Picking Apples

Picking Apples

A Chapter by Dave Brown



Because they were looking ripe

I thought it was time

They had previously been delicious

So I decided to climb


The first apple I picked

Made a fairly unhappy sound

Which happened after I’d picked it

And mistakenly, dropped it to the ground


That hadn’t been meant to happen

Sometimes things just slip

Which can easily take place

If there is too light a grip


Or, if you’re not concentrating

And your mind is elsewhere

No matter how innocent it may seem

Apple, still fly’s through the air


Perhaps the ladder is shaky

And you quickly grab for support

Then all thoughts of firm apple grasping

Fall well short


Or there is the romance thingy

Thinking you’d never part

And pickin apples is a real toughie

With an adversely affected heart


However, there was a loud ‘oof’

Then, from that apple, obscenities exploded

Straight up and into my shocked ears

Its nasty vocabulary unloaded


The other apples now also scowled

And snarled viscously at me

So, I took my chainsaw

And cut down that nasty tree

© 2020 Dave Brown

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This reminded me so much of younger self, too young to climb ladders, so climbed tree instead. But it was I who oofed and my Mothers reaction was priceless. For some reason, once over the shock, all Mums blame the inanimate and she began slapping the tree. Made me laugh then and still does now.
Think she only went as far as threatening it with axe though 😀

Posted 8 Months Ago

Dave Brown

8 Months Ago

Lucky tree
I guess there were lots of we little guys climbing trees in the good old days with.. read more
No matter how many excuses you offer, the apple's attorney is going to take you apart in court. I wouldn't count on retiring comfortably, boyo.

Posted 8 Months Ago

Dave Brown

8 Months Ago

I'm afraid I have to agree with you
(Although, I do have a few more excuses but yeah, they're.. read more

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Dave Brown
Dave Brown

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