-enders

Were doing the "I Wannabea Fence Post" twist


The music played through the night

As we all, “Fence Post Rock and Rolled”

By the time the whole eve was through

I felt at least, one hundred years old


We now leave them alone at night

To enjoy their rock and roll

As long as each morning there is still

One fence post in each hole

© 2020 Dave Brown

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BG’s right- love this flight of fancy Dave! All the fenceposts hoppin’ and stompin’ in their midnight rhyming revelry. and for you and wifey dressed to kill- you go guys!! A little Night Music for sure. Love it.

Posted 9 Months Ago

Dave Brown

9 Months Ago

Hello Annette
Some of those fence posts are a little 'stiff' but things all worked out
.. read more
So good!! :)
Fun little romp and hop!
I just read BGs inspired by this one.
Hmmmmmmm. Gives me some ideas.

Posted 9 Months Ago

Dave Brown

9 Months Ago

Oh sorry I thought that was you
Ana Papaya

9 Months Ago

Seriously? I'm telling you it's not.
So please stop it.
Dave Brown

9 Months Ago

won't happen again
This is truly one of your best off-the-charts wild-imagination story forays! You really outdid yourself here & also I love the way your storyline makes logical sense in an abstract wildass way! This is a sure sign that your own personal fenceposts are not solidly moored . . . something I've been suspecting for a while, but you've confirmed it now! I wake up every morning, just hoping to have the same number of fenceposts, wherever they may roam! (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 9 Months Ago

Dave Brown

9 Months Ago

Always appreciate your serious commentaries
Thanks for taking the time
I may have to d.. read more
at the Hop, Hop, Hop....
what a great late night dance this is.

Posted 9 Months Ago

Dave Brown

9 Months Ago

All the loo loo's are starting to arrive each night!
I guess if there is no real damage! what.. read more

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Dave Brown

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